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Piranha (3D & 2D) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Richard Dreyfuss, Ving Rhames & Elisabeth Shue

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (48 reviews)"

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  sweet chicks and splatter

| | See all NEONDVD's reviews (45)

surprisingly many good actors like Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd, Elisabeth Shue, Jerry O Connell, Richard Dreyfuss. lots of good splatter with hot bikini girls, excellent cgi, many 3d pop outs, great deepness of 3d and a very good sharp 3d picture with no ghosting. this is a very good low price 3d bluray ! 1star minus, because Alexandre Aja, the director of high tension and hills have eyes could have showed more suspense in this movie.

  Plenty of bite

| | See all RJNeb2's reviews (703)

This is more like it. Joe Dante's 1978 original largely failed to deliver due to its cheapjack nature. Here Frenchman Aja goes completely for broke. You want wall-to-wall boobs? You got 'em. You want super-gory special effects? They're all here. You want ridiculously over-the-top death scenes that are so crazy, you can't help but laugh? Yep, all present and correct. Hell, you even get a severed penis. What more could you ask from a B-movie horror with an A-list budget?

  Good Laugh - but 3D ? - very poor

| | See all VULCANGLOCK's reviews (7)

I bought this as I am a big Kelly Brook fan .
The film is a funny , gory , tongue in cheek romp that is enjoyable for what it is ... However the 3D on my new Samsung SMART tv is awful !!
I mean unwatchable! My Samsung glasses aren't the same system as the film and the provided cardboard red and green 3D glasses almost have no effect except make the surrounding room look like a 70's disco ! I've even tried a free set of glasses that I got from a local cinema
Am I doing something wrong ? Other reviewers say the 3D is fine ?
The only reason I am not sending this back is that the price is good even for the 2D version - oh and did I mention Kelly Brook is in it !!!!
To follow on I've now discovered that I'm trying to view the WRONG disc for normal 3D glasses !!! -Don't I feel a burke ! Although I've edited this review I've still left the original text as I'm sure I'm not the only one to make this mistake .....


| | See all MagicCabbage's reviews (27)

I'm sorry but I have no idea what film I was watching when I look at the previous reviews.
I found this to be an awful waste of time and effort. There really isn't a story line and I don't care what the previous reviewer said, I know it's not a love story but I do want some semblance of something relating to a story at some point.
There is a 5-10 minute of topless women swimming under the water. Fine if I'm watching ......adult films, not when it's supposed to be a film for both sexes. Then the other long periods of other random women getting their tops off....or people dancing.
Yes there are some piranha on a few occasions but far less than there should have been for what is supposed to be a bloody film about piranha!!! And what there is of a storyline is copied almost wholesale from every other one of this genre.
The only thing I can say is that parts are ?unintentionally funny.
Definitely made by men for teenage boys. Not one I will watch again.
For those of you who are rating this film purely on boob factor, may I suggest the Internet....


| | See all Leece1896's reviews (3)

This film is not even a proper 3D film!!!!!!! It has the rubbish blue/red glasses. Waist of time and money!!

  For gore-hounds only!!!

| | See all feelingblue's reviews (5)

This remake of the 1978 comedy horror is an entertaining gore-fest from alexandre aja (switchblade romance,hills have eyes remake)with stand-out cameos from Richard Dreyfuss, Christopher Lloyd, Kelly Brook and hostel director Eli Roth...BRILLIANT!

But be warned...you'll need a strong stomach!!!

  Entertaining Horror

| | See all carefuldegree's reviews (8)

I liked what they did with this movie and a plus, was all the girls in the movie. Was a good horror movie for me and an excellent bluray transfer.

  summed up in a nut shell. . .

| | See all biggerberry's reviews (5)

Two words. . . 'bloody' and 'terrible'' nice on the eye however, but even a whole lot of boobs and bums cant save this Computer generated mess,

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  Sharktastic Indeed!

| | See all SadekBaksh's reviews (1)

A fun and enjoyable film. If you want romance or a deep thoughtful film then don't buy this. However if you want a film that'll make you laugh, inject a bit of excitement and has it's tongue firmly stuck into it's cheek with very good 3D effects (I watched it on a Samsung active 3D TV) then get it. A worthwhile blast!

  Worth a watch!

| | See all supertommyt's reviews (4)

Piranha (3d, 2d blu-ray) in my opinion its a simple film, worth a watch but not a story line to really get into. but if you like seeing Kelly Brook naked then add this to your collection