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Robin Hood: Extended Director's Cut (2010) (2 Discs) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett & Danny Huston

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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  mediocre and very average

| | See all emperor10's reviews (277)

a gladiator wannabe,that fails big time. ridley scott does not deliver on this. a good story that just plods along. great cast,that just doesnt deliver.the trouble with ridley scott,is,when he is good, he is excellent.when he is average, he excells at being average,this comes across asd something both he and russell crowe did to fill some time in. as for crowe's laughable accent... basically, for most of the film, he is undeniably irish (something he had angrily denied in every post film interview),with parts where he becomes yorkshire. i had high hopes for this film, as i dont listen to reviews.in this case, its awful. (hence why its only a fiver on here after a short time after release).

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| | See all mike8g's reviews (9)

The reviewers seem to have the film more or less covered. It is a brilliant action movie, but i'm not entirely convinced about french landing craft!

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  **** Great New Version of Robin Hood ****

| | See all bluelamp's reviews (15)

Blu-Ray Quality - 5 Stars for Picture & Sound...
I give a further 5 Stars for the Film itself.

I have just watched this very impressive version on the Robin Hood Tale. The film is Action Packed and tells a great historical story of Robin Hood before he becomes famous as the outlaw. The film definitely keeps you entertained from start to finish, and you really don't want it to end.

It is different than the normal versions of Robin Hood, but this tale is very interesting, entertaining and is great to watch.

I always believe that after you have watched a film, if you immediately feel that you could watch it again. Then that is the definite Mark of Approval for the film. I will definitely watch this film again & again. Brilliant

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  Really Good Robin Hood.

| | See all FRIDGE1981's reviews (28)

This particular interpretation of our well known "man of the hood" is excellent. The cast was well chosen and of course my bias slips in there being a huge fan of the leading role, but thats besides the point. I shall not spoil the story-line but it really isn't what you might think, and you may be sitting there around 20mins through thinking "hang on a minute"! However do not dispear its all cleverly revealed. I know for a fact that this film has gone through extensive research to establish some hard facts regarding the history of Robin Hoods legacy. This story may indeed be the most accurate so far. Its brought to life with the stunning quality of blu-ray technology, and every now and then the film will make the little hairs on the back of your neck tingle. Trust me.

  Not Robin Hood more Robin Historical

| | See all thedaywalker's reviews (30)

If your looking for Robin prancing about the forest in bright green tights with his merry men in tow, then this isn't the film for you.
This film is more about what really happened and how the legend of Robin Hood all began, the historically correct version, will as far as they can tell.
I wasn't looking forward to watching this film at all, firstly because I don't really like Russell Crowe and secondly most critics have slated it. Will I was very pleasantly surprised. I not only enjoyed it but it keep me watching from start to finish and I also found it quite educational about English of our history. Oh and it's always got to see the French get a beating (only joking).
To sum up, if this film could change my mind bearing in mind I love the old Erol Flynn Robin Hood movies and I really, really don't like Russell Crowe then I think it's differently worth a watch. Not one for the kid mind.


| | See all Quiggan's reviews (166)

Ten years after GLADIATOR, Director RIDLEY SCOTT re-teams with RUSSELL CROWE to bring new light to the oft filmed Robin Hood legend.

Robin Long stride (CROWE), an archer in the Crusader army of Richard The Lionheart (DANNY HUSTON), is disgraced for brawling with Little John (KEVIN DURAND). The two men face punishment but then the King is killed by a French bowman and in the ensuring confusion both Robin and John escape with the aid of accomplices Will Scarlet (SCOTT GRIMES) and Allan Adayle (ALAN DOYLE).

A small detachment of English knights led by the loyal Sir Robert Loxley (DOUGLAS HODGE) is dispatched to return the crown to England. They fall victim to a cunning French ambush overseen by English traitor, Sir Godfrey (MARK STRONG) and massacred to a man. Robin and his small band manage to chase off the French. While looking for plunder they find the mortally wounded Sir Robert who begs they return the crown and, on a personal note, return the Loxley sword to Sir Walter Loxley in Nottingham.

