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The Collector (2009) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Juan Fernandez, Andrea Roth & Michael Reilly Burke

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (10 reviews)"

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  great film poor quality

| | See all Jabnit's reviews (4)

Compared to all the other blu ray transfers I've watched this one is really bad. It doesn't quite look HD and it has a kind of static background. Great film though.

  not for faint hearted!

| | See all robbo1977's reviews (2)

this film blew me away, i was well impressed with the plot man breaks into house only to find theres a man dressed in the gimp costume thinkin he's the jigsaw but he makes jigsaw look like circus clown, traps are devestating and completley jaw dropping, a must buy for your horror collection.

  " great surprise"

| | See all goodstuffuk's reviews (11)

watched this without truly knowing what to expect, was surprised comepletley and loved it, very gory and some great moments( dont let your cat see), good twist at the end as well.... highly recommended

  The Collector.

| | See all TheMainFox's reviews (2)

Movie starts off pretty slow but once the main character enters the house its non stop suspense and gore,its better than all the Saw films put together,I thought maybe it was gonna be a run of the mill horror but ended up loving it and its probably got the best bad guy in any horror since the 80's.recommend .

  Is anyone reviewing the blu ray?

| | See all trailer2's reviews (19)

Not a mention of the quality so far. Yep, great low budget shocker with edge of the seat suspense and behind the cushion gore but easily the worst blu ray transfer transfer I've seen, and that's part of what we should be reviewing here. Never knocked quality in a review before but this wasn't just low def, in many scenes it was no def. Almost nostalgic how it often looked like VHS. Details lost, shadowing. Please guys, contact distributors, we pay more and deserve more! Great little shocker lost in grain and visually undefined thrills. Not how they sold me on blu ray.

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  Do you know the workmen?

| | See all stunningredhead's reviews (2)

Started out a bit slow for me so after a bit was just gonna think waste of money, then it began. Lots of mad tricks and some good gore. You can tell it was from the writers of some of those saw films, but a nice little horror and just , well just buy it and see. I totally give it 5 *. Enjoy


| | See all yardman's reviews (202)

definitley not one for the sqeamish..basic plot line is a man breaks into a house to steel an item but once in can he get out..this movie has alot of momments where you will find it hard to look at the screen because its quite blood thirsty..and theres also a who is it or who done it kind of plot..cant help but think if you were a fan of saw then you will enjoy this movie..i found it to be very entertaining and would highly recommend enjoy...

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  Superior Home Invasion Horror

| | See all GGfletch's reviews (10)

Written by first-time director Marcus Dunstan and co-scribe Patrick Melton, those perverse brains behind the Feast and most recent Saw scripts, The Collector was originally conceived as a prequel to the Saw films only to be rejected by the producers. But the Saw series' loss is our gain because this gleefully sadistic, below-the-radar home invasion thriller is a tidy little shocker.

Imagine an 18-rated version of Home Alone where Macauley Culkin is replaced by a 6ft plus, mute masked killer and you're getting close to the core of The Collector. Riffing on Dario Argento's supernatural giallo horrors, Suspiria and Inferno, for atmospheric music, breathy sound effects, strange psychosexual antics and creative murders, it ratchets up the tension to unbearable levels but not without splatterings of the perverse humour that colour Dunstan and Melton's Saw outings.

Pumping the home invasion genre full of gore, suspense, slasher stylings, a little nudity and some physics-based butchery, The Collector is a worthy addition to the hallowed halls of horror and a reasonably smart entry at that. Made by horror fans for horror fans, there's little to recommend to the unconverted or the squeamish but plenty to excite those of us who like unbearably claustrophobic, high tension tales of sadistic violence. Superior low budget horror.

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| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

This is a great horror serial killer thriller unlike anything you would have seen before, full of sadistic violence and blood, nothing you wouldnt expect from the writers of the SAW movies. The story is very good and original, a man who breaks into a house to steal something gets more than he bargain for when a killer is already inside tourturing the people that live there, its not so easy getting out with the sadistic traps lying around the house, the film has a good twist ending too, if you love horror then dont miss it..

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