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Day Of The Dead (1985) (2 Discs) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander & Joseph Pilato

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  A masterpiece

| | See all magoosey's reviews (83)

When it comes to classic zombie horror films Day of the dead is definitely one of the best. I love dawn of the dead and think it set the real bench mark and has been a really hard act to follow. Day of the dead is bang on as a worthy sequel. Although the characters are different the essence of dawn of the dead carries through the storyline and character behaviour. Leading on from the on the run style of dawn of the dead the plot now follows the characters effectively trapped inside a sub teranian military base. It conveys so well the emotions of the characters from hopelessness to despair and then to full blown paranoia.

As for the blu ray quality the picture is sharp and the colours really vibrant. Amazing considering the age. As good as dawn of the dead superb picture and sound.

  Amazing film

| | See all thebestfcuk's reviews (1)

Day of the dead is quite simply the greatest film ever, it is dark and gritty and with a far superior storyline than any other zombie film made. Great effects from oscar winner Greg nicatero and brilliant acting from the entire cast. A must for true zombie fans.

  All that glitters!

| | See all pennyblood's reviews (1)

Yes i was seduced by great packaging which disguises a truly awful film! With changeable dvd covers, comic book and poster it looks cool but theres no masking a poor offering by Mr Romero. The storyline is predictable and unimaginitive, acting is comical becoming embarressing and I didnt care what happened to any of the cast in the film. As a zombie fan I expected more, in terms of value I got less.

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  What a release!

| | See all CptCronic's reviews (28)

First of all i'd like to say WOW! A brilliant release for the money, it's stunning!
On to the quality. Not the best visual I've seen & certainly not the best DTS Master Soundtrack i've heard although the filmscore itself is very good...Got to love those synths.
But after that I put the whole thing into perspective. What you do get for your money is....A superb release, presentation, content etc. On the whole the Audio & visual performance is WAY better than my U.S DVD Import, so all in all it's WELL worth the megre sum of money that Play are asking for. Classic.

  good but u.s disc is better

| | See all Russell22's reviews (21)

A great and film and a great blu ray but not as good as the u.s version which has more features and 2 commentary tracks.

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| | See all ScottishGeordie39's reviews (6)

I have to say I have always loved this movie. So to get such a splendid package as this (my very first blu-ray disc, in fact) was absolutely mind blowing. This is probably the darkest in tone of the three original films, especially after the semi-jokey tone of Dawn. The dvd documentaries are well produced and very informative (always a joy to see Tom Savini being interviewed...there's a man who loves his job). Giggled my guts out at the promo for the limestone mine where it was filmed. The travelogue doco is fun (My... hasn't Joe Pilato aged...) Picture is crystal clear, big improvement over previous releases. BUY IT!

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| | See all pompey4life's reviews (48)

brilliant blu-ray package, you get two more docs than the dvd, about joe pilato who plays rhodes, you get an awesome comic, which is a prequel to the film about the zombie bub, a retro poster of the film, a nice little booklet talking in depth about the film, and to top it off the blu- ray transfer is mouth wateringly fantastic!!!. a must own and worth every penny!!!.

  An overlooked Horror Masterpiece

| | See all ZORLAC1985's reviews (4)

This film is the best of the DEAD TRILOGY in my opinion,Tom Savini provides some of the best effects seen in a zombie film before or since and the feeling of catastrophe is never far away as the cast start to distrust each other and in-fighting breaks out,this really is the forgotten masterpiece of zombie films,if you like horror this is a must buy.I have no details on the quality of the transfer but to be honest this film is so good even an old VHS or Betamax tape would be worth watching and if the Blu Ray release of Dawn of the Dead is anything to go by then the quality will be of the highest order,with all the extra features and packaging as well as a DTS HD Master Audio soundtrack this could well be the best horror release of the year.

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