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Green Zone (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Matt Damon, Amy Ryan & Brendan Gleeson

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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| | See all jagger's reviews (179)

If you enjoyed the Bourne films you will enjoy the movie, the action comes thick & fast as Matt Damon senses inaccurate intelligence provided to soldiers in the Middle East. Worth watching for fans of action films.

  Average film - shocking transfer

| | See all Timstar's reviews (11)

It is hard to think of many films that dont have some description of a love interest or an emotional relationship, yet you will do well to find one in a Paul Greengrass film. The lack of a strong female character and love interest leads to a complete emotional disconnection which results in not caring about any of the characters. The action is average at best, the whole 'conspiracy' subplot leads no where. It is a shame because I know Matt Damon is capable of better. Brendan Gleeson and Jason Isaac's characters are also underused. It was a bold attempt at such a recent controversial topic but it is sadly an oppurtunity wasted.

As for the Blu-ray its self I couldn't believe how poor it was in the dark scenes (alot of it is set at night), I couldn't focus on the film because all I could see was the grain. I have a decent 50" 1080p TV and have never seen such poor quality.

Film - 3 Stars
Transfer - 1 Star

  Bourne again? Not at all...

| | See all Jarros's reviews (11)

The film itself leans heavily on the aftermath of the Iraq war after the unsuccessful hunt for weapons of mass destruction. The storyline is solid, the acting is strong enough, but the film gets a little tangled in it's own self-righteousness.

The blu ray quality is good - 9/10. Only a little grain remains in the night scenes as you would expect. The 5.1 is fine. Nothing mind blowing but crisp and clean enough. Overall, well worth a watch.

  good film

| | See all scottguyver82's reviews (1)

lets tell it how it is!!!!! ive seen vhs with better picture quality. im a big blu ray fan, this let me down. but the film is a 10 out of 10

  Fast Paced Action Film!!

| | See all Nathan444's reviews (274)

This really is one of the better action/war films i have seen in a while.
Its fast paced, full of action, and gripping scenes that have you on the edge of the seat. Its portrays some of the hush hush feelings about Iraq and i like that they managed to pull this off. WIth difficulty no doubt.
Its a great film, with matt damon pulling off some fantastic acting. You want to be entertained. Then i recommend this. 4/5!!
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  Fast Paced Action Thriller

| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

Really enjoyed this movie as I am a big fan of Matt Damon, the director Paul Greengrass and Political Thrillers.
It is Engrossing, Fast and Franticly paced. The tension in some scenes is pure Nail Biting.
The movie is Political to an extent but above all is an Entertainer but with a bit of a Brain.
Even though most of it is Fictional, it does still act relevant Questions and presents Realistic Scenarios that did take place during the initial phase of the Invasion of Iraq.
The performances were spot on. Matt Damon was once again in Exceptional form, Brendan Gleeson was Very Good.
Greg Kinnear was effective in his role and Jason Issacs was Good but a little under used.
Overall more of an Action Thriller than a War movie.

P.S. I loved the line that the Iraqi Freddy says to Damon "It Is Not For You To Decide What Happens Here".
And also the final shot of the American Humvees driving along with the Iraqi Oil Fields in the Background

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  Best Matt Damon Film

| | See all Digby121's reviews (4)

Probably the best Matt Damon film.
Only problem is the picture quality is not what we've come to expect from Blu-Ray. Even though it's filmed this way you wouldn't use this film to show off your HD system.
Would recommend saving a few quid and buy on DVD.

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  Better than your average war movie

| | See all razzer's reviews (6)

I watched this expecting to see Matt Damon go through his Bourne routine but was delighted to see it wasn't to be. In this movie he is more like the rest of us mere mortals; he gets his ass kicked by a Special Ops type of guy. The movie is fast moving, tense and utterly gripping all the way. There is some amazing acting, especially from Khalid Abdalla, who in my opinion stole every scene as the Iraqi who calls himself "Freddie."

  an okay matt damon film

| | See all BrendanHughes's reviews (251)

I got to be honest although its quite well rated i did not enjoy it as much,i saw some ok shooting scenes and was very dipomatic and matt damon was okay but i did towards the end find it a bit of a yawn,a far from the bourne films,a grainy picture but not what i call american trash

  Great film, not connected to Bourne in any way

| | See all benminx's reviews (73)

The marketting geniuses' decision to go on about 'Bourne goes to war!' in every poster and magazine is misleading, and unhelpfully overshadows a perfectly good film that can stand on its own two feet. It was just done to draw in audience numbers, as American audiences liked Bourne films but hated Iraq War movies, which this is. It also pairs the same director and star. Damon doesn't play Bourne but in fact fictional Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller, who's been sent in to find Weapons of Mass Destruction, and starts to inconveniently question why every single lead his team follow is coming up as a blank - and obviously nonsensical - joke. When the brass stonewall him, he decides to seek his own answers, and realises he may have stumbled onto a bigger target.
The film is a good action/conspiracy thriller, with great supporting performances by Brendan Gleeson and the excellent Jason Isaacs. There are helicopter chases, foot chases and gunfights aplenty. It has been filmed in the intentionally grainy 'heightened reality' style popular with war movies, so you may not feel like you're getting the best out of your Blu-Ray as a result, but it will be clearer than DVD. All in all a great film.

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