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Buried (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Ryan Reynolds, José Luis García Pérez & Robert Paterson

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (22 reviews)"

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| | See all bittyboos's reviews (2)

avoid , watched for 5 minutes, thought how horrible being in that situation would be. then thought ,it's going to be six months earlier any minute, how wrong , jumped scene to see when he got out, got to the end of film, he.s still in it. my verdict, get every copy of this film, put it in a box and bury it

  No room for time wasting!

| | See all Jeffy88's reviews (2)

Cramped conditions, bad phone signal, shortage of air...every factor of being buried alive have been captured within the movie, leaves you with a real sense of claustrophobia and it is very unnerving! Worth watching!


| | See all olenor83's reviews (6)

Incredible how a movie filmed soley in a coffin can be this thrilling and full off suprices. Highly recommendable.

  out of breath

| | See all Transporter21's reviews (5)

excellent movie Ryan Reynolds best to date, no over the top special effects and Terrible acting where you want the stars killed off.you with him all the way right to the end, the writers have thought about this like the moblie phone getting flat and everyone putting him on message.oh yeah great ending not what i was expecting

  In a word (or two)- over rated!!!

| | See all bowsie1's reviews (125)

After reading the generous reviews for this movie, i thought i'd splash out the few pounds that Play wanted for this movie on DVD. It felt like a drawn out copy from the scene in Kill Bill where "the Bride" gets buried alive by the assasins. The difference being, that the Kill Bill scene had a purpose and a relevance to the bride getting out, whereas this film felt ultimately hollow from start to finish with no build up or real reason as to why the Ryan Reynolds character ended up there. Really disappointed with this movie when I was expecting a lot more. Approach with care!!!


| | See all InfamousK's reviews (1)

the fact people have reviewed this at anymore then a star is a joke the film is abomination to movie goers world wide it is frustratingly dull throughout I felt it was like an 90min orange advert about turning off my phone, the film feels as its just about to start to get to the good bit but just never seems to come out of 1st gear, if I could give it no stars I would, if you have any sense do not buy this film you will regret it, I promise you that.

  Absolute must-see

| | See all DavidBuck's reviews (1)

Ok, I have to admit that when I first ordered Buried, despite being a fan of Ryan Reynolds, I expected a 1 hour 35 minute film of him being trapped in a wooden box wood be less entertaining than it actually was. From start to finish this film has you sat bolt-upright, biting your nails wonder "What's going to happen next?". I have to say that this is one of the best films I've watched in quite a long time. Mr. Reynolds' usually quirky, almost cocky characters make you think "How's he going to pull something like this off?", however, I feel that they've picked a great actor for this film. Definite 5-star quality and performance, a must-buy for anyone seeking a film with unexpected twists and an extremely interesting storyline.

  Bored to tears!

| | See all Bennyend's reviews (4)

I had to write a review on here as all the reviews on this film were positive and did not give a true representation of the film its self.
I went with a friend to see this film and we both agreed its absolutely atrocious! basically Ryan Reynolds spends what seemed like 3 hours in a box with no idea how he got in theres a phone in the box which he uses and thats about it. Thoroughly boring and very very long for what it is if youre like me and watch a film to see characters a plot different scenes and a decent ending then steer well clear of this.

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  Not out of its depth

| | See all jaymac2007uk's reviews (21)

Brought this purely for the price and was pleasantly surprised when i watched this. Slow to start of with but once you've made a connection with the lead character and the turmoil they find themselves in, then the film becomes gripping stuff. The ending had me on tender hooks but i won't spoilt that for you. Highly recommend.


| | See all jagger's reviews (179)

Having read some of the reviews i would certainly say that some are pretty harsh. Yes, this film features one actor in a coffin for the duration, with only a few items to help him out. But during the movie you get to find out where he is & why he's there. I thought Ryan Reynolds was pretty good in this, although in some scenes you are almost screaming at the T.V in frustration!! This is worth a watch & something the wife also enjoyed!!

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