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The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy: Extended Edition Box Set (15 Discs) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Elijah Wood, Sean Astin & Ian Holm

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (57 reviews)"

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  The Lord of the Blue-Ray........

| | See all spenceboy's reviews (26)

I've just started to watch this last night and have finished the first disc of the Fellowship and all I can say is..... WOW!!!! The transer to blue-ray is fab and brings a complete new angle to the film...... this will impress anyone watching it ! You will no doubt realise why they have put this over 2 discs per film - the quality well justifies this. A few moments not so good - but that is a very minor issue. A bit of a gamble decision to use 2 discs but well worth it. For those lazy fat asses complaining about this - seriously..... go get a life... or go get some more junk food from the kitchen!!! If the rest of the discs are as good - its going to be one hell of a treat! Not sure we need all the additional stuff though and could have been priced lower. But if you can afford this - you MUST get this ...FULLSTOP!!!!

  Good Box Set

| | See all Fox1985's reviews (5)

I'm not going to sit here and write a review of the movies. We all know how good the movies are. Instead I will review the actual package.

POSITIVES - This is a very well presented and packaged set. The set is very rigid and sturdy and will take a lot of damage.

POTENTIAL DEALBREAKERS - The movies are split over 2 discs (the same as they were in the DVD versions). This is not a problem for me, but there are lot of people out there complaining about this. I can see that they have done it to present the best possible picture and sound. Had the audio and visual not been first class I would have not been impressed with the decision.

However, the audio/visual is among the best out there and totally validates the decision to keep the movie split. I genuinely believe that the quality would not be as good had the film been on one disc only. Those people complaining about the split should feel a sense of relief when they see the effort that has gone in to this.

THE BAD - only the 6 movie discs are bluray - the 9 bonus feature discs are only DVD. This was very disappointing for me, especially as there is no mention of this in the technical specs. The developers obviously didn't want this getting out too soon. Even if you look at the zoomed image of the unboxed package on the product page, you can see the discs are overlapped so you can only see the Bluray symbol on the feature discs. The DVD symbol on the remaining discs are all covered by other discs, leaving you to think this is a 15 bluray set as advertised.

For me, that is why this set only gets a 4 star review. It is a well presented package and the movies are among the best on bluray. However, having all the extras on DVD I found disappointing. This is still a set worthy of your time and money, I just felt a bit cheated it is advertised as a 15 disc bluray set when in fact it is 6 blurays and 9 dvds.

Still a quality set and a must for an LOTR fan. Would still highly recommend, but don't expect HD extras.

  Disappointed extras are not on Blu-ray.

| | See all PaulL1973's reviews (4)

For the price I would have expected the extras on Blu-ray. Ideally upscaled, but if not the number of DVDs could have been slashed by three quarters.

Feature picture quality is good, but not as "eye popping" as I had hoped although still miles better than my last box set purchase (Alien Anthology).

If, like me, you've previously sported out for the extended DVD set you may wish to wait to see if a "feature only" extended Blu-ray is released as otherwise you are buying DVD extras again on DVD. There may be a few additional extras on this version but not worth the price in my opinion.

  Fellowship finally looks outstanding!

| | See all aliff7's reviews (3)

I agree with some of the negative feedback. Such as the DVD quality extras these should be in HD. Also a 50GB Blu-ray can and should hold each individual film and still not sacifice quality. On contrast though this is the best quality you will get these films! Fellowship has finally gotten the transfer it deserves and is miles better than the Theatrical Blu-ray release, which i also own. It is actually on par with Towers and ROTK the colours stand out and the detail is breathtaking.
If you are debating wether to save some money on the theatrical edition DON'T DO IT! Fellowship looks and sounds its best on this edition.
A must buy!

  Stop moaning

| | See all david16's reviews (35)

This is going to be amazing the reason they put each film on 2 discs is because each film is about 2 and half hours or 3 hours and they needed to do this because the last release was very poor. The picture and sound was poor and they got a lot of negative feedback about it and they needed to put this release on 2 discs of each film so they can improve on the sound and picture quality and bonus features so I am looking forward to getting it today

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| | See all sislacs's reviews (3)

ok ive just finished watching the fellowship of the ring and i was blown away by the picture quality and sound,this blu ray is amazing

  The Best

| | See all adamaldis's reviews (1)

I could go on, but if you are a serious Blu Ray collector, look no further. The picture and sound are second to none and hours and hours of special features. There is nothing negative to say, spend the extra on the extended versions and if you have the old cinema version trade them at Play and use the money towards this fantastic box set.


| | See all 90ady0's reviews (1)

I agree i watch the normal LOTR for years until someone told me about the extended and watching that compaired to the normal it was 100 times better it tells the story how it should be.
Yes i agree that it should be on 2 Discs the quality is so much better just compairing the dvd version, so i rekon it is gonna be awesome on blu-ray.


| | See all kevb0444's reviews (4)

OK been a fan of LoTR's for ages now and have been looking forward to this release but when i found out what was in the box my heart sank a little. I don't have an issue at all with having each film split over 2 discs, what i do have an issue with is that 6 of the discs i (and so do alot of other people) already have.

I'm talking about the 6 appendices DVD's (yes DVD's NOT Blu Rays) that are the same 6 from the old DVD Extended Edition box sets! Why are these not on Blu Ray! Can't help but think they left them on DVD to
A: cheap out on making new discs
B: bump up the disc count in the box set, coz more is better...right?

In the Alien Anthology Blu Ray they put the 4 DVD special features from the old DVD set on to 1 Blu Ray which was fine as they were not in HD. So why if they are not going to do anything new with the appendices (like have them in HD) don't they just do the same and not try to make out that theres more here than there actualy is.

So out of 15 thats only 6 Blu Rays and the other 9 are DVD's, 6 of which most LoTR fans already own.

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