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9 (Nine): Limited Edition (With Hardback Book) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Elijah Wood, John C. Reilly & Jennifer Connelly

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  The Unique Animated Movie That Is 9

| | See all danieleast's reviews (8)

i would like to start off by writing this review by saying that 9 is not your typical animated movie...

to sum this film up, it's almost like watching a video game in a sense that there are 4 villain characters or as there called in video games; 'bosses' - Boss one - Cat Beast, Boss Two - Winged Beast, Boss 3 - Snake / Seamstress Beast and Boss 4 being the utterly HUGE one that when you fight it, beat it, rejoice over the fact you've done it then only to find out you've ticked him off to the point he turns into a rage machine and well... you either beat the boss or it beats you...

now this isn't to say it's all action, there is some very good and unique character development.

the 'rag dolls' (as Shane Acker calls them) are the ones that make up the character of the scientist -the 9 of them as individuals have wonderful personalities of which make up and give an idea of what sort off character the scientist was...

BASICALLY to sum the story up The Scientist created the fabrication machine, of which basically became corrupt (due to its human superiors using it for war) and created other machines to attack humanity, with humanity being at the brink of extinction, the scientist created 9 rag dolls to basically continue life, in doing this he gave parts of his soul to each of the 9 rag dolls of which each one adopt part of his personality I.E rag doll '7' adopts the scientist will to fight.

The whole setting of the film is very eery and post-apocalyptic, however with a name like Tim Burton behind any movie it's clear it's not going to be the most colourful or cheery movie out there.
If your thinking of showing a kid this movie (despite it being a 12) i would recommend adult supervision - i feel that it's not a 'scary' film - however it does have the odd 'jump' / 'shock moment'

straight off the bat i absolutely adored '9'.
the animation if not quite pixar quality is still wonderful, its an easy going film; a film that i feel is very underrated and over looked.

NOW i have the DVD version of this and i recently got the Blu Ray Limited Edition HardBack Book copy and i have to say - picture was wonderful and crisp same with the sound!
The book has some gorgeous art work; if you love concept art book's - despite this ones size - i recommend it, presuming you enjoyed the film and willing to part with the cash!

  A must have!!!

| | See all Tristanevo03's reviews (4)

Well When I first watched this on film I thought WOW, But Still had the Tim Burton Feeling but in a good way. The Story was excellent, the blue ray quality and sound was spot on and the limited edition book Case was the icing on the cake. Films dont usually have great limited edition features but this was brilliant, Well worth what I payed for, A must have, But not recommended for small children Even thou its an animation.

  Truly Magical

| | See all andie99UK's reviews (9)

If you want to lose yourself for a while in a piece of magic, watch this movie.
From start to finis, its a fantastic piece of work that on Blu-Ray looks even better than I thought possible.
Each detail is so carefully drawn and animated, you will grow to love these sack people as if they were real.
You will Laugh & you should probably cry as well, but either way, you will enjoy it.

  Great Edition

| | See all KingClash's reviews (11)

I love this movie, the only problem i have with it is it's lenght. The story progresses far to fast. The storytellers should have taken there time with all the different relationships between the characters and also with the baddies from the film. There are some great characters in this movie, but they have simply not anough time to fully develop themselves! This movie, and this edition especially is well worth buying, as it is simply stunning in all regards! just for once i wished that it had lasted a little while longer...

  Whole mix of Tim Burton, rolled into 1 or should that be 9?

| | See all SpinDoctor's reviews (30)

Was looking forward to seeing this movie, enjoy anything where Tim Burton has had a hand. This is extremely dark, totally suits the story and characters. The end & re-birth of the human race, hardly gonna be be bursting with colour!!! On first look this is Terminator & The Matrix rolled into 1. Burton's influence is everywhere on this, from Nightmare to Coraline to Beetlejuice, they're all there. It really is an excellent movie, some scaryish scenes of danger, but the youngest of kids should be fine with this. THe Blu-ray as expected is excellent, picture is fantastic, DTS soundtrack is brilliant, crank up the volume and secure your ornaments for the actions scenes!!! This version is great, the book has some excellent drawings and text from the movie, the back cover holds the disc securely too. Well worth the extra pennies.

  Great animation and a fantastic story

| | See all Filmlover's reviews (93)

I loved the mood of this film from start to end, it is a story about hope, fear, friendship and doing the right thing (or what you think is the right thing) I can see that this film has the Tim Burton touch and I think that even though it is a dark film the kids will learn a lot from it about the human condition and our aspirations. I really did not know what I would make of this movie but I have to confess that I was touched by some of its magic.

  Animatrix reloaded ?

| | See all eros1979's reviews (47)

The whole story is strong and very familiar with Matrix.
It leaves so many messages about the destruction of the world by humans creating machines and the machines turn against humans. Typical story with many spots of truth.
The script is very simple, easy to undestard by childrens and not so boring and complicate as Matrix.
I reccomend this film. TIM BURTON !!!! (Very familliar name :P)

  Enjoyed it but not sure who it was aimed at

| | See all Spaulding's reviews (56)

Ok as we all know most animated movies are family fun films this is the opposite a dark movie that reminded me of matrix monsters and little big planet sack boy.
So its way to scary for children and although I as an adult can appreciate many types of films I am not really sure who is the target audience here.
I will not spoil it I never like to give away story as I hate reading reviews that give it all away so annoying.
So this is my sum up of the film amazing first class visuals I would say almost taking annimation to a new level.
Fairly well voice acted characters that all have their own strengths and weaknesses one to brash brave to the point of stupid another to much like a teacher that thinks they know whats best for everyone else.
The script although not original very terminator or matrix does have enough originality to make this movie a unique experience.
So if you want a very dark annimated movie instead of cute and fluffy you will love it but how many people are ready for a terminator meets sack boy film remains to be seen

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