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The Passion Of The Christ (Blu-ray)

Featuring: James Caviezel, Maia Morgenstern & Christo Jivkov

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Looks and sounds good

| | See all stuarty75's reviews (73)

Powerful film that only gets better in hd,4 stars for picture and sound on this blu-ray.

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  Not that amazing, but worth watching if you'r studying God!

| | See all SiScott's reviews (98)

Its hard to recommend a film like this, unless your target audience is either a devout Christian or studying Christianity or maybe the Jewish Faith.

As a stand alone film, this will probably not have that massive an impact on you unless you have read the entirity of the bible and understand who Christ was and what his purpose was on earth.

Otherwie you may not feel any real emotional attachment. It may have helped if they added a small prologue explaining who he is, and not just assuming everyone knows. But that would have made a 2 hour long film... longer!

Dont get me wrong though.... its a decent enough film, and a hard hitting pertrayl of Christ's last days (starting at the moment Judas betrays him, and ending the moment they take him down from the Cross), but it has some issues...

...I personally never felt the Jesus in this film, was pertraying the Jesus I have in my head. He just didn't really do him justice in my ears and it failed to pull in as a result.

,,,there was a lot of random moments in the film, which involve a character in black (presumably Lucifer/Satan). Once during the scene where he prays to God to help him (before Judas arrives), then gloating over Jesus' suffering and swanning around in the background amoungst the crowds and then at the end.

Now I can appreciate why Satan was put into the film at those moments, but the fact is that Satan is NEVER mentioned in the bible as being around at those times.

Especially at the moment in the forest, while Jesus is praying to God to help him. The film shows Satan trying to mess with his head and say that he cant take on all of mans sin.... that isn't in the bible and feels tacked on. Then the bit with the demonic baby just makes NO sense??? What was that all about???

...then we have the SLOWWW MOTIONNN scenes and those are just absolutely pointless and detract from the emotion of the film. Jesus falls while carrying the cross several times and EVERY time the film goes into slow motion and it starts to drag as a result.

As a devout and practising Christian, this was worth a watch to see one mans perception of the Crucifiction and his suffering. But I wouldnt say its worth any rewards because its not a master piece.

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  amazing film...blu-ray dissapoints at parts....

| | See all marctheshark's reviews (9)

this film is amazing as most of you know. although i found the bd quality not to be as great as it could have been.
when watching this i thought it was going to look amazing. at the start i thought it was awful. the picture quality was very grainy and hard to watch. but then as it got into it. some parts were absolutely beautiful. although some shots looked smudged and even slightly blurred.
as a film 5/5 as a blu-ray 3/5.

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| | See all noelm77's reviews (6)

At last a film that shows the brutal last hours of Jesus's life and just how brutal the romans were. Keeps you gripped, brilliant direction from mel gibson, great sound track, a truley violent depiction of Christ's final hours on earth.

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  A must buy blu-ray! A must buy movie!!!

| | See all eros1979's reviews (47)

I remember how strong were me feelings after i saw that movie...
I'm not a fanatic christian, actually i believe more in logic, but i loved the direction of Mel Gibson.
The soundtrack is one of my favourites.
The production is "must be recpected"....
The story is very realistic and it captivates you from the beggining to the end....

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| | See all rbmusicman's reviews (896)

when watching this movie it quickly becomes obvious of the director's 'mel gibson's' commitment was to give as an authentic as possible version of the final hours leading to the crucifiction of 'jesus'
the film portrays in graphic detail the 'roman's' carrying out their policy of purging prior to the cross.
whatever beliefs you may or may not hold the visual detail will leave a lasting impression on you, the 'roman's idea of justice was indeed brutal.
not only does the film display 'mel's' brilliant directorship, it also contains an amazing portrayel of 'christ' by 'james caviezel'
the film is not for the faint hearted and should be shown with caution to prospective viewers.
( the film has been available on this format but on region 'a' ...however will soon be released on region 'b' very soon, 'play' are currently selling on pre order at a 'bargain price'
the film ? ------simply 'REMARKABLE'

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