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Battle: Los Angeles (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez & Ramon Rodriguez

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (40 reviews)"

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  Los Angeles Invasion

| | See all Elextra's reviews (3)

So i did read a lot about this movie before actually getting the movie on Blu-ray, it was getting a lot of bashing from people, and to me, it's not rightfully so.

This is one of those movies where you really need to be into the whole alien genre to enjoy it.
they try to make it as realistic as possible with the military theme, the story line is basically not there, just action, so you don't actually feel anything for the characters in the movie.

The movie looks great and contain quite some extras. would recommend to anyone who likes sci-fi/war sort of movies.

  Below average at best

| | See all MartinsBluRay's reviews (46)

Decent enough effects but a typically gun ho american script, awful, cheesy dialogue, this whole film wants to be something special but plays out as an extended videogame sequence only without the benefit of viewer participation. With lazy and blatant rips from District 9, Independance Day and Black Hawk Down there does not seem to be a single original moment throughout. 2 hours worth that you will instantly forget....

  Solid remake

| | See all Alexis87's reviews (12)

A much improved version over the original, I think that it accidentally serves as a good counterpoint to District 9.

Where D9 was a socio-political commentary with great CGI and aliens, Battle: LA (2011) hearks back to the 90's Action Sci-Fi flicks this time with better CGI, storyline, characters and tempo. Where the two films cross over is that the alien CGI is top-notch and very creative, good for sci-fi and military enthusiasts.

A must-have for the Sci-Fi collectionist, a probably-must-have for the macho film lover.


| | See all troopdoby's reviews (6)

i would not give this film 1star but i had to to write this comment.this is the worst film ive ever seen. story line bad,effects bad,and the acting terrible,worst sci-fi film ever.

  Well Below a B grade TV series

| | See all BlueRedGreen's reviews (3)

I am an avid fan of science fiction for over 35 years. Battle Los Angeles is the poorest quality (on every level bar picture resolution) sci-fi film I have ever seen.

The story is a vlow budget collection of cliche's and ripped off ideas from other films. These old ideas are linked together in a completely obvious way which renders the film into a product which is below a third rate TV series.

How this film gets any good reviews beats me. Good luck if you rate this film as every other sci-fi film out there beats it hands down, so you'll be in a win win.

  Better than independece day!!

| | See all ketch2's reviews (4)

Watched last night and the wife had to leave the room coz she was scared lol Great entertaining movie, now i haven't seen district 9 yet but will soon as most people on here say its much better than this, on the other hand I have seen Independence day which was total tripe in my opinion, this film is everything independence day should have been, thoroughly entertaining recommend to any sci-fi / war enthusiast. Now where's that rental card :-)

  big dollop of enjoyable cheese!

| | See all emperor10's reviews (275)

much better than i thought. really didnt want to like this, as i heard it was really typical american cheesy crap. but... its enjoyable cheesy american crap! it filled a couple of hours, and some of the characters i gave a damn about. worth renting.

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  Battle LAME

| | See all Fatman88's reviews (46)

Very poor. overly long and filled with every cliche you can think of. They managed to make intergalactic war dull.

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  battle for acting ability

| | See all hankypanky's reviews (3)

No No and thrice NO! Amateur acting, poor story line, CGI poor. Mr Liebesman go back to school of diecting for a while. You are in a world of audience who demand evrything this is not. And to think I waited for ages for this to come to the cinema, what a waste of time. Dissapointed throughout, so much I left before the obvious and totally predictable ending as my friends came out I told them what had happened and before they could - I was right. Sorry 1 star only

  Great Movie.

| | See all nrd300's reviews (6)

I wasn't really expecting it to be good. I only bought it because I had some money to spend. Turned out that this was some money worth spending.
It's gripping and has a very good story. It can be quite cliche at times but it is a definite one to watch.