Robin reluctantly agrees but soon sees this as the ideal way to travel home. Disguised as the fallen English knights, the small band have no problem securing a ship. Their plan is to disembark on the southern English shores but the ship instead carries them directly up the Thames to London where Robin, if his ruse is still to work, must personally hand over the crown to the new King John (OSCAR ISAAC).

Duty bound, he then heads for Nottingham and returns the sword to the kind, but now old and blind, Sir Walter (MAX VON SYDOW). Here he meets Friar Tuck (MARK ADDY) and the feisty Lady Marion (CATE BLANCHETT), the widow of Sir Robert who at first despises the new visitor to her land.

The Loxley Estate is in financial difficulties and the devious Sheriff Of Nottingham (MATTHEW MACFADYEN) wishes to claim both the land and Marion for himself. To help stall him, Sir Walter persuades Robin to temporarily impersonate the late Sir Robert until the Estate is back on a secure footing.

King John proves a weak and incompetent ruler who not only sacks his trusted and experienced advisor William Marshal (WILLIAM HURT) but antagonizes the Barons to such a degree with his raised taxes and unscrupulous methods that they rebel under the leadership of Baron Baldwin (ROBERT PUGH). Worse, he learns Sir Godfrey is indeed a traitor who has now fled to France where he instructs the ambitious King Philip (JONATHAN ZACCAI) that England is ripe for invasion.

This Robin Hood legend is a far cry from the early ERROL FLYNN and even much later KEVIN COSTNER versions. Scenes in Sherwood Forest are few - explained in the final reel of the film - and Robin himself is an opportunist with a forgotten past.

The 12th Century settings are captured perfectly, as are the authentic looking costumes. Much effort has gone into the production and while less CGI is used than in GLADIATOR, here the scale is naturally smaller and the storyline more character orientated. There are several well-realised action scenes, the largest when the French army attempts to land on the English coast in landing craft (which seems to be inspired by SAVING PRIVATE RYAN) and while it can be argued the attack is beaten off too easily, the battles are at least brutal looking and realistic.

The acting throughout is excellent. Various accents abound - all the French dialogue is subtitled - but thankfully no American ones!

Included are the Theatrical release (two hours and twenty minutes) and the superior Directors Cut with fifteen extra minutes plus a wealth of Special Features including cut scenes, trailers and hundreds of production photographs.

All in all then, a great retelling of an old legend!

  Robin Hood begins

| | See all Dingers's reviews (56)

Although I'm a fan of Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe, I was apprehensive about buying this blu-ray because of all the negativity surrounding it. I went straight for the director's cut because I thought it would offer a more comprehensive telling of the story. It was a near perfect telling of the beginning of a legend and how he became an outlaw. Visually glorious and superbly acted. Ignore grumbles regarding RC's accent, he makes a far more convincing robin than any actor gone before. To fans of the genuine Robin Hood story, this is essential viewing.

  Brilliant New Perspective!!

| | See all Nathan444's reviews (274)

Ignore some other reviews on here that arent helpful at all!! If they watched the whole thing they would understand.. that its the time before. It is a nice new perspective of the Robin Hood look and is set in the time before he became and how he became an outlaw.

This film was very good, the acting superb and Russel Crowe a complete gem.

I thoroughly enjoyed this, and would recommend it to anyone. Give it a go. I guarantee its worth your time!

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| | See all caravancol's reviews (2)

I recently purchased a blue ray home cinema system, I project on to an 8 foot wide screen and this is the first bd I have purchased that is excellent picture wise. Another thoroughly enjoyable film by Ridley Scott,who seems to make films without aiming at the games or toy market. Not quite up to Gladiator standards,but far superior to the bd's I have purchased to date.The story line is a matter of individual taste and only can be judged by watching the film,but no one can deny R.S. makes quality films.

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| | See all ChrisJ91's reviews (31)

I really enjoyed this film, so much. It took a bit to get into, but it is fantastic, the art direction, the score, even the acting was good. It's nice how it confuses you then wraps it up at the end. Definately worth a shot if you've ever loved Robin Hood, or as already said, Gladiator.

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