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Grindhouse (2 Discs) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Bruce Willis, Jeff Fahey & Naveen Andrews

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

PLANET TERROR is one of the most awesome and cool films made in years, totally over the top story and wild amounts of gore and violence all in the tradition of Grindhouse movies, cult movies from the 60s, 70s and 80s that depicted things that shocked people and were controversial for there themes etc. Rodriguez has made his baby (along with the classic Grindhouse style Machete of course) The cast is fantastic especially the amazing Rose McGowan as cherry darling! If youre a big horror fan this is a must, the bluray version is the best as the picture quality is pretty amazing but bluray or DVD doesnt matter this is awesome at any cost.
DEATHPROOF is rather a step in a different direction for Tarantino but a good one non the less, as he is a fan of Grindhouse he also stepped in with Rodriguez to make a cool movie about a killer car, well a killer stunt man who uses his car for fun to kill his victims as the car was built as a stunt car its apparently DEATHPROOF!! Kurt Russell is good as the lead actor and the rest of the cast is great too, the story is crazy but great fun and theres plenty of bloody carnage!! But still this is an amazing double bill of films and an awesome addition to any cult film collection.

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  Trashy Fun

| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

Big Tarantino fan here. And I tried watching this before on dvd, and didn't get past the first 15 mins, as it seemed to be TRYING too hard to be a Tarantino movie, using what felt like forced Hip Dialogue, almost felt like someone else was directing.
Anyway tried again recently and even though the first 15 mins were still annoying the film turned out to be a pretty good B Movie homage as was intended.
Once Kurt Russell's character Stuntman Mike comes onto the scene, the pace picks up and you are left with a Stunning Car crash in that story.
The second story has a new bunch of ladies, who are far more engaging than the first batch. And this leads to the finale of the film.
Performances wise Kurt Russell was pure nasty as Stuntman Mike, would be good to see him in more movies.
The rest of the cast was okay and I guess they fit the bill for what was required.
Death Proof was part of the Grindhouse enterprise between Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. I found it better than Rodriguez's Planet Terror, but actually found MACHETE which was another B Movie for which a fake trailer was created during the Grindhouse enterprise be the best of the bunch..
Every Tarantino film I have seen from Reservoir Dogs to Inglorious Basterds, has been in my opinion Brilliant or a Classic and have watched them all more than once.
Deathproof on the other hand was good fun, but for me doesn't have the same repeat value as the others, hence the 3 star rating based on his past movies.

Planet Terror
Cheesy Tongue In Cheek Fun
Cool Opening Credits, lot of Style, rubbish movie, rubbish acting (as it should be in this type of movie).
Robert Rodriguez is a genius. Overall Good Dirty Fun
Would have worked better as a 1 Hour Grindhouse Double Bill with Tarantino's Deathproof in a 1 Hour version aswell.

  Thumbs down for this release

| | See all TinMan2's reviews (1)

Aside from the addition of the new trailers included in this Collectors Edition my wife and I were very disappointed with it. Having only ever seen and loved a longer version of Death Proof, this shorter version paled in comparison. The excellent lap dance section has been removed along with other good story setting scenes. Blue-ray does very little to enhance the viewing experience and I cant ever see us rewatching this version of the film, instead we would reach for our old DVD. This release should have included the longer versions of the movies keeping all the fans happy. All in all a big thumbs down.

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| | See all Movies4U2011's reviews (5)

This movie is marmite take it for what it is and its cool loads of extra's which is very good. However it just a low budget romp they are not going to be gladiator or the shawshank redemption just crap movies done well. but these are much better then the long version's I think purely because death proof is better in the shorten version. Tarantino went wrong and started to believe his own hype I think when he done death proof.

Its worth a spin.

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  The cuts really work

| | See all jediwilt's reviews (1)

I never saw this as a double bill, so my first viewings of these movies were as the longer 2 hour versions. Planet Terror was genius and Death Proof was good but did feel long and drawn out.
I was worried Tarantino had lost it a bit, and then I saw the Grindhouse double feature. This is the way to go, the editing is sharper on Planet Terror, but I still prefer the longer version. Death Proof on the other hand is really the star of the double bill, the edits are relevant and I love the fact it cuts out whole scenes and makes the movie punchier and feel more grindhouse stylee. I now love Death Proof and if the double feature had been released properly in the UK it would have a bigger fanbase.

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  Buy the extended editions separately

| | See all mojo60s's reviews (8)

I loved the Grindhouse double bill, so I was looking forward to seeing them in their "how they should be seen" format of back-to-back cinema style presentation with trailers in-between the films etc.

If i'd known beforehand that both movies, especially Death Proof would have several key scenes removed I wouldn't have bought the Blu-Ray ( I know the "missing reel" was supposed to be like that BTW) but the whole scene at the supermarket was also missing.

Five star movies both. Bumped down to three stars because of the cuts.

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