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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (With UltraViolet) (2 Discs) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway & Christian Bale

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (38 reviews)"

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| | See all coynie's reviews (59)

this is a very good movie a well thought out and produced film that is a perfict end to this trio.

Looks great and runs a path that focuses you one the one thing that makes a good batman movie The Baddy, in Bain we have a true Classic a peace of work in dead.

Around this charecter we have all the faces from past movies, so plots and are tied off. We do have a week link now I like Anne Hathaway shes an OK actress and she dose well in this film but shes a very late addition and the Back story is missing the relationship is hung on Batman lore not Screen or charecter chemistry, they dont pull it off but it dosent spoil the movie. Anne Hathaway is not a phisical presince even in key plot scenes you could hve used any one and it effects the smoth running.
contrast this with Marion Cotillard whos charecter is vital and comes from no ware but she is a good on screan mach and the phisical presence she brings places her key scenes in the mind to drive the movie along smoth and quick.

But this is a little bit of not inportant same as casting Mrs Cruise last time the Movie survives it and runs smothly and cleanly becase of the Exselent Bad Guy

  You'd be batty to miss this

| | See all JPMurtagh's reviews (33)

Personally I think this is the best of the three. It doesn't have a peformance like Heath Ledger did with the Joker but as an all round film I think this is the strongest of the trilogy. At nearly three hours long I still didn't feel bored at all which is a good sign of a quality film when they are that long. Cat woman is slinky and stunning whilst Bale gives as strong a performance as ever with Bane also great. All in all a brilliant film.

  agree with the bulk of the reviews

| | See all youngie33's reviews (41)

What a spectacular end to the batman-nolan trilogy. This is one of the best comic book adaptations I have seen. Rivalled the previous film (which I also thoroughly enjoyed). A dark, mean and at times grim film, with a visually stunning look about it. Great story, great cast (Tom Hardy was my outstanding performer), just superb.

  A Dark Masterpiece

| | See all Eti023's reviews (31)

Personally one of this years Best Movies....Watched it and Loved it...not saying another word about this....just Watch it....by the way BANE is badass :P


| | See all dodo12's reviews (19)

The dark night rises is one of the best films I have ever seen. You can watch this film over and over and still enjoy it. Like all the recent batman films it is no let down and is a must have!

  Good and bad.

| | See all JimmyNeutron's reviews (2)

Can't say enough good about the film, hugely enjoyable. I will, however, say if you want a digital copy I STRONGLY suggest you don't bother with Ultravoilet. Pants doesn't come close.

  Too long and too boring!

| | See all bellydancer's reviews (20)

I never saw this at the cinema so ordered it on bluray. picture and sound are superb (that's why it gets a star) ... after that the rest is downhill.. bad script, bad acting, too many over bloated sub plots, too long and very very boring.. I found myself looking at the clock wondering... will this ever end? however, it seems to have struck a chord with most reviewers on here... but for me (and I suspect many others) it was a painful experience of re-hashed and un-original rubbish that 'quite frankly' insults the viewers intelligence

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  A Fitting End

| | See all drewtonta's reviews (3)

Superb! Loved it from beginning to end...This movie has repeat viewing written all over. On second viewing I understood so much more about the characters and story; this was probably because on first viewing, I felt I was waiting forever for Batman to come back
Tom Hardy as Bane is frighteningly amazing. Every piece of his dialogue is performed so well through his eyes, love it. I just absolutelty love this movie. Its such a shame a few people hate it so much :(

  The Dark Knight Falls

| | See all 2xtreme's reviews (15)

If you're an avid Batman maniac you'll be buying this film no matter what.
But if you're not, ignore all the reviews claiming this is the best film ever made! From a neutral perspective, it's far from that.

I very much enjoyed the Dark Knight so was looking forward to see what this film would be like in comparison. Unfortunately it's a let down.
I thought the Tom Hardy performance was massively overhyped, Ann Hathaway as Catwoman has nothing on Michelle Pfeiffer and I'm still not convinced by Christian Bale as Batman. He's a good Bruce Wayne but when he puts that mask on, he's too 'Solid Snake' for my liking.

Also, I'm not a big fan of these spaceship type vehicles that seemed to have made their way into this trilogy. I was under the impression that they were tying to bring a bit of realism into the superhero franchise. Seeing Batman jump into a spaceship and fly around the city, takes that effect away, slightly...

For me, the overall film was messy and it even started to bore me at times. There were some good scenes that no doubt look great on Blu Ray, but if you're not a massive Batman fan and just looking for a new film to watch, I'd recommend renting this first.

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