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Firefly: Complete Series (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres & Alan Tudyk

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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| | See all munchy22's reviews (1)

After watching serenity I was pulled into the firefly universe. I am completely bias I loved firefly serenity its cast each with their own distinct characterizations, the scripts and the totally awesome Joss.
We all have our opinions like nana brain above said. I know everyone blames fox for putting series in a bad order but that wasn't a problem for me I still loved the episodes. I think factors like the internet, bitorrent and simply the fact that apart from star trek and stargate, there was a multiple of very bad sci fi shows on at the same time that were plainly awful and people included me didnt bother with firefly cause we though it would be one of those 3-5 very bad sci fys. Lets face it a series called firefly with a ship that looks like a firefly, how could that possibly be put in the same league as star trek or even stargate. I was so wrong and it was serenity that I saw, it was serenity that made me remember firefly adverts (after a friend told me)and ultimately go back and watch the firefly show I was told was based on
sereniuty. Simply put my favorite show next to bsg ever. I wish I could go back in time and watch firefly on tv as im sure most of us do and then today we could have commemorated series 7 firefly. Forgive me Joss(I have dvds and blu ray now :(.
The first thing I did when I saw this review was look for other things nana brain has reviewed, just so if he had given other series like firefly a 1 star rating id be sure to go buy them straight away, and that's only cause he so differs from my opinion, incredibly so that anything he hates im sure to love.

  Very underwhelming.

| | See all emperor10's reviews (277)

After reading a few reviews,and after hearing just how good this series was,i decided to rent.I got as far as the first 3 episodes befire switching off.Very dull,2 dimensional characters,its just trying to be clever,by setting the wild west in a sci-fi world - and fails miserably.I really dont see what people see in this.

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| | See all Burgess88's reviews (3)

This is a 5 star show. DO NOT take into account the poor rating left by one reviewer. Firefly is a must watch for anyone who knows what good TV is! Even if Sci-Fi isn't your thing this program is phenomenal. Great cast, well shot, with spell-binding stories that suck you into life aboard Serenity. Watch this, then watch the film Serenity.

  Firefly on Blu Ray is a wonderful thing!

| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

Joss Whedon's celebrated and short lived Sci-fi Western makes it to Blu Ray with all the episodes as you remember and all the original bonus features as well (including one or two new ones as well for the new release) included.

Following the small ship Serenity and her crew of inhabitants as they do business around the fringes of the space controlled by The Alliance and led by Mal Reynolds (Nathan Fillion now almost as well known as Castle), sometimes getting into more trouble tan they usually intend to! All the while one of their passengers in particular, River Tam (Summer Glau) holds secrets inside a fractured mind which The Alliance may well be very interested in.

Smartly and funnily written with all the Joss Whedon hallmarks this is one of those shows that never quite had enough time to get it's audience big enough to stay on air so fourteen episodes is all you get. But they are great!

The Blu Ray itself is for the most part very well done and it is hard to imagine that the show could look all that much better. But the format does in some places highlight that some of the filming effects and styles used does create a lot of graininess and grittiness at times. That is usually due to the way it's been shot though. Other places such as landscape shots and the majority of the actual space visual effects however do look superbly bright.

For the price and for the quality of the show itself these complaints are minor especially as the show is over ten years old now and as such I don't have a problem buying it or recommending it.

  Another GREAT From Joss Whedon

| | See all NelsonCooke's reviews (8)

Im not a fan of space movies and rediculas Aliens, which is why i love this!

Its simply Human in the future, although im not a fan of space wars, this is not too 'in your face' flying ships..... Its what goes on inside..
Think 'red dead redemption' meets ...... The year 5000 (future)

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  Not so awesome

| | See all NanoBrain's reviews (3)

With 5 reviews all with 5 stars you expect this to be a brillant Sci Fi TV series.

I hink this is not the case, my option.

It is a cheap budget TV series which combines bits of farscape, the A team and wild west and it does not work on many levels. Usually each episode has a bar fight with stoods or chairs being thrown and smashed over the bad guys heads and then the ship comes and picks them up.

If you want strong characters, good story lines, good special effects then watch startrek, babylon 5, stargate, stargate atlantis, fringe, grimm or eureka. You will not be disappointed with these series.

If you want bad stories, scripts, cheap sets and not so good special effects then buy firefly.

That said, the film Serenity based on Firefly is far better and IS worth watching, in my option.

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  Perfect blend of Sci Fi and Comedy.

| | See all IceColdNukaCola's reviews (1)

By far my favorite TV series. You'll be hooked after the first episode! The relationships between the captain and the crew are hilarious and the plot lines are awesome.


| | See all KloxTheMad's reviews (1)

Even tho this series feels incomplete. I stil consider it one of the best series i have ewer seen.

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| | See all Benjo86's reviews (6)

It was a crime against entertainment that this show was cancelled before its time. Quite possibly the best sci-fi tv show of all time, if not the best TV show of all time.

The characters are brilliant and believable, loveable and noble despite their flaws and differing views on subjects and situations. You always find yourself rooting for them but not through the typical "they are the good guys so you feel you must" sort of way, but rather because you genuinely feel for them and have a real attachment to them.

The overarching story line is great and full of mystery which keeps you involved and the stories of each episode are intriguing, full of twists and unexpected surprises.

It's fast, funny, action packed and often very deep and inspiring with a perfect wild west meets scifi aesthetic. It's also got plenty of great quotable lines, too.

I honestly can't say enough good things about this series. If you own the DVDs, buy the Blu Rays. If you don't own either, then make sure you do. This series and the accompanying, and equally awesome movie (Serenity) are essential additions to any self respecting sc-fi fan's collection.

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