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The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy: Extended Edition Box Set (15 Discs) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Elijah Wood, Sean Astin & Ian Holm

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (57 reviews)"

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  Awesomest release yet

| | See all PooPouw's reviews (1)

As said before, the movies are split on 2 discs. I just don't see the issue here. When the first disc is over, get up, insert second disc, press play. I mean come on ! It's not that hard.
And i personally couldn't sit through a 4h25min movie without getting up, stretching my legs, walking around... So the intermission is actually welcome.
Plus you can have better image quality, better sound quality and many commentaries for each movies. So it's really not that big a deal (i seem to recall that the theatrical versions were on one disc and were crap 'cause too compressed).
The extended versions do add a lot to the movie as you discover things you wouldn't know if you only watch the theatrical version. Of course the most complete lotr experience is reading the books and maybe those new scenes will give you enough curiosity to cross the line (if you hadn't already).
Conclusion : Totally worth it ! Buy it now !!

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  The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy: Extended Edition Box Set

| | See all Lorenz19's reviews (4)

I also agree with those who disagree with having to change disks. As mentioned in another review, with today's technology and the amount of storage capcity, you wouldnt think there would be a problem fitting the films on to one disk. I have a feeling in the future these film will be released again on Blu-Ray with the same quality and on a single disk per film. Saying that, I will award 4 stars as the films themselves are excellent.

  MUST own Blu ray boxset...

| | See all roberto009's reviews (91)

This in my eyes is the ultimate blu ray edition for any film, if you own a blu ray make sure this is in your collection. Yes the films, over 10 years old, are still as brilliant as they were back then.

If you are a big fan of the lord of the rings this boxset will surley satisfy you, packed with hours of special features and extras along with commentaries its well worth the expense.

There are alot of discs, the films are split over 2 discs each but dont let that put you off, its not a bad thing, the picture and audio are both fantastic and the extra minutes added into the films just add and expand on the rich story that is lord of the rings.

Buy this boxset and you will not be disapointed.

  Very Good

| | See all carefuldegree's reviews (8)

These movies are amazing on bluray . feels like a fresh movie, especially as they are the extended bluray versions. . . good stuff


| | See all paul1131's reviews (2)

the extended edition is brilliant. The extended films tells the story better it completes the film far better than the standard film well worth the extra cost I would not hesitate recommended this Blu-ray. I know the film is over 2 discs but a bit of a nuisance but it gives time to go to the loo


| | See all lapphund's reviews (1)

I've been looking forward to these for some time.
I have absolutely no interest in extras, so most peoples complaint about poor quality extras discs doesn't matter in the slightest to me, nor does having to change discs, it's hardly a great problem, and it makes for a good time for a break.
However, the overall picture quality is disappointing, I watch my films on an eight and a half foot wide screen via an expensive projector, Blu-Ray and video processor, and this film does not come close to being up there with some of the best picture quality releases there have been on Blu-Ray.
Whilst I understand that most people will watch this on a Plasma or LCD/LED, and probably have no complaints, for those out there looking to get an idea about their quality on a big screen, you will be disappointed. They're not bad, just not great either, and certainly not reference status which is a great shame.
Audio quality is pretty good, with plenty of space and resolution, good depth and excellent authority, so you'll be in for a treat there.
The films themselves are as spectacular as I remember, and I have no complaints, but picture quality is definitely only average for Blu-Ray.
Movies: 9 out of 10
Sound: 8.5 out of 10
Picture:7 out of 10

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  Lord of Bling

| | See all mikeyjw's reviews (16)

first off, just received this, and i do not understand everyone's indignation that each film is spread over 2 discs... why is it surprising?? it was the same on dvd, having had these on dvd, i do not understand the furore... they always looked better on dvd (the extended ones)... anyway only have one word for this: immense...sound is awesome, picture is awesome, films are awesome.... we all know that

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  No international subtitels

| | See all benvl1's reviews (1)

The start of the blueray was very dissapoiting. No dutch subtitles only English. If would have know that i would not have bought this.

So for all non perfect english speakers. look for an other version

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  Blue Ray Treasure

| | See all ACosmos's reviews (15)

I am really happy with this set. At first did not appreciate the documentaries but after watching them i appreciated them more. This is my blue ray treasure

  is it really worth paying again

| | See all jeweller35's reviews (8)

Firstly the films are fantastic, this review is purely about the blu ray, there seems so many reviews on here going on about the great quality and that to get the best out of these films is to have them split over 2 discs, the fact is this, apart from the first film, the other 2 are taken from the same master as the theatrical set, with the exception of the extra audio tracks, yes the films are longer, but there is still space on each disc to put each film on one disc and then some, as for the sound, if you have not heard the theatrical set then this is good, but the theatrical set is better, with better surround and deeper bass, i am on my second boxset here having sent the first back thinking there was a problem with my boxset only to have another come which is exactly the same (my system as been in home cinema mags, so i do know what i am talking about on this front),overall though if you had to choose between this set, the theatrical set or stick with the dvd, this is the best (if you can live with the less superior sound) bottom line is this, this is ultimately taken from the hi def master that was created for the dvd set (yes lotr was filmed back then in hi def for the cinema), hence the split over 2 discs, and not because it was needed to be put on 2 BD discs for optimal viewing (check up home cinema review on this)