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Tron Legacy: 3D Super Play (With Digital Copy) (With Lenticular Sleeve) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund & Olivia Wilde

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

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  Excellent 3D Movie

| | See all andy1ofakind's reviews (1)

Great science fiction movie as a sequel to a cult classic. The 3D aspect of the blu ray is certainly a key selling point; arguably the best 3D in a film. Excellent soundtrack provided by daft punk too.

  Great film shame about the 3D

| | See all Fromourcollection's reviews (8)

This is a great film, but let me clear something up from the other reviews.

It's not all in 3D and its not all in 3D once they enter into the digital world. The 3D scenes are entered into the film throughout and you can tell when because the aspect ratio changes (ie the black bars disappear). That is because these are the scenes that were filmed for IMAX 3D.

There is approx 40 minutes of 3D footage during the film most of which adds depth but don't expect too much pop out 3D.

I rented the movie in 3D to see if it was worth upgrading, but overall I would say no and will stick to my 2D copy.

  Awesome Film

| | See all GameDragon's reviews (2)

This is an excellent film to watch in 3D.
For those saying it has no 3D, it was filmed in the Fusion Camera System which is a 3D camera, the entire film taking place in the virtual world is from the 3D perspective, as mentioned before if you saw nothing have your TV, glasses or eyes checked as you're missing the obvious


| | See all robbo72's reviews (19)

Word of warning DONT get this film for the 3D because it`s not much different to the 2D version,dont get me wrong it`s a good film with amazing special effects and a killer soundtrack but the 3D element is virtually non existent,my advice stick to the 2D version.

  Absolutely brilliant!!!

| | See all chrisn0123's reviews (2)

Now one of my favourite films! I have the 3D version which also has 7.1 DTS sound. Absolutely awesome sound track too! :) Rating it 9/10, only because I think the whole thing should be 3D. They have a mixture of 2D/3D in it.

  Not just the 3D but also the 7.1 sound

| | See all gadgetmadman's reviews (1)

I first saw this movie at a supposed IMAX cinema in NY Times Square. The sound was appalling and the screen was no more IMAX than fly! One of the speakers on the right of the auditorium was so soft it was as if it wasn't there. So I was delighted to find that not only was this in 3D but also in 7.1 surround sound. This is by far the best blu-ray I have bought so far - and lets face it, the studios have a lot to answer to regarding the release of Blu-ray 3D movies - whilst every blockbuster is released in the cinema in 3D only a few are being released in 3D on Blu-ray. Anyway all those reading this will already know this - Play.com should by chastised for continually advertising Avatar Blu-rays under 3D (although I see they now have a heads up system for when the real thing is released (At Last))!

This movie has not got not the best ever script but the effects are really amazing in 3D and the pumping soundtrack has to be heard in 7.1 - absolutely terrific. I really enjoyed it and it has now become my 3D "demo" disk. (Anybody remember Jeff Wayne's "War of the Worlds" "LP" being the audiofile demo in the 70s - similar reason!). You have to get this for the superlative vision and the audio - and movie is good too!

PS. I note that Disney seems to be releasing most of it's 3D Blu-rays in 7.1 sound!

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  3D on Blu Ray is perfectly fine!

| | See all KjGarly's reviews (2)

You people crying about the 3D in this movie should think about getting your sets checked out. The ONLY scenes not in 3D are the real world scenes. Once Sam sets foot on to the Grid it's in 3D throughout till it goes back to the real world at the end. One of my favourite movies of the year on Blu Ray, picture quality and sound quality (Especially the soundtrack!!) is excellent both in 2D and 3D.

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  Black stripes you see them, then you don't

| | See all ricoredbull's reviews (4)

THis film is strange you are in and out of 3D mode then you get the horriable black stripes then they dissappear it was very annoying, we ended up turning it of.Rubbish
To be honest its not good in 3d mode so don't be wowed at the effects i thought they should be much better

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  Only part 3D

| | See all Loggingfamily's reviews (5)

Can' see the point of buying a film which only has a quarter of 3D content. Dont get me wrong it was a good film, I enjoyed it. Dont know if I would class it amazing. It was good and the 3D was good but when I buy a 3D blue ray I expect it to be all 3D and thats why it only gets 2 stars. I would think it would be a better buy in blu ray

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  get me on the grid!

| | See all bumblebee2000's reviews (39)

went to see this with hubby for his birthday and have to say i really didnt want to see it at all. However i thought it was fabulous! The 3D concept works really well with this film, because the normal every day world is in 2D and the tron world is in 3D. I have never seen the original so i guess i have nothing to compare it too, but in all honesty i don t think it should be compared, its a film in its own right that explains itself from start to finish and is brilliant. All the cast were brilliant, my favourite being castor but then i love michael sheen! and i would be first in line for any sequels! All in all probably the biggest surprise movie for me this year!

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