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War Horse (With Exclusive Art Cards) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: David Thewlis, Benedict Cumberbatch & Tom Hiddleston

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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  Warhorse A Truely Fantastic Film

| | See all mermaid1's reviews (2)

People always say Never work with animals or children but how could you refuse to work with War horse. A truely brilliant film by Steven Spielburg and the cast, I really enjoyed it from start to finish. A crystal clear picture on Blu-Ray.
A must buy for any avid film enthusiast.

  Wow what a suprise!

| | See all Stevethesubie's reviews (8)

After all the awards I wasn't expecting this movie to be as good as it really is and it's not just a one watch wonder either. Animal lover or not this is an epic tale that the over 12's of the family can happily watch together and enjoy.

  Spielberg at his best

| | See all DarklordGrantham's reviews (20)

This is without a doubt spielbergs best film to date, A story of true friendship and loyalty. Very faithful to the book, An amazing film

  Not War Horse

| | See all western64's reviews (1)

As a film very good entertainment. As a film about the First World War, truly awful, laughable in fact. Hollywood yet again tarnishes British history

  A must see!!

| | See all sarahliz's reviews (5)

I love this movie!! I went to the cinema and cried buckets, in fact the whole cinema did!
I bought it on blue ray the day it was released and I watch it over and over again I love it that much! I have also bought the soundtrack.
Amazing story that touched my heart, so emotional and moving, to think what these poor horses went through in the war, it was just as horrific for them as it was the soldiers only the horses didn't understand what was happening.
Although the movie is not all war related, it is more about the amazing bond Joey the horse and Albert the boy who raised him share, a bond that could never be broken even by the harrowing effects of the war.
For people who didn't enjoy this movie, how anyone could not enjoy it is a mystery to me.
Great acting, moving story, beautiful sunsets and just wonderful scenery all helped make this movie fabulous!!


| | See all rbmusicman's reviews (896)

''steven spielberg' has given us many memorable films down the years, many of which are now available on this format, i understand that the much acclaimed movie 'schinderl's list' and the much loved 'E.T' are soon to be released also, and of course 'jaws' which can be pre-ordered from 'play' now.
this film tells us the story of a young man 'albert' and the horse 'joey' who 'albert's' father against his better judgement buys 'joey' at an auction.
'albert' trains the horse up, including tasks a horse of it's build isn't born to do.
the 1914-18 war see's 'albert' and 'joey' seperated, 'joey' is to be used for military purposes, the story follows the fortunes of 'joey' through the war years and also follows 'albert's' war as he becomes of age to fight.
a twist of fate is destined to re-unite the two.
just love the way 'steven spielberg' captures the mood and atmosphere of those times with great attention to detail.
this isn't a good film, it's super, smashing, brilliant.......and is truly another 'spielberg' masterpiece................enjoy

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  snore horse

| | See all emperor10's reviews (277)

a very,very overrated film. speilbergs vision of 1900's england is laughable. would have been better if an english director did it.

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  a masterpiece

| | See all bumblebee2000's reviews (39)

truly amazing book and now film, this film has the ability to draw you into the mind of a horse. You cannot help but feel some sort of attachment to the animal, and truly an amazing story of war....dont miss it

  Thrilling and emotional tale of a brave, miraculous horse

| | See all j3ffer50n's reviews (15)

Steven Spielberg has created a supreme movie adaptation of Michael Morpurgo's childrens book about a boy (Albert) and his horse (Joey) during the period of WW1.

The story begins in Devon when Albert's father purchases the horse as a matter of drunken pride against his landlord at an auction, the problem being that he should be buying a horse to work the plough on his farm and Joey at first appearances does not suit that kind of work.

Albert's father and mother believe buying the horse is a serious error but Albert pursuades them to allow him to keep Joey and train him, the initial period of the film sets up the relationship between boy and horse and lays the platform for the incredible story which follows.

Janusz Kaminski has done a tremendous job as his camerawork captures the beauty of the Dartmoor landscape and the bleakness of no mans land in the battlefields of northern France. There has been some criticism about the final scenes of the movie but I think it's a perfect ending to an exciting and emotional story.

What also helps War Horse elevate from a good film into a great film is Spielberg's continuing collaboration with John Williams to create the score, in some scenes when Williams music kicks in you get a lump in the throat and the tears well up.

The cast is a catalogue of British talent which features the likes of Emily Watson, Peter Mullan, David Thewlis, Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Marsan and Tom Hiddleston. However, it was newcomer Jeremy Irvine and Niels Arestrup who captured my attention the most.

Irvine, in his first major role, is exceptional in the role of Albert who when we first meet him is an innocent farmboy but as the film progresses finds an inner steel hidden within him which reveals itself due to his loyalty to Joey.

Arestrup is heartbreaking as the elderly French farmer who illustrates the damage war causes to families caught up in the middle of it.

I must admit the true stars of the movie have to be the horses trained to create the role of Joey, they carry the film without a problem and full credit has to go to Bobby Lovgren and his team for creating a believable character. *FACT* One of the horses (Finder) that played Joey also played Seabiscuit, so not his first equine acting role :D

War Horse runs at over 2 hours but it doesn't feel like it as the story sweeps you along and Spielberg does a great job of not making any moment feel wasted. Credit is well deserved too as Spielberg captures the horrors of WW1 whilst not forgetting the movie is aimed at a family audience, also I believe it's impact is stronger due to it's less is more attitude.

I've seen it twice at the cinema and cannot wait for it to be released on blu ray, I just hope that the blu ray release has plenty of extras which show how this magnificent production was put together.

Thank you to Kathleen Kennedy for telling Mr Spielberg about War Horse as this film is just perfect and sits alongside his best work.

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