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The Town (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall & Jon Hamm

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Cracking Heist Movie

| | See all benno14's reviews (77)

Ben Affleck seems to have more of a talent as a director than he does as an actor. He had a superb debut in Gone Baby Gone, a Boston based kidnap thriller. He is back in Boston again with a modern day "Heat". While this is not the match of what is probably my favourite film, there is enough action, good acting and drama for most blu ray addicts. Ben Affleck takes a lead role as a the head of a crew of bank robbers. Jeremy Renner is excellent as his best friend and fellow robber. Rebecca Hall, an English actress plays a bank employee of the bank he robs. While checking she has no knowledge of who robbed the bank, he starts to fall for her. John Hamm is excellent as the FBI agent after the gang. Other members of the cast are equally good, including Pete Postlethwaite in one of his last roles before he died of cancer. While the film is a bit too long, the acting, the great bank heists and Affleck's performance in front and behind the camera mean this was one of the best films of 2010. If youlike this try Gone Baby Gone, Heat and Point Break.


| | See all Marnico's reviews (132)

Slickest robbery drama since Heat, set in Charlsetown, Boston, bank robbery capital of the world apparently. Bought this on the strength of the reviews rather than a Ben Affleck film but what a brilliant job he has done both as actor and director. Script is sharp although, sometimes heavy on local dialect and slang making you try to figure out what's being said.

All the characters are believable giving you an insight into a blue collar and predominantly criminal community. You just want to know where it is going next and if any film has done that then you have had your money's worth.

  Effective heist drama..............

| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

Ben Affleck's second directorial effort takes much of it's inspiration from previous heist drama's such as 'The Departed' and 'Heat' and viewers of those films may well recognise much of what makes up 'The Town's' storyline.

Set once again in Boston (an area that Affleck has a skill for bringing a different perspective to) and it's Charlestown area - home to generations of bank robbers and their families - the main story follows Doug McRae, leader of a gang of masked robbers who have pulled off a series of bank jobs. When on their latest job they also kidnap the bank manager Claire (Rebecca Hall) they discover once they release her that she lives in their neighbourhood.

Following her to see if she has remembered anything that can identify them, Doug and Claire begin a relationship with each other. But with Doug's best friend and gangmate (Jeremy Renner) discovering them, an FBI agent ('Mad Men's' John Hamm) and the local kingpin (Pete Postlethwaite) all exerting pressure on Doug to carry out one last big heist events spiral and build to their inevitable conclusion................

While it's again well acted by the entire cast - especially Affleck, Hall, Renner and Hamm - and solidly made the overall story is one which most people will be able to predict as it moves towards it's conclusion. This is no really bad thing since 'The Town' does what it does well, but it nonetheless the whole story feels like it's all been done before. Affleck, however, is undoubtedly becoming a director of value and skill and I look forward to whatever he decides to direct next.

The Blu-ray looks very nice and the extended cut offers quite a few additional character scenes and some moments that clear up some plot points a little as well. None of them add significantly to the film as such, but on the Blu-ray there is a convenient option to play the extended cut of the film in a mode where a little icon will appear onscreen to show you exactly when a re-insterted scene is playing.

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  Very Good Crime Drama

| | See all Rambo456's reviews (1259)

The Ben Affleck Comeback continues in stunning fashion.
Heard good things about this movie from when it was released, so was really looking forward to it.
The film has a similar thing going on to Gone Baby Gone, as in all the cards are on the table at the halfway point, and then you are gripped as too what will happen next.
Very well acted by everyone, Jeremy Renner being the standout. John Hamm and Ben Affleck also both very good.
The direction by Affleck is calm, assured, and respectful to the viewer.
He knows the viewer has come to watch a tightly paced drama, and he doesn't rush things.
Becoming a really good director, so will be in line to watch his next directorial venture

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  Edge of your seat the whole way through

| | See all Sethmtut's reviews (2)

This was just brilliant, i was on the edge of my seat the whole time. This film didn't leave me time enough to try and work out the ending or what was going to happen next. The script was so amazingly written, it must be one of the best films I've seen in a long time, as good as The Departed, without the big name cast, but that isn't to say the actors didn't pull it off.... Affleck was amazing, so was Jenner, who scarred the pants off me... Blake Lively, oh my god she is a talent and played her role perfectly, and believably. I loved seeing another aspect of John Hamm too, he is of course great in his TV show, in which he is so controlled and straight, but this film he played a different character, to great effect. Chase scenes were beautifully executed, costumes were convincing and the cinematography was startlingly sharp. LOVED THIS, cant wait for another from Affleck, who seems to be Hollywood's answer to THE ALL ROUNDER.....