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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (With UltraViolet) (2 Discs) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway & Christian Bale

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (38 reviews)"

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| | See all kylehaworth's reviews (1)

Hats off to Christopher Nolan. Waited for a long time for this and in my opinion it was well worth the wait, the depth of the story line was good, a few things happened i didn't expect and Tom Hardy did an amazing job with Bane. Even Anne Hathaway did her part excellently. cant wait for the blu-ray


| | See all welshethan's reviews (2)

Call be biased, but i absolutely love the batman trilogy and this film is truly the 'epic conclusion' Nolan's work needed. The film is full of action. Some people i know have said the film is a little slow but i disagree, i believe it was necessary for the film to build up its story. The film links heavily with batman begins. Tom hardy does a superb job as playing the villain bane, while Bale continues to perform at an excellent level playing the caped crusader. The film is slightly longer than the other two, but that didn't bother me as i thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.
If like me, you love the other two, then this one won't disappoint.

  Ultra Violet what??

| | See all monkie1982's reviews (4)

Great movie, better than TDK in my opinion.

But what's the 'ultraviolet' thing that comes with it?

  On par with The Dark Knight.

| | See all FishBoneDiscs's reviews (190)

Christopher Nolan had a lot of pressure when it came to doing the conclusion of his incredible Batman trilogy, and he could have messed this up after The Dark Knight set the bar so high. Let me say this, he didn't. He ended on a high which is only fitting to such a trilogy!

1st of all my primary concern was Bane not being able to compete with the challenge of The Joker. That was quickly put to rest as Bane delievers, and he delivers hard.
Though he is a much more level headed villan than the Joker, his physical presence alone was enough to put my mind at ease that he wasn't going to make things easy for the bat. Then we have his mind set, and how nothing is going to stop him from destroying anything and everything in his path. His impressive bulk combined with his cold intentions make him a threat not to be taken lightly. Also, through the film, regardless of whats happening around him, he maintains an unusually calm manner and tone of his voice. He may not be as mentally unstable as the joker, but he is certainly on par in terms of presence.

Then we have Catwoman. I have never been a big fan of the character in any of the other films we've seen her in but this was different. Cheesy one liners aside she was brilliant. A perfect counter part to the bat.

Now onto Bruce Wayne, The Batman himself. I found myself actually worrying for him through the film. Seeing how he had deteriorated since his outing, into a frail man who is aiming to stay away from trouble in this time of peace, makes you wonder how he will manage to take on the mighty Bane. That question is answered in their first encounter.

The story is incredible, where Banes aim is to plunge Gotham city into a state of anarchy. Everyone in this is expendable. With incredilbe visual effects and characters you'll be on the edge of your seat all the way through.

You're also left with a much more, emotional Dark Knight movie from what we have seen so far with everyone from Alfred to Lucious getting pulled into the drama. This is Batman going full circle. This is the conclusion the trilogy deserves. And with twists and turns and plenty of action and drama all the way through, I can't understand how anyone could not like this film!

Bravo Nolan, you indeed made the Dark Knight Rise above and beyond out expextations! 5/5!

  A fitting ending to an incredible trilogy.

| | See all Shaughnessy96's reviews (21)


Let me first start off in reference to my rating, I would rate this film around 4 and a half stars out of 5, but that wasn't an option. Now let me tell you why I've given it this rating. Christopher Nolan gives us the last chapter to the Dark Knight film series which had been one of the most anticipated film releases I had ever seen. The acting is superb. Christian Bale pulls off his best performance as Bruce Wayne/Batman of the whole trilogy in a deeply dramatic role this time around. Tom Hardy plays the chaotic Bane who sets out to destroy Gotham City and he does as good as job as you could hope for. The real surprise of the film was Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Him being one of my favorite actors, I expected nothing less than amazing from him and that's what we got as he starred as Officer John Blake and in the end of the film, turns out to have a much bigger part than we all anticipated. I'll be honest, the ending is a tiny bit cheesy but really unpredictable at times.

