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Doctor Who: Series 6 - Part 1 (2 Discs) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Matt Smith, Karen Gillan & Arthur Darvill

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all CHEETAHSPEED's reviews (41)

Only one word to sum up this first half of the series 'AWSOME'. It has gone into some very dark, scary story telling. The storys are very very well writen and the big story ark in this series is becomeing so epic i cant wait till the second half comes on. The new aliens the silence are the most scary'st aliens in doctor who history in my mind and are my second best who monster first being the daleks. The silence's they look so horrifying the idea that when you see them then you look away they erase them selfs from your memory is so creepy, the doctors wife is very good and one of my favourite episodes the story is well writen and the alien planet looks awsome and you see more rooms in the tardis and there are some very scary psychological horror moments which would scare the kids, The 2 part ganger episode's was good not as good as some others but still very good and some scary scense defo at the end of episode 6 where theres a massive twist and you see amy about to give birth with this eye pach women looking down on here saying ''your about to pop arnt you, pooooosh" then amy screaming it was quite disturbing but in a good way this is what kids realy like the scary ones are all ways there favourites the ones they talk about with there friends. Then theres the epic mid series final the rescue of amy pond was very well done and felt very big and felt a bit like star wars. The scale of the series is very big and the twists and turns in the storys are awsome they have put a lot of effit into this series the writing is getting like the x files and lost, getting more adult story telling you do have to be on the ball all the time or you might not get some bits which is realy good you just get sucked in and just want to watch more and more. The acting is spot on Matt Smith is becoming the best doctor ever were'nt to sure about him at first from the start of series 5 but he has become as good as David Tennant . I hope he stays for a very long time as the doctor hes awsome he is the Doctor!, everyone else are sooo good as well the best tardis companions since the show came back in 2005, Stephen Moffit has created something very special here and i hope he's staying for a very long time. Roll on the next half af the series and if the other half of the series is as good as these episodes this could be the best doctor who series ever and how Stephen Moffit will top this i dont no.
Im going to wait for the complete series 6 boxset but if you havent seen this series yet or missed some buy this write now! at 17.99 is a bargin!

  What has happened to Doctor Who?

| | See all MSLADYTHOMP's reviews (60)

When Doctor who came back on to our screens it was exciting to see people like Billie Piper, Christopher Ecclestone, Catherine Tate and David Tennant. But now we got these kiddies and poor visual effects? The ruination of a great series and note that when series 1 to 4 originally came out as box sets they were a lot more expensive than these, same old thing you get what you pay for, these are cheap because it is not so good, I really wish they picked someone like John Simm as the new Doctor, I do not mean him in particular but someone who has such energy and seems powerful should be the doctor not someone who looks like he had his face stamped on 10 times and looks like he has only just learned to tie his shoe laces. People who like it they have a rioght to like it but I also have a right not to like and express my great disappointment in something that started off so good.

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  Time Lord Triumph

| | See all chakram's reviews (15)

Matt Smith better than all the other ten Doctors put together,Karen Gillan the best companion ever,brilliant series even Arthur Darvill was excellent.Long Live Steven Moffat.


| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

This new series of doctor who never fails to get better and better every time, this series so far has had very deep and twisted stories that are dark and more moody than ever before, the humour is still there but things are getting very sinister for the doctor and its an amazing thing to watch, Matt smith is brilliant as the doctor, Karen Gillan is extremely sexy and an amazing assistant to the doctor, the rest of the supporting cast fits in great too, great effects and set pieces, this is a series that has a long, long running yet, a must watch...!!!

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  Better then past years

| | See all kitman2000's reviews (1)

If the first few episodes are anything to go on, then this series should be the best so far. Better written, preformed and much darker then the Tennent years, the seires starts off with a spectacular two-part episode that answers questions left from the previous series and raises alot of big ones too.

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  Very different... A very good thing!

| | See all MrChumba's reviews (32)

Although last year's series 5, had a new Doctor, a new companion, a new Tardis and and new opening score, it is this years series 6 that has really taken the leap forward. Although I thoroughly enjoyed last year's episodes and Matt Smith slowly but surely grew on me, most of those episode could have been interchangable with David Tennant's Doctor.
The episodes that have aired so far of series 6 however are impossible to imaging with any other Doctor than Matt Smith, or any other campions than Amy, Rory and River for that matter.
Matt Smith has entered a league of his own, totally making the role his own this year and completely shaking off the Tennant-isms that crept into his perfromance last year. If he keeps this up he could well go down as the greatest ever Doctor.
As the series, Steven Moffat has completely ripped up the rule book tihs time. He's split the series in half. It starts with an epic two-part opener that ends on a cliff hanger the likes of which Doctor Who has never done before.
My one critisism would be that it has become quite adult - I can no longer imagine it appealing to young children... it is very confusing and is devolping a complex series spanning story arc much like X files. But this isn't too much of a problem, because the intricacies of the story are there if you want them, if not you can just enjoy the fantastic characters, acting and special effects.

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