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Valhalla Rising (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Mads Mikkelsen, Gary Lewis & Jamie Sives

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all HONESTBAZ's reviews (299)

This one of those movies some will view as genius and others will view as dull and pointless,it did bore me,but i appreciated it.
A viking escapes his captors in brutal style and has a young boy following him,then upon a ship with other men who aren't sure what to make of him,this threatening mist comes about,just where are they heading?
It sounds great in theory,but it is a very slow movie with some brutal fight scenes. Very little is said,i guess because the music and visuals say so much,but it can really drag when nothing is said and it's just men sat around waiting for something to happen.
I fully understand now why some hate this movie so much,but with some truely stunning visuals such as a vivid blue sky shining above a land of brutality,this does offer something for those who like something different. The music does have a perpetual menace to it,as does the whole feel,but i would argue that it doesn't quite work and the end left me disappointed. It's not awful,it's just a challenge for some to get through.

  What a gem of a film

| | See all cullenp's reviews (1)

Absolutely loved this film.
Didn't really know what to expect, and hadn't pored over the cover pixel by pixel so wasn't expecting a "300" type of affair (though I suppose you wouldn't expect that from the director of the Pusher trilogy)

I can sympathise with the comments on here from people who like things to actually happen in films (and so do I) but in this they do nothing so damn well! Those periods of inaction are required to depict what life must have been like around those times. The choice of soundtrack that sets the mood throughout the whole film more than makes up for the lack of action anyway, and lifts the mood of the thing right to where it needs to be. Take the part where One-Eye is carrying the boy up the mountain with his two new followers in tow, that scene is perfect with the choice of soundtrack

Great film (only slightly more happens in Drive and that is an instant classic)

  Brutal. In more ways than one!

| | See all Rustymagic's reviews (2)

This film has all the promises of being fantastic. Good idea, wonderful setting but there's only so long you can use this as entertainment before the fog of boredom falls......and it does quite literally.
If you have the patience of a saint and love to twiddle your thumbs then this is the place to be. Sorry, I lie, you will need a lot more to get you through this. The first 20 mins are action packed and the violence is on the severe side. It intrigues you. After that it's a complete non event. Men walking. Men standing. No dialogue. Random acts of madness thrown in. You will watch it to find out what happens next but you are never rewarded. I lost count of the times I shouted somebody do something!
If somebody can justify putting around 7 characters on a boat surrounded by fog and just about 10 words said in 20 mins with nothing else happening, then get in touch you deserve a medal.
I would have felt better watching a leaf blow in the wind other than this and my time would have been better spent. This is brutal and completely mind numbing. If it does anything it promotes the Scottish scenery which is stunning, it may do the tourist business good but that's all!

  The worst film ever

| | See all ilovelife's reviews (1)

It's truly unbearable to watch, the comment about the director must have taken mushrooms is spot on. I can't really tell you what the film is about because I'm still trying to figure it out. I bought it because the cover has an army of viking warriors sword and shielded up to the max...there was no army of viking warriors! It's a very poor film that tells a very slow and boring story which at no point gives you any answers and I can only assume the script writers were thinking of the environment to save on paper because it's all stares and not many words. The main character doesn't talk, you never find anything out about him other than he likes a ruck. The fight scenes aren't that good in fact none of it is good. Save your money or buy a different film, stay well clear of this one though. It really will be 1hr 40 wasted of your life.

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  Trippy, Arty, Fantastic

| | See all EDGEm1ke's reviews (8)

This is a rare situation where I absolutely loved a film, yet would not recommend it to any of my friends for the fear that they would not appreciate it the way I did. An Acid trip of a norse adventure to an otherworldly place frequently referred to as Hell. The pace and slow shallow thudding soundtrack made me feel completley zoned out.. wow

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  Doesn't rise too high

| | See all RJNeb2's reviews (636)

You'd expect a Viking movie from the director of "Pusher" to be gristly and violent (it is). What you don't expect is for it to be vaguely trippy, with too many lyrical scenery shots and actors artfully framed in them. While this may look pretty it continually grinds the meagre plot to a halt. Still, it has an oddly entrancing feel to it which you are quickly jolted out of when mute one-eyed Mads Mikkelsen starts swinging his axe in shockingly graphic fashion.

The striking Scottish scenery looks pretty damn fine in Blu-ray, mind you.

  Valhalla Sleeping...

| | See all UKGreg's reviews (1)

Well there's 92 minutes of my life I wont get back. Its incredibly slow.

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| | See all Glavias's reviews (53)

Look at the cover of the dvd.. One Viking with loads of vikings behind him!.. You won't get that in this movie its a bit deceiving really, The back of the dvd cover looks a bit 300 too, again deceiving. The dvd box art is selling this film to action fans, this film is more for arthouse fans. No helmets or shields.. infact you wouldn't even know they were vikings really. No long battle scenes, No Mass battles. What gore is in the film is good but its very quick and doesn't linger. Our one eyed protagonist is mute so don't expect dialogue from him. Although we do get to hear his words sort of! through a boy viking who speaks for him that follows him. Its a dark mean and moody film and depressing film about one eyes self discovery. If you love swashbuckling action sword fighting this film is not for you. If you want to know what a Viking nightmare is like watch this...

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  One of the worst films I've ever seen!

| | See all gilberto123's reviews (3)

Where to begin... Bleak... Drab... Washed out visuals... Bad dialogue... Worse acting... And LITTLE to NO story!
Quite literally one of the worst films ever made... EVER!

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| | See all sammysin's reviews (33)

Make no bones about it, this film is one you will either absolutely love, or absolutely hate.

I was lucky enough to be drawn in to this lush, abstract, visceral World and I was at times feeling peace, shock, horror, sympathy and sorrow.

The movie is brutal and extremely graphic. It has fantastic visuals, very much like paintings coming to life, especially the Hellish red hues that emboss the screen at certain moments.

I can't recommend this enough, it demands to be seen, even if just to be hated... But better to be loved.

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