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Splice: Combi Pack (Blu-ray & DVD) (2 Discs) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Adrien Brody, Sarah Polley & David Hewlett

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all HONESTBAZ's reviews (299)

I was expecting this to be an enjoyable but nothing special species clone,you know,creature gets created and goes on a killing spree only to get tracked down and maybe leave something behind. But this was something really unexpected and smart,the psycological aspect of it really works. The way the main male character wants to kill the creature but the female is dead against it and takes to the creation as if it's her child or pet. With the roles of closeness to the creature named DREN interstingly being reversed,this movies has some nice twists and turns. I really respected what this movie did to a stroyline that could so easily have been a flop. Many people hate this,i imagine because it's not gory,it's a smart look at the psychology of creating a lifeform,the rights and wrongs. There's a few predicable moments,but i can forgive that with a movie this smart,the growing of DREN,the fear and love of her and the unknown future of what is after all an unknown,ostensibly dangerous creature. I loved this and will certainly watch again,quite something indeed.

  A Tall Tale.

| | See all scanyman's reviews (35)

The film starts slow but picks up. Has some sad moments then changes gear into a horror film. Very clever not what I expected but worth a watch.


| | See all Franklin1975's reviews (6)

One of the best movies of the last year. A heartbreaking genetic/fantasy/sf-movie with great acting, great sfx and a superb dolby 5.1 experience!

  Interesting, wierd, give it a go

| | See all wearethedogs's reviews (2)

Definitely not what you'd expect from this film genre. CGI is very good, the main "creature" starts off looking like something out of deadspace. Visually impressive and acting is fine, storyline gets a little crazy but at least worth renting if you like sci-fi

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  Looking good @ 3 & a half

| | See all CptCronic's reviews (28)

Interesting film this. Firstly as others have said it looks fantastic the overall control that Natali has makes it, the sound is also crystal. Splices subject matter made me feel slightly unsettled as well as one specific scene did (Watch it & you'll understand) Personly I think it loses it towards the end in an effort to tie up the story, but I can't help but feel they should have been braver & thought maybe a longer cut or, because of the relevance of the subject matter a trilogy. A sequal could be a good thing or (more often than not) a very bad one. It is a good film & any Sci-fi fan should'nt miss this.

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| | See all rbmusicman's reviews (896)

'clive' and 'elsa' are at the top of their game as 'bio-chemists' and held in high esteem by their employers.
they successfully 'splice' 'dna' to create life forms and feel they are ready to make the next step by creating a human-like creature, they are told 'no' as it would cause to much controversy.
however, without her partners knowledge 'elsa' goes ahead, the result being a part human creature who rapidly grows to adulthood, they name her 'dren'
the creature seems to have a good intelegence level as experiments are carried out by 'elsa' and 'clive' ----however maybe the two should have remembered the outcome of their earlier experiment.....'dren' is gathering confidence in her abilitys.
i enjoyed the film very much, and thought it a well put together plot...certainly worth a spin.

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| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

This is certainly one of the most interesting films of the year, very original indeed and quite controversial in many ways! The story is totally fantastic, the cast is very good, the film never fails to keep you interested, its an amazing transformation of something beautiful that was created to a horrific monster! Certainly one film that must be seen, quite a little gem!

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  really bad

| | See all awesomecity's reviews (987)

please never watch this movie. it started with promise but then turned into a non-eventful, boring and undecided movie with some of the worst direction and plot lines ive ever witnessed. i would have given it 0 stars if i could have. awful.

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