To sum up the entire film series, in my opinion, the Dark Knight Rises is better than Batman Begins but not as good as the Dark Knight. Be it whether because of the incredible acting of Heath Ledger as the joker in TDK that stole the show or the really chaotic, violent moments in the film that just made it more a little more interesting and hard to predict what was going to happen next. There'a also the problem that maybe we all set our expectations way too high with The Dark Knight Rises, as they were not as high in anticipation for the Dark Knight. Nevertheless, this film is a dramatic ending to the best film trilogy I have ever seen. Period. Thank you Christopher Nolan for these amazing movies.

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  Stunning film!

| | See all JAVentham's reviews (4)

I love this film, it is so well put together and the acting is great, buy it if you want to be entertained but also have a plot filled with surprises. It is quite long, but not really much longer then most films around these days, either way its worth it!

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  Action, Dramatic, Overall One of THE best movies

| | See all SeventySeven77's reviews (1)

As soon as this came out on the cinema I went to watch straight away its been a long wait but well worth it. Lets face the truth apart from Tim Burton's effort which was great all the other Batmans have been rubbish and the question is why?; because there was no realism to the movies they were all slap stick comedy and the characters really did look like they came out of a comic book! now in my eyes the new Batman introduces characters that a realistic as possible like Bane for instance I don't want to see a mutant over huge human! this isn't realistic I thought Bane's character was EPIC! down to earth chip on his shoulder and experienced man round of applause for Hardy he was excellent. The whole point of this movie like another comment I saw earlier is that it really is about Batman otherwise it wouldn't be titled "The Dark Knight Rises" its about Batmans struggle to Rise above Gotham City and take control of it as over the years Bruce looses all confidence and places the blame on himself, this I might add would come back to his parents death which is revisited at some stage in the movie at his utter worst. The only criticism I have of this movie is I wish Nolan had put more time into the rising part (don't want to spoil the movie) and how Batman got back to Gotham I would have loved this movie to be longer because I just didn't want it to end. The movie is very passionate and dramatic at scenes which makes you really reach out for Batman Bale did an excellent part throughout what an actor! (Empire of the sun one of my favs) thanks for reading.

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| | See all MagicCabbage's reviews (27)

I must admit. I was looking forward to this. I love the first one and thought the second was astonishing.
This is a dark film. Far darker than the others and really pushes that batman is a normal human first of all. The story is very good starting with Bruce's depression from the circumstances of the second film and that he is now a recluse to the arrival of bane and his attempt to take over Gotham.
It is a very long film and at times does seem to dip in the middle but it does cover a lot of ground so I couldn't be too disappointed in this.
I thought bane was played well. Don't expect the same bane from the comic books but there are overlaps.
I didn't like Selena kyles character as much as some did but still thought she had a good part to play, just sometimes she was focused on too much.
If you did enjoy the others and haven't seen it, I would highly recommend watching it. It's isnt one to sit and shut off to in the same way the previous films aren't. But it is a fitting finale to the story and Christopher nolans direction is very good. It certainly deserves the plaudits it got.

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  Pure awesome

| | See all SnailShitler's reviews (1)

Loved it, some minor flaws with the end, but nothing to take under concideration... i'm buying this blu-ray! Best movie i've seen in years..LOVED IT!
I will wait for the BR triology pack though

  Just as good as the dark knight.

| | See all abowen's reviews (6)

Again Mr Nolan does not fail to deliver. An excellent end to the series of films. Great villain in Bane who is played by the excellent Tom Hardy! Christian Bale is again solid as ever although 'the cat' was a little bit of a let down if i'm honest and that is the only reason that i have not given 5 stars. also the voice of Bane was not quite audible in the cinema, but i am hoping that it was just for the simple fact that it was in the cinema and that is is much better when out on blu-ray. Well worth a watch!!

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