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The Book Of Eli (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman & Mila Kunis

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (50 reviews)"

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  Great movie - Great Transfer!

| | See all londonboi's reviews (48)

The Hughes brothers, Albert & Allen, have done it again with this post-apocolyptic tale - that really isn't anything like 'Mad Max'. It's a movie that demands your attention from the eerie opening sequence, beautifully filmed & photographed. The stark, surreal landscapes are magnificent - almost monochrome with occasional bursts of colour that translates perfectly to blu-ray. Every detail is revealled in glorious Hi Def. Denzel Washington is superb, as is Gary Oldman & the supporting cast. Music too is sublime & the DTS MA will make full use of all your speakers. All-in-all, one of the best of 2010. Highly Recommended.

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  A film that keeps your attention till the end.

| | See all Lovewizard's reviews (67)

WOW what can i say that has'nt been said already? except i have over 800 movies 350 blu-ray movies and this film has gotta be up there amongst the best films i own, Denzil washington has always been one of my favourite actors now his efforts here make this one of my favourite movies!

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  Best post-apocalyptic movie!

| | See all ali1987's reviews (24)

In terms of audiovisual presentation you don't get to own a movie that shines with blu-ray format. The tone and setting of the movie does'nt provide a vividly stunning images to experience but that is what to expect from a post-apocalyptic movie. However you are gonna love the story and action of this movie. It has one of the best , yet twisting, endings ever to grace cinema. The details of suffering people endure in this movie really believable and Washington playing is one of his finest i've seen since "training day". There have been many movies that tried to bring to life a post-apocalyptic world, but nowhere the theme and setting is more realized in here. A final note, listen carefully to the dialouges in this movie which are golden and don't come usually in nowadays movies.

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  Good movie, must see!

| | See all Ozkari's reviews (4)

The plot is not so original and this is a bit too religios film for me, but everything else is just pure awesomeness. The end is surprising and this one will keep you interested for the whole movie. If you like Fallout game series or Mad Max movies this one is a 6 star movie for you!!

  Very Good

| | See all Brausch's reviews (187)

After seeing many unenthusiastic reviews I bought it because Denzel Washington is a great actor and it was cheap. I'm not a fan of overly processed films but the style was appropriate for once, there's a first rate supporting cast including Gary Oldman and a barely recognisible Michael Gambon pops up briefly. I think the film was mismarketed with trailers portraying it as an action thriller when its actually a sort of a cross between The Road and the game Fallout 3. If you don't mind the leisurely pace and less frequent than expected (but still well staged) action scenes then you'll get some enjoyment out of it. The highly processed image is rendered very well on blu with more subtlety than the DVD edition

  Great Film

| | See all steven300's reviews (16)

This is a stunning looking film. Beautiful shots. The story is a tad too religious for my liking but it was good. You need to watch it twice to pick up the subtle hints regarding the twist. Mila Kunis is looks stunning in the film but I couldn't get Meg from Family Guy out of my head whenever she spoke. Gary Oldman played his part very well as he always does and Denzel is Denzel, excellent. Worth a watch.

  Snore bore

| | See all sdh963's reviews (164)

I just found it uninteresting and unrealistic. It is somewhere between "Mad Max" and "The Road".... the latter of which overshadows this movie.

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| | See all NEVERFEAR's reviews (9)

Denzel Washington wanders through a post-apocalyptic America in possesion of a much sought after book. Gary Oldman plays the villainous small town boss obsessed with getting his hands on this book which he believes will give him great power. Washington must do all he can to protect the book and make the dangerous journey to his destination. Denzel oozes cool and Oldman is, as usual, brilliant. This is a really good movie which, I think, was harshly reviewed upon its release. It is far better than I expected and well worth a watch. Make what you will of the message put across in this movie but I don't think you will be disappointed. Have faith people.

  Extremely impressive and surprisingly action-filled

| | See all benminx's reviews (73)

First of all, this film is heavily pro-christianity. Not in a preachy way, but in a way that makes it clear the filmakers are saying "this is my opinion, it's out there. Deal with it." If that's likely to offend you, this isn't the film for you. However, it makes for an interesting mcGuffin as the thing the bad guys want instead of the usual 'computer disk' or 'oil source', and the directors are smart enough to make us question many times whether Denzel's Eli is an obsessive and deluded or not. The film is unexpectedly action filled, with Eli a surprisingly lethal and efficient survivor. As previously mentioned here, the film's visual style appears to be very heavily influenced by the computer game Fallout 3 - although it's far from the only post-apocalypse thriller to have a very similar visual style and setting. This is a good thing, as it makes for a very believable, wholly realised world, with the many beautiful shots of the devastated landscape and settlements filmed in a very clear and slightly colour de-saturated style that makes them amazing on blu-ray. Gary Oldman makes for a well played wrinkles and all believable monster who is trying to corrupt something good to his own needs. The ending, while it feels slightly forced, is also satisfying and quite naturalistic. The filming style is one of the most impressive I've seen in a long while, with the Hughes brothers making great use of silence, especially in the creepy fallout-laden opening, to emphasise man's relative absence from the world. Overall, it's a derivative but beautifully filmed and very well acted action thriller with ferocious fights, and the feeling of a fully realised world in which Eli is a tiny piece. The Hughes Brothers' have always made films where their opinions are blatantly clear, and this one is no different. It's what helps them stand out in a good way. A great action thriller with heart.

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