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2012 (Blu-ray)

Featuring: John Cusack, Amanda Peet & Thandie Newton

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (36 reviews)"

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| | See all gamesmasterandy's reviews (11)

Sorry, but this one is utter rubbish and a huge disappointment when I saw it at the cinema. Poor plot and why is it that every time an aeroplane appears in the film everything goes disastrously wrong. Only point of interest was the Russian AN225 Antonov aircraft, the largest aircraft ever built.
Just don't bother with this one.

  Great Roland Emmerich end of days movie-Not HD quality

| | See all tooki1957's reviews (5)

Very enjoyable Roland Emmerich movie and lots of his trade mark scenes. He's obviously got something against the Russians! Let down by quality of HD transfer, i.e. DVD is just as good, so have only given it *** . Don't waste your money on this Bluray version.

  A long silly destruction film with jokes that drags...

| | See all 83Dave83's reviews (26)

Summary: An epic adventure about a global cataclysm that brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors.

I think this film was too hyped up. No doubt the destruction looks insane, and for that the bigger your TV the better. Then because the film has too much humour (even at the wrong moments) and stupid characters, it really drags while you're watching it. You just want it to finish. It was an interesting idea on paper, but then they made it, and it's pretty much a disaster film with comedy. The trailer made this look like it had a very serious tone. Around 150 minutes + a few destrucion scenes + jokes + annoying characters + things human beings wouldn't do in that situation = .just about watchable.

  Had potencial

| | See all GodOfGaming's reviews (52)

The special effects in 2012 are outstanding but it is heavily let down by the story line. it seems like the director has gone for the humorous approach rather then keeping it serious like something that could actually happen.

personally when watching this film i kept comparing it to 'The day after tomorrow' and what that film has over this is that it is more believable and had been done in a more serious approach. however 2012 has the edge on special effects and is action packed through out. I would watch this film again as it is enjoyable and would recommend this film.

  If all you expect are special effects...

| | See all 12thMonkey's reviews (11)

...you won't be disappointed. But in every other respect, this is a stinker. Even my ten and fifteen year-old children, an age group which might be expected to approve, found it irredeemably awful.

  Good movie, Deserves more credit

| | See all jaguarxj220i's reviews (16)

I cannot understand why many people rated this movie so low? they compared it to The Day After Tomorrow.. but the stories are entirely different. They are DIFFERENT in their own way! DAT is based on severe Climate Change. But that effects only parts of the world, There are ways for humans to survive. This movie is based on the Ancient Mayan Civilisations predictions for the date 2012. The emissions from the Sun has an effect on the earth-core which leaves practically nowhere for any type of species to survive. The fight for survival is much more intense in this movie.

I'm a big fan of DAT, I watched it 3 times! but 2012 definitely brings alot more to the table... in terms of Visual Effects, the unique story, the way the Characters all tie in with one another. Yes, there are some miraculous escapes, but it's a movie.. if they made it 100% realistic all humans would be dead. That wouldn't make it a fun movie to watch now would it?.

Movies tend to do farfetched things sometimes, thats what makes it interesting and sometimes even funny... i laughed so much when I saw them land at the right place at the right time, but thats what makes it entertaining too. If they died, that wouldnt make it much of a story.

I put off watching the movie, because of the bad reviews for such a long time... but after I watched it, I thought it was much better than people had given it credit for... just watch it, and you might just be surprised.

  Extremely Fun Nonsense

| | See all CaleBrock's reviews (12)

Prepare for your mind to get a relaxing change compared to other films.

If you go into this film expecting a great story with good acting then your going to be disappointed. but this film is simply FUN.

The ridiculous effects and the almost funny escapes from death are simply AWESOME

  average movie but good disc

| | See all dookie28's reviews (2)

This movie is a disappointment . Fun in parts , but its just way way to long . If they had knocked 40 minutes off the run time , it would have been alot better. Your attention just starts getting drawn away the longer the film is on .

The disc got good treatment though. The transfer is absolutely mind blowing . Stunning picture which compliments the good special effects nicely . The disc also has plenty of special features.

ok so average movie on an otherwise decently presented disc

  Defiantly A disaster movie!!

| | See all philboy4's reviews (152)

Fantastic idea for a disaster film but im afraid it was poorly executted. Dont get me wrong this film has great moments in especailly when LA is completely swollowed by the see with a massive earthquake. The special effects are amoung the best but the storey and the acting really let it down. This film is like marmite you either love it or hate it. Make your own mind up and give it ago

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  Roland Emmerich out does himself with glorious destruction!

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

I found The Day After Tomorrow took it's self a bit to serious and was a slow burner for me to get into even though it did have some amazing special effects at the time. 2012 is a very similar type of film which has a lot more humour and the action is relentless. The special effects are breath taking maybe even better then Avatar's or at least on par! It all looked so ultra realistic and the stuff that was going is mind blowing madness. I think Danny Glover who plays the president is the most famous actor in the film but this does not matter because the state of the art effect are the star of the show. If you want a fun pop corn movie of total mother earth world destruction then this is the film to get and I don't think Mr. Emmerich will top this one.

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