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The Thing (2011) (2 Discs) (With Bonus Digital Copy) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Eric Christian Olsen & Joel Edgerton

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (20 reviews)"

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  Surprisingly decent..............if familiar

| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

And the main reason it's familiar is because it really can't help but be forced to essentially retread the plot developments of John Carpenter's 1982 version of 'The Thing'.

Remote outpost finds alien..........alien escapes and runs amok within the group..........all hell breaks loose...........cut to tie in to the opening of the 1982 film.

That's it's main problem, which is unfortunate because IF the other version didn't exist this would be more enjoyable. Because on it's own it's probably one of the better remakes/reboots of the horror genre out there. It has great production design and visuals, good photography, the cast is capable (Mary Elizabeth Winstead is very good as is Joel Edgerton in sort of the Kurt Russell role) and it's suprisingly well directed. The CGI beast can't compare with the practical effects of the 1982 version and let the film down at times during some transformations however, but where this film relies on practical effects itself, it's as good.

All in, entertaining, but still not quite as good as Carpenters.

  I really wanted to like it, but.........

| | See all elliesdad's reviews (32)

Remakes fill me with dread, you can count the good ones on just one hand. I could tell that from the 15 certificate that the blood shedding would be low and i was right.
It is basically the same as the fabulous John Carpenter film, right down to the same kind of death scenes and key plot points.
I have given it only 2 stars as i did like the way they answered some of the questions that were raised in the previous film i.e where did the 2 faced burnt alien come from, how did the radio operator die and how would they tie in the people in the helicopter chasing the dog.
Apart from that, just another effects filled, bloodless remake.
The other star was for the superb soundtrack.


| | See all robbo72's reviews (19)

This film is brilliant,excellent story,excellent special fx,leads up brilliantly to the John Carpenter Thing,don't listen to the boring critics and BUY!!


| | See all balmoraljames's reviews (228)

this is a fairly good horror yarn, the special effects are laughable however. I am a casual viewer of horror and this film seemed short in jumps, gore or any suspense. There was no look away moments or jumps to be had. The point of this film I may have missed but I just didn't enjoy it.

  Good effort!

| | See all Soundpig's reviews (2)

I'm not going to lie I am not a big fan of these 're imaginings' of classic films that the film industry likes to bang out all over the place. I was not expecting much from this to be honest, I mean how can you beat Kurt Russell !! However I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Acting was ok and the Blu ray quality was good. I think Fieldycorrupted' s review says exactly what my gripes were with it, there was hardly any tension the paranoid feeling I got from the original made it so scary. The creature effects were a bit dodgy here and there which was a let down. Ending was good and ties in nicely to the original. Good try tho...getting better but with rumours of Robocop and Hellraiser remakes etc I am still on the fence about messing around with classics!!

  A Long Wait

| | See all deathproof's reviews (25)

Picture and sound is very good .
special features are very sparce when compared with john carpenters The Thing Bluray.
The film itself was very good but they should have went all out and made an 18 certificate version.
The ending was neat and made me want to watch John carpenters The Thing again. ( I have lost count how many times I have seen it )
On a final note I have waited thirty years for this film and hope I dont have to wait another 30 for the next one.


| | See all centurion's reviews (55)

This prequel is good as a stand alone film but the last 15 mins leads right up to the 1982 version and you need to watch that right after watching this film.I was surprised with this film when i heard they were making a prequel my heart missed a beat and i thought god no but it is one of the best.1 slight little point i do have is you dont see them blowing up the ice to reveal the space craft so you do go in the next one well who blow up the ice.

  A little disappointed

| | See all Fieldycorrupted's reviews (1)

I was looking forward to this movie. I loved the John Carpenter version and had seen good reviews for the prequel. It might be my expectations were heightened but I felt a little let down as this was not as good as I expected. Some of the CGI of the alien was poor and the film did not really covey the feeling of paranoia which is really the backbone of the story. It was also a little too obvious who had been assimilated by the thing and contained few surprises. Having said this it is by no means a bad movie and still recommend for horror fans and fans of the original. The end credits tie in well with the 1982 version and in high def the locations and backdrops look good. The acting was also not bad for a relatively unknown cast. All in all not bad, but not great either.

  enter "the thing!"

| | See all MRNICK's reviews (14)

first off, visually the blu ray quality perfect and there's a few moments that use the surround sound well. the movie itself is great as either a stand alone or as the intended prequel to the 1980's the thing, the acting is great and the story well paced, with some good action/violence to boot. the effects are good but not perfect, though personally I liked this as it was almost a nod to the less than perfect effects of it's predessessor. all in all I liked this movie and would recommend it to fans of:

super 8
the faculty

finally, three things I learned from this movie are:

1) mary elisabeth winsted is gorgeous (though I already knew that)
2) flame-throwers are awesome (I already knew that too)
3) prequels aren't always aweful, sometimes they can be great!!!


  Just as amazing as the first!

| | See all mattymark's reviews (531)

Saw this film in the cinema here and in the states on release day and was very impressed, i have the original,love it, went to the cinema with little belief this film would impress if the visuals were'nt right.... but they are!! You actually get the skin crawling feeling and cringing on your edge of the seat with how disgusting the creatures are. it helps explain alot about the first film and ends where the 1982 version starts. Cant wait to get my copy, love this movie!!