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Up: Superset (2 Disc Blu-ray & DVD) (Pixar) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Christopher Plummer, John Ratzenberger & Edward Asner

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: Universal Suitable for All

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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  Truly Stunning.

| | See all Lawzie's reviews (1)

One of the best animated films i've ever seen. It has everything you could possibly want from a film, and you know its good when you feel like you can't wait to watch it again :-)

  Best Pixar ever

| | See all GandalfTheGinger's reviews (11)

Before you read my mini review just click "buy it", seriously this is Pixars finest film in ages, I never thought anything would beat ratatouille for me but this has, the saddest first 10 minutes of any animation you have seen, then the most beautiful looking bluray animation and fantastic film to date, whether you have children or not just buy this film

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| | See all Samtaclaus's reviews (2)

This movie is yet another example of how far ahead of the field Pixar is in terms of making entertaining movies for all ages. If you haven't seen this yet, I strongly recommend getting hold of the Superset. It's not too much more than the standard versions, but it ensures that if you upgrade to Bluray in the future, you have the highest quality version available. The picture quality is great no matter what version you watch though, and the real winner is the story and the fantastic comedy. I think there's enough in there to keep the kids thoroughly entertained, despite what the Disney merchandise team think.

There are a small selection of bonus features on the standard DVD: three short films, a documentary on the Pixar team's visit to the real Paradise Falls (or rather the place it's based on) and some alternate scenes, though these aren't a patch on the plethora of extras on the Bluray disc.

All in all, an excellent watch and a must see for all ages.

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  UP there with Pixar's best.

| | See all marsbar88's reviews (10)

Firstly I would just like to say this is one of the blu-ray conversions i own, superb picture and sound quality. Something that Pixar get right everytime though I suppose! The special features are really good, one even shows you a trip the team take to research the landscape found in the film, breathtaking stuff!

I found this to be one of Pixars greatest achievements to date. A very emotional film which may not be suited to an average child, it is a very adult movie in parts. Obviously there are lots of moments a child will laugh at and enjoy, but it is quite a mature approach from Pixar. One which has definitely paid off, proving that animated films can be taken seriously. Maybe Pixar are heading in a new direction,who knows? I have yet to see a Pixar film that I havent enjoyed really, but this is up there with my favourites. Buy this I highly recommend it, two thumbs UP!!

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  Best Blu Ray I own

| | See all dftba123's reviews (1)

This review comes in 2 parts: Movie review and then a review of the Bluray itself.

Movie: One of, if not my absolute, favourite movie of 2009. Touching and funny all at once - one minute you're crying your eyes out, the next you're rolling in the aisles at the jokes. This is a powerful movie!!

Blu Ray: THE BEST Blu Ray transfer I have ever seen. The colours are spectacular, the shadows are just right, the contrasts are perfect, I have literally never seen quality like this outside the cinema before even on other Blu Rays I have.

The sound quality is amazing, which is a must with a soundtrack as brilliant as that supplied by Michael Giachinno for this movie.

I posted a tweet the moment I finished the movie, and it read thus: HD was created for this movie. Up is amazing.

And I stand by that. If you have a blu ray player, you will regret not having Up in your collection, and this set is the set to go for.

AND whats more, you get the DVD and the Digi copy as well, all for a great price. This is gonna save my brother buying the DVD, and means I can watch on my laptop and iPod too.

Honestly: Superset is the right word. This is superb.

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  The Best Looking Blu-Ray ever

| | See all Kenny08's reviews (27)

Firstly, this is the most gorgeous looking film yet received on Blu-Ray. Colours are absolutely beautiful and the image is razor sharp. The quality is unbelievable and the sound too is incredible. Simply put, this is top demo material and given that the film itself is a beautifully told story with real emotion involved is a bonus. If you have a bluray player, and HDTV then you have to own this film. The superset is great value with a copy on dvd (for the kids bedroom), a digital copy for the iphone (for the kids in the car). A disc full of extras also keeps the interest. 10/10 in every department.

  Best of the best

| | See all dirtypunk's reviews (22)

Not only the best film of last year, but quite possibly of the last ten!
Has the power to make you cry within the first ten minutes then twenty minutes later your crying with laughter.
A true gem of a film that has something for everybody.

  Emotive yet touching animation about dreams and true Love

| | See all swartzy's reviews (82)

Carl Fredricksen is a 78 year old who would like to achieve his dream that he once had with his childhood sweetheart who became his wife....He didn't imagine with nearing the end of his life's journey that dream could be possible with an 8 year old boy scout named Russell who never even got invited? The scene is set for one of the most imaginative emotive roller coaster rides on a flying house carried by balloons to the most visually stunning exotic parts of the rarely discovered world...Mixed with laughter,sadness, sentimentality and great characters UP is both colourful with a plot that will entertain both adults and children....Look out for the adventure of a lifetime on a sublime blu-ray disc for both picture quality with fantastic sound...A must have film as this comes very very Highly Recommended...deserves 6 stars

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  I Have Just Met You And I Love You

| | See all Brausch's reviews (187)

A remarkable film even by Pixar's standards. A more moving and tragic romance in the first 15 minutes than most films manage in 90, adult themes of grief, loss, futile obsession and a constant flow of brilliantly imaginative jokes that will take many viewings to fully appreciate. The dog collars are a fine example of how Pixar can really develop an idea to its full potential. The AV quality is reference, the shot when the balloons are revealed is an absolute treat, its what you bought an HDTV and blu player for. Extras are interesting and a couple of shorts, Partly Cloudy and Dug's Special Mission are great. This review is based on the US edition but the UK is expected to be identical. Squirrel

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| | See all rachael07's reviews (1)

such a good film, suitable for allll ages!! touches your heart and feel good film. I am 19 and went to watch it with my boyfriend who it also 19, we both loved the film so shows that its audience is all ages. Really really good film would definately reccommend buying it especially in blu ray the colours are amazing

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