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Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon - Double Play (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhamel & John Turturro

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all coynie's reviews (59)

Oh Dear

I am a fan I have been since Bro got comic back in 80s.

I am trying to be fair so here goes

The film was better with Megan Fox. know I really most say that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is great and her character is spot on, in fact Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is actually the Star.

Shia LaBeouf was OK but he looks better on screen with Megan Fox sorry Shia could not pull Rosie Megan Yes Rosie never. though he and Rosie do very well papering over the fact that well Megan Fox is missing.

The Plot is OK the CGi is fantastic and we almost get that Legend moment Prime Vs Megatron on the Dam.

But the movie has no hart no sole no hummer no appeal we don't get enough time with the parents or the special Ops boys in addition all the quirky clever funny geeks have gone.

This move has fallen down the Phantom menac attack of the clones hole looks extraordinary real even can see were the effort and MONEY went and well done but the characters have gone

I don't love this movie-verse any more because I cant engage with any characters not that they are poorly written or performed its that there are None, Michael Bay, Ehren Kruger and others have left use with a movie that has gotten rid of so many characters.

You want to see how to make a movie with characters look at LotR or Avengers or even Tron they are wooden and slow but they are there.

We love the CGi Robots the cars the explosions and the action but we need characters we need the dum-dum twins the crazy parents the Freaky friends and colleges and we also need the all action real American Heroes.

Big Giant robots Fantastic but people yes please.

  very entertaining & much better than the 2nd

| | See all Gunna86's reviews (6)

i originally saw this at IMAX in 3D & it was very good. on blu the picture & sound quality is outstanding & the film is well worth having in your collection. considering how poor Revenge Of The Fallen was this is a big improvement

  The best of the trilogy

| | See all magoosey's reviews (83)

This is by far the best of the three films to date. The set pieces from the start are outstanding. Leonard Nimoy's voice over is excellent as expected. The end action sequence is simply breathtaking as the troops parachute / glide through the battle. Visual effects are top notch a superb blu ray.

Also includes what I think all blu ray films should have which is a digital copy.


| | See all Lloyd027's reviews (14)

I must admit to being disappointed by this release, and not just by the lack of extras.
There is very little in terms of character-building in this film - action seems to have taken up over 95% of the budget.
Why did the characters, especially the new ones, do what they do? What is their relationship he rest of the cast? A few lines of dialogue frankly were not enough.
Overall, this is the worst entry in the series.

  2 stars generous

| | See all adamk69's reviews (119)

I am vcertain that the 'fans' of the transformers dynasty will love anything that involves the transforming alien robots but, this film was a mess. Some decent Bluray sound and vision aside (the first film did that to better effect so it is now old news) it was a lemon of a movie that struggled and failed to hold my interest or anyone elses in the room for it's very overlong duration. 2 stars in generous but the pic was good. Couldn't imagine having to sit threough it again though.

  Transformers 3 blu-ray very good but with no extra feature?

| | See all mattymoo28's reviews (1)

Overall the blu-ray release is very good the picture and the sound is awsome and you know when making a film like this micheal bay clearly was thinking what was going to look and sound like on blu-ray when he was making it, but as a blu- ray release it all seems a littlebit rushed in my opinion, it comes with a blu-ray, dvd and digital copy , who needs all three when you have a blu-ray player I ask?
When we buy something like this you expect to get ur moneys worth and here you clearly dont just three versions of the same film! the other two clearly came out with and extra features disc and here it non exsitant. the film it self is amazing and but draggs in some places, but as the intnet buzz saying transformers 4 & 5 are being made back to back so lets see if paramount improve on a once brill set of blu-ray's

  Get the popcorn ready!

| | See all Stevo35's reviews (74)

Amazing CGI, incredible sound & awesome action.
This movie is not to be taken to seriously though, some of the acting is a bit wooden, especially Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who is just awful (although nice to look at!) her pathetic blond bimbo character trotting about in six inch heels among utter devastation without a mark on her almost ruins the movie.
Shia though is excellent & brings in a bit if comedy just at the right times.
One of the best of the 3.

  Quality of product

| | See all MadMezza's reviews (4)

Absolutely brilliant film. An improvement on the first 2 and they were mint. 2 and a half hours well spent.

  Where are the extras?

| | See all Hotlips922's reviews (2)

I agree Bay gets too much stick and he has made 3 fantastic films but what I am disappointed in is the fact there are no extras in Dark Of The Moon. Bay has released the blu-ray in time for Xmas and plans on bringing out another one in 3D with the extras after Xmas so everyone has to buy it again. I think this is one of the best films of all time but I think this is wrong, especially in this climate.

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