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Predators: Triple Play Edition (2 Discs) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Topher Grace, Adrien Brody & Alice Braga

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (42 reviews)"

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  finally a true sequel to the original !!

| | See all sportsbikesuk's reviews (23)

As far as sequels go they are usually quite lame but this i found to be an action packed fun to watch film. Ive always been a huge fan of the original predator with arnie...i mean come on who doesnt find the predator a formidable foe and an amazing creation? People aske dme is it better than avp....its in a whole other league,this is a great film with good picture quality,great acting and plenty of action and of course plenty of oppourtunity to see the amazing predator creatures hunting for sport...my advice is buy it!


| | See all gaxel86's reviews (5)

As a huge predator fan,i must say i was waiting for this film to arrive in the cinema for months after hearing its being filmed.Hearing R.Rodriguez was behind it all was even more exciting! As the opening scenes started,it started to dawn on me that this had the exact feel to the original 1987 film.same music/same tag lines.heres a list of all the lines used in the original 1987 and again in this new film 2010:
Come on,kill me......there was a fire fight,he was shooting in all directions.....turn around.im sure theres more.lol.alan silvestri's score is used throughout,even little richard is played at the end!! it had the feel of the original but just remade using pretty much the same narrative.After all the months waiting for this film to come out,at the end i did feel alittle cheated.It wasnt as great as i thought it could of been,but hey...how many films are as great as you thought they could be?
There are some good performances,brody was a surprising good choice of lead actor,with a decent supporting cast.The concept of a 'new' spieces predator is at first like blasphemy for me,i have warmed to it alittle now...a year on.lol.
Blu-ray quality is ok,not great but better than most.
Overall,if your a big predator fan then i would say grab it,at the moment its a 10quid and i would say its worth that much.at the end of the day it is better than AVP 1&2 but its probably sits as a good 3rd film to the franchies.
sound 8/10
picture quality 8/10
extra features 5/10


| | See all jaymac2007uk's reviews (21)

I was really disappointed with this, i think with a bit more thought, this film could have been great. Bad casting with the main character and having that guy from the 70's show really didn't do it for me. Really let down the predator franchise. Better luck next time

  A surprisingly good actioner !

| | See all Angrypeppy's reviews (98)

I did not partake of the pre release hype and expected nothing. The film delivered much more for me. Some pretty convincing performances, kick ass predators and a decent enough amount of action. I bought for a tenner so well worth it.

  ** They Can Hear You, Smell You, They See You **

| | See all MissManxBailey's reviews (51)

I wasn't sure about this film. I don't usually read reviews, but when there are so many mixed out there, you don't really know if it's worth watching or not.

For those who will compare this to Arnie's, then don't, because it's not comparable. If anything, however heretic this comment is, I actually preferred some moments in this version. Only some. Like, a couple.

I still prefer the original, just for the way it was made and the fact that at a lot of points, you got the feeling they were trying to make a film that made you cringe, rather than focus on the story. Which is a shame. As the storyline really, really needed more work. I could have done without the gory scenes, if they had written a better middle part.

I wouldn't say it was bad, it's not a bad film. It's just, the original set a standard, and in my humble opinion, this doesn't reach it.

If you have a rainy weekend afternoon to waste, this is ideal. If you're settling down to a film night on a evening, then choose something different.

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  Pretty good

| | See all moosehead79's reviews (29)

I'm a big fan of the films , but rate this one in between 1 & 2. Good effects & sound, however a little puzzled by choice of lead character in film. I'd of probably gone with someone more Arnie type.

  At last a half decent Predator sequel

| | See all RJNeb2's reviews (703)

Officially the 5th in the Predator franchise, this boasts the distinction of being the most stylish in the series. It looks terrific and director Antal invests the piece with some snazzy setpieces, the best being the dynamic freefall opening. A group of misfits and killers find themselves thrown onto an alien planet where they get picked off by predators. Trouble is, it's hard to ring any real changes on this format now but at least this gives it a real shot.

A beautiful looking Blu-ray though. (And as one reviewer has already noted, the digital copy only works through iTunes.)

  Like the film, hate the digital copy

| | See all aural8's reviews (3)

I really loved this film, for me it is on a par with the original. Watch the film.

So why 2 stars?

I purchased the blu ray disc because of the digital copy. Sadly the copy only works on apple stuff, and there are a few of us that have an apple free diet.
Other discs with bundled digital copies usually cater for both platforms and I believe the marketing should have been clear on this point; which would have help customers like me to make an informed choice.

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  Better then the AvP series!!

| | See all chinny89's reviews (37)

The movie is quite good, a lot of action and gore, supplemented with a decent story as these people are put on this planet; who put them on isn't known! and fending the predators off in this cat and mouse movie!
It is definitely worth a watch if its on offer!

  They are watching us!!!!!

| | See all philboy4's reviews (152)

Very Very good film with loads of action and gory moments. A group of men and women are parachuted onto this planet with no memory of how they ot there. All of them come from a different background army, spetz natz and mercenary. They soon discover that they are not alone but are being hunted by a new clan of predators that are at war with the originals that we have already seen. More powerful ad with better technology they are up against and mst work together to make it out alive. Great visual effects with loads of massive action scenes. Great by for any fan of the franchise.

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