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Let Me In (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Kodi Smit-McPhee, Chloe Moretz & Richard Jenkins

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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  Better than the original.............oh yeah

| | See all OnlyOneMacca's reviews (26)

I agree with j3ffer50n, it was a better movie, the girl in this version is fantastic as is the boy. This movie is well worth a look if you havent seen it already. Buy Buy Buy

  A masterpiece

| | See all tman24's reviews (1)

Quite simply one of the most breathtakingly brilliant movies ever made. Firmly cemented as my favourite film ever. It's highly emotional with a beautiful score, the two lead children are off the scale good at handling the sensitive subject matter. I've never been this emotionally effected by a movie before. It's stayed in my head for weeks. Let's hope we get a director's cut at some point, because we need more abby + owen!

  Great Film!

| | See all Jimbob071985's reviews (2)

i was very sceptical about watching this film, i mean, a little girl vampire, whats so scary about that? sounds boring. How wrong i was... The story is a slow burner but keeps you hooked and there are some real shocking moments. If you're like me and love horrors then i really recommend this one!

  the best horror in years

| | See all wink0011's reviews (49)

in my opinion this is the best horror film made in the last 10 years. i know its a remake but i'm not really one for reading a movie so this english version does it for me. great acting and a great story line. one of my fav films

  Let Me In

| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

I found this Vampiric US version of the 2008 Swedish film to be a bit of a mixed bag all round when I caught it recently.

On the plus side it's handsomely shot and photographed, well acted by the two leads and allows itself to develop in a slow and leisurely manner, letting the core relationship between the two kids develop properly and allowing the themes to present themselves to the viewer. On the less so side, it's also staggeringly similar to the 2008 filmed version ('Let the Right One In') from start to finish and while I think that the US version is in no way a bad film (I actually think it's very good old school horror more reminiscient of the 70s horror films rather than today's more blood-filled gorefests) it sometimes made me wonder why I wasn't just watching the Swedish film.

If you haven't seen the original, and are interested in a take on the Vampire genre you probably haven't seen before then I would say this is worth checking out - as long as that slow pace doesn't bother you. But if you have, then I could see impressions varying a fair bit.

  lights out

| | See all boychinno's reviews (14)

this is good,really good,fade out the lights,turn up the home cinema system,pour yourself a large drink,and sit back and enjoy.not a big fan of vampire films but this one bites (pun intended)also excellent price from play.com.bon apetite.

  an intelligent vampire movie

| | See all ozzy1966's reviews (9)

having never seen the original this was a totally new movie for me.what i liked was the fact the director casted real children and not the usual adults made to look younger.this worked well in leon and has a similar affect here. gives a sense of realism and helps what is a coming of age movie with vampires.the writer of the book":let the right one in" supported and had input into screen adapation. with all the slushy vampire movies and series this is a welcome change, more akin to 30 days of night style, though totally different in content.

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  Let me out!!

| | See all adamk69's reviews (119)

let me go, let me live, let me leave.... etc etc. Not appalling but a sort of 'so what' movie that had little to fear in the horror department and an o.k. story. It has originality on it's side, kind of, but.... I just found that I didn't care and for me that is the nail in the coffin, if you excuse the pun, of a mediocre vampire romp. Was it made all the more chilling because it was about children doing the killing , not really. If there is nothing else to watch stick on in the background but time could be better spent elsewhere.

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| | See all trailer2's reviews (19)

Quite simply a masterclass in film making. Rarely will you see such a standard in direction, cinematography, writing and acting come together and create something so beautiful. So it's a remake. It's also a film in it's own right. And not just a good one, a truly great one that delivers on so many levels. Welcome back Hammer, but this will be one tough act to follow. Unmissable.

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  Very Good But The Original Is Better.

| | See all Dirtfish's reviews (475)

Let Me In (2010) is a dark vampire horror starring Chloe Moretz, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Elias Koteas and Richard Jenkins. This movie is a remake of cult Swedish movie Let the Right One In (2008).

This is a very powerful movie with terrific performances from the two young leads. Both Moretz and Smit-McPhee give very mature performances perfectly portraying lonliness and the loss of innocence.

The real strength of this movie though is director Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) who perfectly pitches the movie between slow burning character drama and frightening gory horror.

There are also stunning action sequences which Reeves decides to beautifully to shoot around. Reeves really nails the tone of this movie with creepy yet beautiful cinematography.

My only complaint is that Reeves appears to have bottled it and does not show the twist moment which reveals so much about the horrific back story of the vampire. Fans of the orginal movie will know the moment I am talking about.