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The Thing (2011) (2 Discs) (With Bonus Digital Copy) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Eric Christian Olsen & Joel Edgerton

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  The Thing screams onto Blu Ray

| | See all jeweller35's reviews (8)

Ok, we all know its a prequel, wont go to much into story, but cant believe all the negatives flying around elsewhere (abit like the first then when that first came out, and we all know the rest), this 2011 version is very good, and not till the end does it all tie in with John Carpenters follow on, as for the Blu Ray, got this region free from the States, picture is quite good, but not quite as sharp as some more recent releases, this is not one to show off maximum Hi Def in truth, as most of the picture is either white from the snow (be careful if you have your colour settings high, as it will dazzle you with the whites) and in blizzard conditions, or dark shadowy sections when inside the camp at night, so not alot else colour really, the sound is a different kettle of fish, starts off abit slow and builds up with amazing use of surround sound and quite earth shattering bass, one of the best uses of surround ever in any horror movie made, extras aint as many as hoped, but what there is are quite insightful and interesting, somehow i cant help but think there is a re release in future with this, but overall it is alot better than the dvd version you get as well, and a must own in your bly ray collection, overall awesome experience

  Brilliant - Cant wait for the release

| | See all Dazerling's reviews (1)

I mirror what others have already quoted, the film was really amazing... being a Sci-Fi Cult movie buff, this film really does a good job at being a prequal. The transition into the old movie (1982 Thing) is pretty much seemless, and the bleak music score just makes you wanna watch the sequal....they have been good with about 99% of the historic areas, like the man in the chair who clearly killed himself.. somehow!.. down to the old VHS camera they used to film the craft..although you never see them using explosive Charges in the snow to blow the ice of the spacecraft, that you kinda have to imagine happened, other than that I will be pre-ordering..!! :o))

  "..BEST HORROR OF 2011.."

| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

This is a fantastic prequel to John carpenters original classic from the 80s, a pleasant surprise for horror fans, an excellent beginning to the story and it keeps well with the original too with beautifully shot locations and sets and very cool visual effects, the creature looks amazing in every form it takes and there is buckets of gore for those who like it. The movie ends where the original starts and even has some of the same score that John carpenter wrote, this is great horror on a good budget and a worthy purchase!!

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  The Thing 2011

| | See all johnboy506's reviews (1)

This is now the 2nd time i've seen The Thing, first in the states when it came out and now on the 8th December, its brilliant. It is for me the best prequal that has ever been done and I can sit thro that again. The director really did his homework, what need to be seen so it ties in with the 1982 version. If you have'nt seen it I would highly recommend it.

  blown away

| | See all murphdog666's reviews (1)

this, in my humble opinion, is the best prequel ever made, the story is along the lines of the original, once it gets started . I was excited about predators and was very happy, but this was unbelievable. I know it's not a sequel but hats off to the director and actors, amazing. and the CGI was as perfect as the Special effects in the original. amazing movie, the end rolls into the original perfectly. if you watched them on a media player and they played on to the next file it would look like a part one and 2 of the same movie. Did I say it was unbelievable enough times.
to conclude, amazing movie, a must for the collection, I will be waiting for the twin pack of the first and second movie in the form of a triple play, as I'm sure it will come out eventually, I'm a sucker for a box set.

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  The Thing does it's thing

| | See all Jones44's reviews (1)

I watched the Thing, this time around it is set in the Norweigan camp, and shows how they discovered it, and everything that ensues. I rate at least a 4/5, for how closely they kept the details from the 1982 John Carpenter movie, for moments when you jump even though you are ready for it. Obviously better creature effects, again kept to the ideas for the creature from the original(John Carpenters, not the 50's thing from another world)and a (for me) good ending, and the beginning of the helicopter chase, using the exact same (replica) chopper. I don't think cinema goers will be disappointed, with this film, I wasn't.

  The Original

| | See all RoryBhoy's reviews (4)

The original was 'The Thing From Another World' made in 1951. This looks very good, and of course is the prequel to the 1982 version with Kurt Russell. This 2011 version takes place at the Norwegian Base, which was at the beginning of the 1982 version when Kurt Russell and his colleagues went to the Norwegian base.

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  Excellent prequel

| | See all Watchall's reviews (24)

Excellent prequel to John carpenters movie. Not a remake. I highly
recommend right after watching this watch John Carpenters The Thing as they fit in nicely ( story wise and great little details ) and give a great 3 half hours of entertainment.

  It's The Thing, but not The Thing, but TheThing!

| | See all MovieAddict's reviews (1336)

You know what I loved about the original 1982 John Carpanter's classic was the theme tune BO... BO-BO....BO-BO.
The good thing about This Thing, not that Thing but the new thing is it's a prequel to the old Thing, so the new thing is set before the old Thing that was infact a remake of a older Thing....... if you follow me. So you don't have had to have seen the other Things to have seen this Thing.
The same tension of the 1982 Thing is present as it plays up on the whole anti-trust as the Thing thaws from it's icey tomb to kill and duplicate any of the scientist on the antarctic station. like the 1982 Thing this Thing is also set in the early 80's and mostly is a success with the retro feeling, but unlike The Thing this Thing uses CGI, some is very good, but also some does look fake and resembles something from Resident Evil. The Thing about the 1982 Thing was the brilliant use of make-up and puppets it gave us something real to look at and I guess the 1982 Thing has a leg up over this Thing.
But the film is faithful to it's 1982 movie and has great moments of suspense with a fantastic closing sequence that leaves this Thing with the opening to that Thing. This is a very good prequel that has full respect to the original Thing.... that was set after this Thing.
and if your a fan of The Thing you should definatly see this Thing.
On a down side I can see confusion when renting or purchasing this Thing, you'll end up ringing the supplier complaining that they sent you The Thing but not The Thing,, but the other Thing, you wanted The Thing but not this Thing.... The wrong Thing, and also it would look confusing in you DVD/ Blue ray collection having both The Thing 1982 and The Thing 2011 that's set in 1982...... It's a funny old thing.
See if you like......
The Thing ( not this thing but the other Thing)
Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
Assault on Precinct 13.

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