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Scream 4 (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Lucy Hale, Roger Jackson & Shenae Grimes

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (25 reviews)"

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  The return of ghost face.

| | See all thedarkknight666's reviews (25)

I think i agree with one of the other reviews below. It's a great film, not as good as the original though, but better than the 3rd. The opening is clever but got a little tedious. Made me and my mates laugh as we were confused at the begining.
This film is typical scream formula, you are guessing all the way through as to who the killer is. I kept picking people as the killer but as each of them got killed off, i crossed them off my list. When you do find out the killers identity, you will be surprised. I was. You won't know who it is... trust me, unless you just make a random guess. But the way the film plays out, you may think you know like i did. But you'll be proved wrong. (Just like the other 3 films). Thats what's great about the scream films. I think they are such fun to watch. The films aren't scary, they just make you jump. Really enjoyed it. If you haven't seen it yet and you're a fan then go watch it now. I give it my thumbs up. Looking forward to it's release. My moneys on a September release date. We'll see if i can guess that right. Hold on my phones ringing......

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  If you Like the Others you will like this

| | See all Stifflerr's reviews (69)

Went to see this at cinema and i have to say its very good film im a fan of these films and with twists & turns this film will have you guessing.Overall for any fan this is a must and i will be buying this as ive just bought the trilogy on blueray.

  AAHHH!!!!!! Some SCREAM!

| | See all DVDSELLER2's reviews (41)

Okay - to all the people that have seen the movie now.. (those of u who haven't ceen it, shouldn't read unless u wish 2 spoil the movie)!! I hav 2 say that I was surprised everytime in the 2/3 fake start scenes of the movie as well as a little jumpy in 1 of them, though this movie was far more better then SCREAM 3, which I saw in the cinema).

I have 2 recommend to all SCREAM fans 2 watch this movie on the BIG SCREEN!!! n I can't wait to buy it on Blu-Ray (I just hope it has enough Special Features with it as well as the perfect Blu Ray quality stuck to it too)!

  Not as good as the original...but better than Scream 3

| | See all MikeyDraycott's reviews (54)

Having now watched Scream 4, I can honestly say it took me by surprise. I had this distinct feeling that I was gonna hate the film, and I never knew why. But, I didn't hate the film...I loved it. Scream 3 was so poor, I kind of felt that that was it, but it's clear that there is still some talent left in Wes Craven, whose latest films have been terrible.

Scream 4 is not the best...the credit for that goes to the first two films...but it is so much better than Scream 3, and I am happy about that. I can't wait for the Blu-Ray, and I hope it's extended, because a lot of scenes from the trailer weren't included.

Overall, it was a great film...and, I'm now left wondering whether or not a fifth instalment will closely follow (if it's truly following these new rules, then, like Scream 2 following the first film, it should be next year).

  Think some people missed the point...

| | See all davidshann's reviews (2)

People took this film way to seriously, and missed the mark! loved the way it poked fun out of the amount of terrible remakes that have graced our screens as of late! scream was never a gore fest, but I feel this generation NEEDS everything to have MORE, thanks to saw and films of that nature, scream was never about this! I also loved the way it poked fun out of the media and also social network sites! Scream 4, for me worked really well! I feel the 15 to 19 demographic won't dig it to much, different generation, always wanting more gore and scares, although for me, this movie is really disturbing, it's scary in it's own right, there's nothing more REAL than someone putting a mask on and heading out with a knife. I won't spoil the ending, but for me it worked, at 1st I was unsure, that was up until the finally at the end of the movie, I thought they were going to start a new line of films with a new hero & geek like Randy and obvious Sidney, I won't give to much away, but all I can say is, if you love Scream, you will not be disapointed with this! Best one since the 1st! well done Wes Craven!

  Massive improvement on Scream 3

| | See all j3ffer50n's reviews (15)

If Scream 3 had never happened we would have been left with an excellent trilogy, unfortunately it did so we have Scream 4. Went to this at the flicks last night and thoroughly enjoyed it, Ghostface is certainly back on form in the latest installment. I think the reason the Scream series works so well is down to it's humour as it's not afraid to poke fun at the genre it's set in. There's lots of twists & turns to keep you guessing who is the killer and we also have new rules based on remakes & reboots. So, what's your favourite scary movie?

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  'We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes...'

| | See all Ree52637's reviews (81)

So...after ten long years of waiting, Scream finally came back into my life!!! But after such a lengthy wait, I was expecting something phenomenal to knock me for six, and I am so disappointed to say that just didn't happen for me. It kills me to say it. I love the first three films; Scream is one of the best horror films ever made, but Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson just didn't pull it off. If this had been the first film, it would have worked, but it does not work as the fourth movie in a successful franchise. In the end, instead of my usual shock at who the killer was, I found it to be quite unbelievable, and I think that is mainly down to casting more than anything. As usual, there are a few laughs in there and alot of well known faces but it really needed to be a lot more twisted and deep for the idea it was trying to portray. It did try, but it didn't work. Nevertheless, I will add it to my Scream collection when it comes out.

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