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Marvel Avengers Assemble (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans & Chris Hemsworth

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (47 reviews)"

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| | See all dodo12's reviews (19)

Avengers is by far the best marvel film to date. I can watch it over and over and never get bored. The story is great, there is a great mix of action and humour which is fun for the whole family. This film is a must have!

  Cant fault it

| | See all suddie00's reviews (15)

Well, to start with, all I was told was that Iron Man and The Hulk stole the show. Much much more than that - this must be best Marvel film yet after so many not 'living up' to their origins. Where most funny bit and one-liners get a smile out of me, this had at least 3 times I actually laughed out loud. And I saw it on my own! But that doesnt mean to say its a comedy, it starts a bit samey like some previous Marvel attempts where they over-introduce the main 'baddie', but when it gets going, it just doesnt stop. Remember when you first saw Transformers in Blu-Ray and special effects blew you away? This is the same, some of the motion effects are as breathtaking as that film or indeed one of the spiderman movies. I usually buy, watch and sell on, but will be keeping this and watching it again at least once, because im sure I missed some bits, its THAT frantic in places. Even at the end, you find out that it was produced and directed by Joss Wheaton, so that probably accounts for the pace of action at least. To finish, where I was expecting to like it, I loved it so, if like me you are puting off getting it because most of the other Marvel films have been a bit on the dire side, believe the hype and give it a watch. If you have surround soound, even better. Dim the lights, amp on, press play, ENJOY!

  not all that

| | See all wilkey123's reviews (10)

im not sure what all the fuss is about? i do like the marvel films but this really did nothing for me. i do have to say that the hulk dealing with loki at the end still makes me laugh.

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  The best film ever ? - Thats a BIG YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all stevenpompey's reviews (10)

My Whole life i have been bought up on superheros - both tv and films - From Chris Reeves superman, wonderwoman, and far to many others to mention - but this film is something else - ok its missing commentary and a few other bits but the whole film from start to finish is totally action packet, looks and sounds fantasic and anyone that gets bored by this really should take a good look at themselves - what more do you want out of a film ? All the charaters fit together so fantasically well and are better then the sum of their parts - this is not iron man 2.5 . You wont have seen such a great film for a long time and i dont think you will for a while - soooooooooooooooooooooooo great !!!!!!!!!

  Do not buy the UK blu-ray release

| | See all TopCatUK's reviews (2)

There are missing extras in the UK blu-ray realease over the US blu-ray release. Also the UK blu-ray release, as a result of an error in production, features a different shot of a key death scene. The US blu-ray release is region free so I advise looking into getting that.

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  Real shoddy way to treat your UK fans, Disney!

| | See all EdNygma's reviews (1)

I want to point out up front that this is not a 1-star review of the film. The film is an easy 4-stars, maybe even 5-stars, and there are plenty of other reviews here outlining how awesome it is.
This 1-star is for the version of the Blu-Ray that we're getting here in the UK. A version that doesn't include the 90 minute documentary "Assembling the Ultimate Team" or, even more crucially, Joss Whedon's commentary track.

There is no reason for UK fans to be denied this stuff. DO NOT BUY THIS BLU-RAY. The American version is out tomorrow and it's region-free, so it'll work on your player over here. Buy that instead. I am.


| | See all Moj0Jojo's reviews (26)

If you don't already know Disney have completely messed up the UK release of the AVENGERS by accidentally NOT including any of the extras and using an EDITED version of the film rather than the one shown in cinemas.

(Otherwise, just buy it from a well known US website, as the US version contains all the extras, is unedited and is REGION FREE!)

Disney have openly admitted to their mistake. Here is a statement from them:
"Thanks to those of you who have let us know about an issue on the Marvel Avengers Assemble UK Blu-Ray release, which has a less graphic depiction," said Disney in a statement. "Unfortunately, another region's elements were inadvertently used to create the UK release which altered a scene in the film. We thank our fans their vigilance in recognising thisfor and apologise for the mix up."

Disney are even suggesting UK buyers purchase the US version:
"We know that hardcore fans with Blu-ray players are probably going to end up buying the US release, which has the commentary,". "The American Blu-Ray is region-free."

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  can i have those 2 hours back please

| | See all stwiie's reviews (30)

Firstly i will say i had no interest in seeing this film at the cinema but i eventually did just out of wonder, i could of walked out after the first half hour it bored me that much! For the home release i thought id give it another go and rent it being all in HD and that, again it bored me! The film its self isnt the avengers its ironman 2.5 lol. The story was so so until the whole fate of the world vibe is totally broken by a very silly gag here and there (great way to destroy the fear Joss). As for the bad guys who was they? no explaination was given and as for loki he went from quite a menacing character in Thor to a comedy character with no real point in this, very poor story arc that. Action-wise again that was ok but hardly thrilling in the slightest, it was like a very dull rollercoaster ride. There was no suspense,worry or fear in what was happening, it should of been cut and edited in a more quicker,faster,snappier pace to make it more thrilling instead of just sailing along. As for the blu-ray its self i found it a very mixed bag, picture wise daytime scenes was flawless as you expect from a actual HD shot film but night and dark bits it lost it. To me it also felt like it was shot in a TV style rather then a big screen cinimatic style which goes back to my problem of the bad action pacing. The DTS:MA 7.1 i found a mess, speech was seriously weak in places, base just didnt come from where you thought it would like the hulk and huge ships crashing through buildings. Its very poor when you compare it to other big films like transformers:DOTM or Tron: legacy who's dolby truHD and DTS:MA truly rock!

Equipment this was watched on was:
panasonic GT30
panasonic BDT500 blu ray player
onkyo 609 A/V amp

But on the plus side the item 47 extra was rather amusing

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  Terrible Blu-Ray of a great film, very dissapointing

| | See all HapiJoel's reviews (1)


This is an incomplete edition of the film,

The UK DVD's and BluRays all feature the incorrect version of the film, meaning it is different from the theatrical release. There is also a host of additional features missing from the version originally advertised.

This is down to the correct content not arriving intime for the disc pressing, so the manufacturer made do with an inferior version of the film. It is also not the version not certified by the BBFC, which infringes trade laws.

In short Disney will release a special edition in the future, relying on everyone wronged in the UK to buy another copy, even though as of this time they havent announced whether they will include the missing content (such as director commentary) or the correct cut of the film.


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  5* for the film, 1* for this release

| | See all THESTODD's reviews (9)

UK substandard edition, cut and missing extra items. I'll await the next edition or import thanks.