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Human Planet (3 Discs) (Blu-ray)

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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GREAT blue ray.....would recommend it! Graphic's are amazing and could watch over and over again!

  Amazing program

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Adding to my review due to above commet, I noticed u left a commet Life bluray "Does anyone know if this Blu-ray is 1080p or 1080i like Planet Earth?", why ask this?, this is not about action or sports movies, its about clear sharp rich colour, never mind all the technical jargo, trust your eyes, put Life on beside Human Planet and still tell me there is no difference, same with Planet Earth, 1080i is not as sharp, fresh, rich as 1080p, no matter what way it is recorded

One of the finiest programmes from BBC, BUT and a big but for me, but who? decides this blu ray programme should be 1080i???? why wasnt it in full HD 1080p, check out the opening chapter of the greenlands? they did this to Planet Earth but corrected in Life and now back to 1080i, for me this is enough to take 2 stars away, i was so looking forward to a full HD version, im sure some will disagree saying the picturre is amazing and it is but its not full HD

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  Fantastic picture quality! Very entertaining series!

| | See all reaktor24's reviews (7)

Simply amazing. The picture quality is absolutely breathtaking! There is so much detail in the picture. It is probably the best looking blu-ray I own (and I own loads). This is probably even better quality than Planet Earth which is also very detailed and sharp. This is a quality series with some incredible human stories and bizarre rituals from tribes around the world.

The picture is 1080i like Planet Earth because that is how it is broadcast by the BBC. This isn't a movie, its a documentary! 1080i is better suited to documentaries. See this extract from a web article:

"1080i: 1,920x1,080 pixel resolution. High-definition picture that is displayed interlaced. Each odd line of the picture is displayed, followed by each even line, and the resulting image is not as smooth as a progressive feed. 1080i is therefore a more detailed picture suited to documentaries and wildlife footage, but less suitable for action-oriented material such as sports and movies."

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| | See all emperor10's reviews (277)

firstly, a previous reviewer stated that this was an Attenborough documentary. it is not. it is a BBC one, which is narrated by John Hurt.
when it comes to nature documentaries, no one does them better than the BBC, and there are no signs of that title being removed with this one. a superb series,which draws you in,and doesnt want to let go! the scenery, as you can imagine, is jaw-dropping, especially in bluray. the stories are amazing, and the narration by John Hurt is second to no one

  Human Planet (3 Discs) (With Lenticular Sleeve) (Blu-ray)

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a good documentary like the first two say.
Even with a wiired broadband connection, the bd live spends a lot of time downloading data

  Incredible species, incredlbly documented

| | See all sirmatt120689's reviews (19)

First of all, this is not something I'd usually watch. Attenborough's documentaries are not my first choice on television. However, this incredible series is gripping, insightful, and best of all, perfectly shot. Following several small communities all over the world, 'Human Planet' shares the vital life skills of these people who survive on the earth, and show the human body, pushed to the limit in extreme conditions and overcoming adversity. Absolutely astonishingly amazing!

  Fascinating and enthralling

| | See all JamesBarr13's reviews (1)

It is an exciting insight into the conditions of our planet and the adaptability of our species, episode 3 is the best.