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Insidious (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne & Ty Simpkins

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (34 reviews)"

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| | See all pennyredman's reviews (11)

Overall a very good film with good acting and cinematography. I felt the first half of the film was better than the last thirty odd minutes but I have the feeling I have seen this story line somewhere before. This in itself, did not spoil the film for me. Recommended.

  Insidious,Sinister,The Shining are best horror films ever !

| | See all UlyssesXXXGreece's reviews (6)

The best horror movie after years!

I have seen a lot horror films last years and all of them were dissapointing.This was rarely perfect.This goes straight to the top of my best ones.
It's that king of horror movie that you will see no blood at all but after that,you will afraid to walk even in your house with lights off.
Picture and sound was at it's perfect and the music was so spooky that you have never seen something similar.
Must see intro music!

Also same perfect horror movie (and even more frightening) was "Sinister" while classic horror movie remains The Shining 1980.

Just see trailers !
You will be convinced !


| | See all HONESTBAZ's reviews (299)

Considering i thought i might've made a mistake buying this,i couldn't be more satisfied,i really enjoyed this.
It starts off as many a ghost movie,where a family move into a house where spooky things start happening. When things get more and more spooky and one of the young boys is discovered in a coma of sorts,they decide to move,end of ghost,right?
Wrong,turns out it isn't the house that's haunted. Now what?
Well that's the main story started without spoiling it too much,then things do get a bit mad and you have to view it with a very open mind as it takes a POLTERGEIST sort of edge,without the tv. It's great fun,with some jumpy moments and great ideas,it tries like hell to scare. It may well not be everyone's idea of frightening,but other's will love the freakish moments and clear signs there's something seriously messed up going on.
It's a film i shall certainly be watching and enjoying again,thumbs up.

  Superior Chills

| | See all Bobbyjay1's reviews (7)

This has to be one of the best horror films in years. A simple story of a family settling into a new home and the child, a young boy has an accident in the attic.
That's when the chills start, the cast are superb and the director keeps up the suspense
A decent horror film that doesn't gloryfy gore.

  Creepy FIlm

| | See all Reviewbyme's reviews (8)

I love this film. Reminds me of Poltergeist. Brilliant film, gives you a creepy feeling. THe ending was a shocker. 5 stars

  Creepy FIlm

| | See all Reviewbyali's reviews (8)

I love this film. Reminds me of Poltergeist. Brilliant film, gives you a creepy feeling. THe ending was a shocker. 5 stars

  not bad!!!!!

| | See all Jamking's reviews (2)

I was a little dissapoointed with this film, especially the second half. The first half was great building the suspense up nicely with a few creepy moments but the second half went a little strange and became a bit silly. got some great scenes and some scary mnoments but lets itseldd down a little at the end.

  Can't blame the house this time!!!

| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

Made on a tiny budget of just $1.5 million and showing just what you can do with a low budget this horror film is definitely worth a watch for fans of the genre, but didn't fully work for me.

Soon after moving into their new house, Renai and Josh's (Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson) son Dalton falls in the attic. At first seeming OK the following morning Josh discovers Dalton in a coma. Three months later he has not awoken but Renai and Josh bring him home. In course, strange events begin to happen in the house and soon the family moves. But when the events begin again all over in their new home..............the family's investigations into the sightings and strange happenings will pit them against forces they could not believe.

The film has a superbly done first hour or so as effective scares are doled out and the atmosphere darkens but, as has been noted in some other reviews, the second half of the film is nowhere near as convincing as the first half. Using all the stock tricks of the trade in the set up and creating a terrific atmosphere where every creak of a door or sound could be something horrific or innocent and giving plenty of great jump moments the film then departs into a sort of Poltergeist like second half leading to one of those final moments that a lot of horror films seem to think is a good idea these days but which I tend to find increasingly annoying.

It is a pretty good haunting style horror compared to a lot of genre entries lately, but overall I have to say that I didn't like the second half of the film myself.