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Monsters (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Scoot McNairy & Whitney Able

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (48 reviews)"

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| | See all fubar65's reviews (6)

After all the great reviews this film got I can only assume I'm missing something because it didn't grab me at all. Basically nothing happens throughout the whole movie. Bizzarely it's described as "action packed" on the cover, now even the films admirers will admit one thing it isn't is action packed - weird. Anyway this is slow, boring, dull but if you suffer from insomnia this could do the trick.


| | See all nukem2011's reviews (72)

this film looked so good but its so slow and poor no action no killing no fighting so why call it monsters sorry but dont even buy it get something better

  Zenomorph it aint

| | See all seenitseenitseenit's reviews (36)

I was dissapointed in 'monsters' not a bad film but could have been better, i think not seeing the aliens would have improved the movie greatly, the journey through the jungle just hearing them seeing the destuction they left behind was good but the squid-octopus hybrid was a bit much, i know an alien can be anything your imagination allows but these were just silly. A cephlapod has no skeleton hence they live in water to support their weight, these things were about 100 ft tall and would weigh a thousand tons or more, they would just be a big pile of calamari drying out in the sun, just an observation is all.

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  Absolute rubbish

| | See all kaitaylor's reviews (1)

Why call a movie monsters when you don,t really see any monsters .you get to see the buildings they destroyed .its about a couple travelling through the infected zone back to America that's it . Don,t waste your time watching it

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  Why end such a good film like this !!!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all bluejeffb's reviews (4)

Excellent film as long as you're not expecting monsters galore. Vast majority of the film centres around the lead couple and how their relationship develops. The creatures are used sparingly until the end when they simply blow you away, they remind me of the huge monsters that appear towards the end of The Mist but these float on tentacles rather than walk on legs. They look stunning, almost beautiful.
Would like to have seen the couple face more natural dangers, they are travelling through the Mexican wild after all, but apart from being robbed, face no other dangers.
As for the ending, feels like the disc just ran out of room to accommodate it - it just ends !!!
BUT - worth watching just to see those fantastic creatures at the end. Haven't seen the DVD so don't know if the Blu-Ray any improvement or not.

  Worst Film Ever Seen

| | See all Hski75's reviews (1)

I watched this film to the end only because I thought it must get better but it didnt. If you watch this film you will feel that you have just wasted 1 hour and a half of your life........dont do it!

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  beautiful and fascinating

| | See all djmcwolves's reviews (1)

not what anyone expected, and that's exactly what good sci-fi is all about! ignore the sleeve notes (created by the PR types to shift units) this is a true original directed with skill and flair by a very talented british director. the leads are believable and the effects staggering (even more so when you watch the astonishing "making of") easily my favourite film of recent years and truly original. intelligent,beautiful and compelling.

  Totally dissapointed

| | See all supermjj's reviews (1)

This is got to be the worst film i've ever seen. After i watched this film i needed something to lift my spirits up so i watched the BBC's testcard...a lot more intresting.

  monsters...mmh cant see any

| | See all snowdonpeaks's reviews (3)

this fil was void of a great dealo of things from acting, direction...ohhh and monsters... poor poor and some more poor.
I even made the mistake of not seeing this film first but then buing it straight on blu-ray i've only ever done this twice and both times the film was poor...will not make that same mistake again....

  film for grown ups

| | See all gertmint's reviews (4)

Brilliant film making on a budget. If you want an all action over the top monster killing film then this is not for you, but if you want to watch a good movie at a slower pace then this is great. I enjoyed watching the extras on how they made the movie. Well worth watching after the film to fully appreciate how they managed to pull off such a great film with a tiny budget.