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Tron Legacy: 3D Super Play (With Digital Copy) (With Lenticular Sleeve) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund & Olivia Wilde

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (20 reviews)"

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  Walt Disney = a job well done!

| | See all Stifflerr's reviews (69)

I loved this film i watched this on my 55' & blue ray quality is like you would expect the effects are amazing!! as for 3d again its amazing, hard to find any negativity with this film i suppose only thing would be is pitty you dont get the original with this, but still its one of the best 3d films out there if you like 3d then you really need to see it to get 3d experience.

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  Poor 3D version

| | See all FrancoTabone's reviews (24)

Great movie but it's a joke in trying to sell this movie as a 3D because it contains none. There is only 10% in 3D plus the trailers the rest is in 2D. A great dissappointment from Disney.

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  Awesome in 3D

| | See all jetski3's reviews (1)

Not sure what that last guy is chatting on.

I've just bought this 3D version and watched on a 50" 3D plasma. It was UNREAL. Such amazing images and 3D really brings something more. The films is about 70% 3D, 30% 2D I'd say. If you have a 3D set up - it would be silly not too. It's best thing I've seen in 3D on my TV so far.

Peace out

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| | See all Robbo36's reviews (11)

I agree with Moosehead that it is not worth buying the 3D version. The first 15 mins is in 2D and after that it's nothing special. Thin plot, shallow acting (the animated Jeff Bridges is hilarious), I found it all a bit of a bore, which is a shame because as a kid I loved the original. If this is the first of several films, lets hope they get better. The music was good ( just get the CD hear it) !

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| | See all centurion's reviews (54)

Its a remake i say, with the graphics brought into the 21st century.The first 15mins you get to know the actors in the movie then BANG it starts and the film is great from then on with a bit added here and bit added there its just the same movie as TRON thats why the 4 and not 5. I am a big fan of the first TRON and the same for this.

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  tron legacy

| | See all headfixer's reviews (8)

Fantastic film. I seen it in standard cinema in 3d. Music and effects were the best I have ever heard/seen. Story was a bit thin, but as it's supposed to be the first movie in a new franchise, it set up all aspects of theTron universe as required for a multitude of possibilities. 3d was well done, but I still believe more depth is required in all movies which are actually filmed using 3d cameras. Some scenes in this movie are simply stunning and you will revisit them time and time again.

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  Pointless in 3D!

| | See all moosehead79's reviews (29)

I've already given this a 5* rating on Blu-Ray version, but I won't be buying the 3D version because it's a bit pointless.
I watched it in 3D at cinema & loved the film. The soundtrack & effects are brilliant, however I wouldn't recommend buying 3D version as most of film (80%) is in 2D - a shame really because it was so good too.

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| | See all sdx800's reviews (1725)

This was the last movie I saw in the cinema in December 2010 and it was certainly one of the most exciting movies of the year!! For starters it was certainly the most visually cool looking film by a long shot, fantastic effects that really got you pulled into the whole tron universe and made it believable!! The soundtrack too by Daft Punk was awesome!! A very powerful score that really sits well along side the amazing effects. The story for me was very good too and was really the only way to carry on from the fantastic and classic original movie! The cast was very good Jeff Bridges was on form and did really well resurrecting his character Flynn, and Olivia Wilde is very sexy, This is a MUST buy on Blu-ray for any true fan of the original and anyone else who wants to see something cool and original looking, kids also will certainly get into it, theres plenty of action with the light cycle chases etc. Make sure you dont miss this one....

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| | See all THISIS4U2's reviews (1)

I must say this has to be the best ever film i've seen in a very long time

the acting is fantastic
the colour and fx to this movie are outstanding
and then there is the great sound track to it too

and even great in the 3D too

i have already seen it several times now at the cinema as i absolutely love this movie and can't get enough of this movie
it is such a ride man that i want to get on again and sagain and again and again

and Jeff Bridges is great as ever and even the cgi o0f his younger self and as clu is pretty amazing
and so good that sometimes you don't and you forget to realise that clu is just a cgi and yet looks very good

then there is Sam Flynn was great in this as the son
and played the part very well indeed

and as for Oliva Wilde

WOW!!! What a gorgeous site that is

mind you not bad considering shes only been around acting sinse 2003 but i guess staring in a big hit tv drama sort of helps

Olivia puts on a great performance here too
there are some really great action seens in this movie too

as for Martin Sheen in this, thats another story
and i thought he was hilarious in this

my prediction would be that this movie becomes a massive smash hit not only at the box office but also when the disc formats get their release too.
i would think that possibly by the end of 2013 or 2014 there would be another great movie tron for sure and very much i'd so love to see these actors in it again and possibly some other great stars too

i must also say i loved the original tron movie and in no way has it outdated now as it must be one of the very few unique movies ever made to come to the silver screen and it i'd say has always been a success and this new instalment of TRON LEGACY just goes to show and prove this very much the case

and until the next time with the next Tron sequal

i'm gonna say



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