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Lost: Complete Season 6 Box Set (The Final Season) (5 Discs) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Naveen Andrews, Matthew Fox & Jorge Garcia

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Cricket09's reviews (4)

i've just watched the first five season and love them. so buying season 6 is a must. Is this bluray AND dvd? can i watch it on a dvd player in hd definition, aswell as watching it bluray on ps3?

  Touching the Void

| | See all reviewking's reviews (52)

Perhaps I should have rated this as 4 stars, but I can't bring myself to do it.

From beginning to end, Lost took viewers on an amazing journey that was as flawed as it was brilliant. And the fact that it was flawed gives it the most human of qualities and elevates it above nearly all TV shows made in the last ten years, perhaps ever.

I frequently found myself fustrated by seasons that never came to a conclusion, plot arcs that were lost to the ether, etc...etc. But throughout the entire journey I was gripped and desperate to find out what happened next. I can't think of many tv series (early X-Files, early Breaking Bad, early 24) that have compelled me to drop everything to watch the next episode. Love it or hate it, Lost kept us guessing and hypothesising for many years.

I think the overriding reason lost was so brilliant was down to beautiful cinematography, excellent emotion through acting, characters with oodles of depth and ambiguty, and a beautifully realised score. The music is definitely one of the triumphs of Lost and as this evolved, it strode on par with John Williams' amazing scores made for the early Spielberg and Lucas films.

The ending didn't clear up many of the series' plot arcs, but perhaps it didn't need to. The countless religious, mythological and scientific metaphors that developed as the show evolved mingled so many disciplines that it became as complex, convoluted and chaotic as the universe in which we live. I don't believe there is 'one point' to Lost, more that humanity quests for truth and answers that will never be satisfied. The only thing you can be sure of is death.

And that's where it ends. I thought the end was utterly utterly moving, with many of the characters breaking down, being dragged over the finishing line, or dragging themselves by their fingernails, using the last remnants of their strength and emotion. That's what I took with me, the sense that these men and women were pushed, not only to the edges of existence, but to the edge of their physical and emotional capability. In the series finale that showed through more than anything else.

Quite simply...the end was beautiful and a close to god (i'm not religious but am open to any possibility) that a form of art is likely to achieve. The questions we had throughout largely remain and that's because we'll only find the 'bigger' answers when we ourselves complete our own season finales.

The truth is out there...

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  The End!

| | See all MikeyDraycott's reviews (54)

And, here it is, the end of an era.

Seriously, I have to say that the Final Season of Lost has got to be my most favourite season of television I have ever witnessed.

It is emotional, epic, action packed, violent, scary, and has the most perfect ending I could have wished for.

Everything comes to an end, and this is something I will sorely miss.

Goodbye Lost!

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| | See all hafn89's reviews (1)

Do anybody, know anything about the subtitles for this blu ray release? the dvd release have multiple subtitles.
Can anybody tell me?

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| | See all McMatt's reviews (2)

One of the best programmes on TV!
However this is one of the most confusing series!!
Absolutely fantastic but I still don't get it!!!

Buy all six seasons now!!

  Best tv show ever made!

| | See all ssbarth's reviews (8)

Lost has been a good ride and ended how it should of done and very sad to at the end. A must buy! to me this is the modst original show put onto screen. no one has never creatied a show like this in tv history that confuses and makes you think like this show does and its set on an island, more more could you ask for.. also a very religous show with a bit of sci fi. hope i've given noting away!

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  L O S T

| | See all DarrenGreen's reviews (8)

Absolutely fantastic ending to possibly the best series around. I have all the other series' in my collection and been a huge fan since day one, and this series did not disapoint. Credit to the writers, directors and producers for making such a masterpiece.

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  WOW Best series ever.

| | See all austin36's reviews (4)

One of the best shows of all time goes out with a beautiful bang.The ending is fantastic,proving the show was a character driven show all along.

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  A Fitting Finale

| | See all thesasman's reviews (2)

LOST comes to a close after 6 years, and the final season does not disappoint.

Fans worried it doesn't answer the major plots need not worry. The major questions finally have answers, with only a few small remaining mysteries (it wouldn't be LOST otherwise!). For those that didn't understand the finale then they probably werent listening as its very simple what is described. It has a wonderful ending whilst still being true to the LOST-esque vibe.

I suspect if you wait for the final full packaged box set there will be many freebies/documentaries thrown in for good measure.

LOST will go down in TV history right up there with the likes of The Wire, The Sopranos, The West Wing among others...many arguing it tops them all.

Wonderful television.

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