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The Book Of Eli (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman & Mila Kunis

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (50 reviews)"

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  Why Oh Why

| | See all blackisle1's reviews (5)

I read the pre hype and was taken in - my first mistake. I watched the movie - second mistake. Denzil Washington is without doubt one of the finest actors of his generation - why oh why did he sign up for this film? Sorry not often (recently) has he done a 'bummer' but this is one big time.

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  'TOP NOTCH' entertainment !

| | See all rbmusicman's reviews (896)

'denzel washington' is 'eli' after the 'apocalypse' he along with the 'few' re-surface to find their world a baron place.
'eli' is given a mission after finding the last remaining 'book of james' under some rubble, the mission to take the book 'west' to find a community it's meaning will inspire.
he has traveled for 30 years to reach a place where, he hopes he'll know to be right.
he will do anything to protect the book, and believes the book is protecting him along the journey of many dangers.
there is a town along the way ruled by a 'warlord' who has heard of the exsistance of the 'one' book, and craves to own it.
but will 'eli' part with that which he has protected for so long ?
this is a great 'blu-ray' presentation, i believe a film should entertain you by holding your attention, this film does not dissapoint.
'denzel' is of course one of the shining lights of today's generation of actor's and rarely makes a bad film.
this film gives you a gripping story with some really impressive 'action' sequences, a religous under-tone and a brilliant twist.
in the beginning........'not to be missed'

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| | See all charleypop's reviews (3)

Awful. Truly AWFUL. Saw this at the cinema and that was almost 2 hours of my life I can't get back. A waste of both time and money.

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  Top class !

| | See all drummop's reviews (97)

See this film now before you tire of the inevitable glut of post apocalyptic films that are bound to be released after the success of The Road. Washington & Oldman are superb, the film looks great, action scenes are realistic & bloody, and there's a quasi religious tone to the film with a nice twist at the end. Well worth a look.

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  "..GOOD FILM.."

| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

I wasnt sure if I would like this movie at first but after watching it, it was allot better than I thought it would be, the story is certainly original and it plays out rather well with all the actors doing a good job, but overall once you find out the twist at the end, it wont be worth a second viewing, as clever as it is you wont feel satisfied that the movie really achieved anything but the clever ending, I say clever but really its ultimately far fetched. Great film to watch once, you wont want to go back to it time and time again.

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  4 & half stars and 80% game remake

| | See all centurion's reviews (55)

This is a very good movie, Denzel played a very good part and the twist at the end was very good.If you have played the video game fallout 3 well there is a lot of that game in this film.This is a must for my blu-ray collection.

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  Pleasantly surprised

| | See all greendragon's reviews (5)

Saw in the cinema with some friends and we all enjoyed the film. Very much reminded us all, of a computer game called Fallout 3 or Mad Max which is set after a World War. This film gives you the feeling of a desperate, unruly way of life where the things we take for granted are no longer there and the items we throw away are of value.
The Actors are great. The story is good, follows a man travelling west to deliver a book, but not just any old book and the rest you will have to see for youselves!.

  More then a 4 and a half star DESERVES 5

| | See all demoe18's reviews (1)

To be perfectly honest this film deserves more then the 4 and a half star rating that it has. My personal opion is that its one of the best films of 2010, but hey buy the film and watch it and I can garantee you that if you like action movies this will be the best movies of 2010 urll see

  Keep the Faith

| | See all bowsie1's reviews (125)

Top stuff with Mr Washington in superb form. Excellent story with excellent characters. Brilliant twisted ending. For fans of the apocalyptic type movies. Everyone else will just love it. Highly recommended


| | See all OBSESSEDWITHFILMS's reviews (416)

Denzel Washington is again on top form in this great action film that delivers a deeper message as well.
Set in America after a nuclear war the world we know as been destroyed, Eli (Denzel Washington) is a man on a mission from god he carries the last copy of the bible to safety.
Gary Oldman plays the bad guy superbly (as he always does ) who will stop at nothing to take the bible and use it for his own evil needs.
The fight scenes are brilliant and very graphic, lots of good action scenes and the deeper meaning of the film that is men killed in the name of god for centuries and even after a nuclear apocalypse men still want to use the holy book to pit men against men to kill in the name of god.
I really enjoyed this film it is different to anything else I have seen for some time and one of the most original films plot wise I have seen this year.

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