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Up: Superset (2 Disc Blu-ray & DVD) (Pixar) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Christopher Plummer, John Ratzenberger & Edward Asner

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: Universal Suitable for All

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Customer Reviews

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  Pixar UP their game...again!!!

| | See all SpinDoctor's reviews (30)

This is a fantastic movie for young and old. There's laugh's and tears, more of the former in another original Pixar movie. I'd imagine the Blu-ray to be immaculate. The only dilema? - waiting for UP (and the other Pixar movies) to go full colour 3D in your own home!!!

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  Yet Another Reason to Love Pixar

| | See all BlueJamme's reviews (5)

With the 15th anniversary of their first outing in to the movie world (Toy Story) now approaching, it must be with some pride that Pixar continue to demonstrate themselves in a class of their own and hold true to their motto that 'Story is King'. Afterall, how many other movie studios could claim to have not made a single duff film during their lifetime?

Up, as the title may suggest, continues to prove that when it comes to building believable and engaging characters against a rich, heart-warming story - nobody does it better.

The first 10 minutes alone is enough to melt the hardest of hearts without boiling over in to cheap, tacky sentimentality as we see love blossom over a lifetime of magical but everyday shared moments through to that final and most heart-achingly tragic of losses.

From there our cantankerous hero is pushed in to fulfilling the promise he made to his dearly beloved, but sadly departed, wife (aided by his eager but youthful sidekick).

To give any more away would be to spoil the pure, unadulterated enjoyment of letting it flow over and through you. However, it is safe to say that the joy of the ride is every bit as magical as the vehicle in which it is carried out (a house suspended by balloons), and as always with Pixar, you are left wondering why it is that every film can't be as good as this.

I can't leave it without also adding that the 3D is used to great (but sparing) effect. Just study the depth of the early scenes with our sidekick walking home from the cinema over 'ravines' and 'mountains'. Incredible.

A flawlessly and charmingly executed delight from start to finish - go and see it, and expect to be entertained.

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  PIXAR just keeps getting better

| | See all theBIGrm's reviews (1)

OK, first off I understand that opinions are like noses, everyone's got them. But I can't understand how anyone can give this movie less then a 4*. To say the animation is 'nice' is an understatement. The animation is BEAUTIFUL. The scenery and sets in this film are incredible (as always). If I had only one grumble about this film its that it wasn't on for long enough. PIXAR has that classic Disney way of telling a story whereby you get drawn in to the characters lives so much that you cry with them, you laugh with/at them, and you share their triumphs and their sadness. This film is a roller-coaster of adventure and heart warming storytelling. GET IT!

  Nice Animation but unfortunately boring!

| | See all Torqen's reviews (1)

I must admit I had some hopes for this movie, but after a while I prayed for the old man to be able to pull down the house and settle down so that the movie would end. This movie tries to hard to be funny, unfortunately not enough.

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  Up, Up (and away...)

| | See all NickDude123's reviews (4)

I had the pleasure of seeing Up in my local multiplex (in non gimmiky and full colour 2D) and I was blown away. Not just on a technical level (the film is stunning) but its the story and the characters that draws you in (only Pixar could make a film that makes you like the villain). Basically, if youve seen any other pixar film, then you'll love this one.

I havent seen the Blu Ray version yet, but based on other Pixar blu rays, I can say with confidence that this one will look beautiful. Add to that a DVD copy and you're on to a winner. For an extra Quid, you can have an iPod/iPhone compatable digital copy. If that isn't a great deal then I dont know what is.

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  Wonderful extras make this version a must-own

| | See all Talicus's reviews (12)

Having already bought the 2 blu-ray disc (and dvd / digital copy so you can watch the movie on other media-players) in the United States when it was released, I can tell you that the extra blu-ray disc is well worth getting, as all the extra's on it are amazing.

There are loads of extra's on it, both for youngsters and adults. For the kids, there's a quiz about which states of the United States go where (which I consider to be quite hard for European kids, so I'm not sure if they'll leave that in) and a quiz about what European country lies where in Europe.

For the adult viewers, there are loads of interesting extra's to be found, especially if you're interested in 3D animation techniques. There are 8 documentaries to be found on this disc, including a trip to the real Paradise Falls, loads of background detail, about life at Pixar studios and much more. Believe it or not, but these extra's are actually fun and dynamic, so you don't have to worry about it being boring or monotonous.

And on the first blu-ray disc (which owners of the original blu-ray release should already have experiences) there are 2 brilliant Cinematic shorts, alternate scenes, some more background stories and of course the movie in glorious 1080p high definition!

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| | See all frankie74's reviews (1)

tried talking my son out of getting me to take him to see it. I mean it did'nt sound like it would be all that good . Well bless me cotton socks i was wrong could of watched again straight away (SQUIRRELS ) its good excellent a real treat for kids an adults i was nearly crying with laughter at somethings (SQUIRRLS) look out for the butch doberrman my son is 11 an he loved it might have to listen to him more often now . brilliant funny touching its all there


| | See all madison25's reviews (3)

This film is endlessly watchable: a touching, hilarious romp. On paper it sounds daft: an octogenarian widower attaches millions of balloons to, then floats his house away to South America with a boy scout stowaway. But it's an absolute gem of a movie filled with tears laughs and action. My 5 year old son can't get enough of it, there's something for all ages and the animation is just perfect. A must-have. Also the standard Pixar short which accompanies this, "Partly Cloudy", is wonderfully inventive and sweet.

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| | See all Minialoo's reviews (11)

This disney movies is a brilliant movie. I took the kids, never laughed so much. A touching story of how different ages come together and can co-exist. Cannot wait for the blu ray version.

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