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Alice In Wonderland: Double Play (Burton) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp & Michael Sheen

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  Tim Burton is GOD

| | See all JayWraithy's reviews (8)

As usual Tim Burton shows his amazing skills as a director and in HD Blu-Ray this is an amazing experience.

I had seen this before on a bad copy and since watching this on blu ray there are so many more aspects of the film which u notice. For example the detail of costumes and makeup.


  good film

| | See all balmoraljames's reviews (228)

Now the dust has settled and the film can be viewed as a film and not as part of an ongoing attack on the concept of film it turns out that what we have is a good solid solid family film.

My sons aged 7 and 9 loved this and enjoyed it far more than the animated version.

As a family film this is every bit the entertainer, a good story based on the original book, NOT THE DISNEY animation.

The film enagaged both my sons and had enough in to keep the adults entertained too!.

  Wierd but Wonderful

| | See all philboy4's reviews (152)

Visually stunning film with some of the best and wierdest designs i have ever seen. Great script with a great cast as well. Lovely colours throughout the film. Be warned though may scare younger children as it is totally different to the animated version.

  Loved it

| | See all brokenjaw's reviews (2)

I had put off seeing this movie for some time. After seeing the bulbous heads and scary green eyes at the cinema and so on, I thought no, it is wanting too much to be the next big thing and so I never watched it.

But having got a copy for Christmas I sat and watched and I was blown away. A magical sequel, a fantastic film set in a fantastic CGI world.
The CGI was very much in its favour and the characters lived in that world very comfortably. I am glad I was wrong as this is now my fave film of 2010 and will remain a fave for a long time to come.

  Not a bad movie

| | See all GluRayPlayer's reviews (2)

Ok, so this movie isn't exactly the normal sort of thing I would watch. But sitting there on my mates' settee on a Sunday morning, I popped this disc in the player and totally absorbed everything it had to offer.

Yes, I agree with the other reviewers, there is certainly a 150% focus on Johnny Depp, I mean, he addorns the cover! But this is so much more than that! I loved the weird and wonderful world that was depicted in this movie. i actually think that CGI was its saving grace because physical set design would have run into the millions!

The cast is supprisingly strong and the queen is particularly comical despite her lack of actual physical presence during filming. Depp is his usual fantastic self! I'm not looking for anything new from Depp, I'm looking for the usual quirkiness that I'm come to love since childhood.

Well, despite the praise, the has to be something I look at negatively. Well it's "Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee". Yes, as much and Matt Lucas is an absolute comic genius, somehow he's just not right for this movie. It feels forced, even though he acts it pretty well, but it ultimately feels like a money-making exercise. Perhaps, I'm just wanting some bitty, or Emily, or Daffyd???

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  Visually Spectacular

| | See all DaveFaz's reviews (182)

I know there has been some criticism of the film, and if you are an ardent fan of the book, then you may find the film a little inaccurate, but I have to say that I absolutely loved it. It is visually spectacular. Not just the effects, but the costume and set design leaves your mouth wide open. Burton is the 8th wonder of the world. I also thought that Depp's performance was wonderfully quirky, as only he could be. Lets be honest, the effects are important in the film, so in HD there is even more to stare at. I have no hesitation in recommending the blue ray.

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  Getting a little bored with Depp's quirkyness now!

| | See all LPML1977's reviews (34)

The focus seems to much on Depp's weird acting in this film. Whilst it looks great and Alice is Brilliant, the whole thing is let down by the bigger, well known actors. Helena Bonham Carter is also annoying in this (as always in my opinion!).
I love Tim Burtons work but think he needs to mix up his leading cast a little. Getting a bit bored with his usual format now.
That said, Alice (Mia Wasikowska) was very good and hope to see her a lot more in the future

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  "Off with its head"

| | See all carlyboy8's reviews (9)

Alice in wonderland for me was a bit disappointing, I had wanted to see this film for a long time and it didn't live up to my expectations.

Although saying that - I wouldn't like to put you off it, because its a decent movie to watch on a sunday afternoon. It just doesn't have the type of charm and magic I was hoping for.

But I must say, once again Johnny Depp is amazing

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  Style over substance

| | See all MikeyB72's reviews (48)

Disappointing film that shows that having Johnny Depp in your movie does not guarantee a great film.
Hints of Avatar in the scenery and Narnia in the story but the film is no way near as good as either of them.
This is another example of Tim Burton doing a bad job of remakes just like he did with Planet of the apes

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  Great film but .......?

| | See all MICKEY888's reviews (9)

Not a retelling of Alice In Wonderland but a sequel . Sounds strange but it works . The acting is very good all round , the CGI never pulls you out of the movie as it does with most movies today, in fact because of the madness woven in to the very heart of this film it works in it`s favour . Picture and sound quality are amazing , true show off your TV and Blu Ray material. Why only three stars then ?? . Yet again Tim Burton has got the Status Quo of composers to do the same old music sound track again , yes Danny Elfman is on hand to rehash his greatest hits package . The same old Waa Waa load and Waa Waa qiet . Sorry but a poor music sound track does spoil a movie .

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