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Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures Box Set (5 Discs) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Harrison Ford, Sean Connery & Karen Allen

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Fantastic movies looking the best... ever!

| | See all KnightsofColumbus's reviews (11)

Wow... Loved these films since each and every one of them was released. Have owned all the various formats and have at last got the definitive versions. To say these films look good in HD is an understatement, they are simply stunning. Considering the age of the first three, the work Paramount have done on restoring them is amazing. They are now presented in a clarity most modern films could only hope for. And at long last Temple of Doom is available in it's UNCUT glory! The special features deserve recognition in their own right too. This is THE essential collection for all fans and movie lovers.

  The Complete Indiana Jones.

| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

After over 30 years there's almost no-one who doesn't know these iconic films and whether you love them or not we all know the stories and the whip cracking adventures of Indiana Jones as he trots around the globe time and time again!

I confess that I actually double dipped and bought this boxset despite owning the films on DVD anyway but in the case of this set I think it is absolutely worth it. Raiders itself has been completely restored frame by frame and much like the restoration of 'Jaws' it looks utterly fantastic and almost as if it was filmed yesterday. The subsequent three films have not had the full restoration Raiders enjoyed but still the transfers are very good, much like the transfers of 'Back to The Future'. As noted by another reviewer it also appears that Temple of Doom is presented here in uncut form and I certainly spotted the new material right away. Basically I can't imagine these films looking any better than they do here on Blu Ray.

Extras wise you have basically the same bonus material as the previous DVD Trilogy set but now with added making of material for Crystal Skull which gives you around 7 hours of material. That plus the films gives you about 15 hours of material in total and tells you just about all you need to know about the series.

Excellent boxset.


| | See all yardman's reviews (202)

give me a steelbook over a cardboard box any day of the week..
for those who are intrested i have this boxset but imported from europe
comes with all the same discs and extras and you receive a film cell..
and most importantly they are region free..even with delivery charges it works out cheaper than the uk cardboard version..
so if you are a steelbook collector i highly recommend the import..
hope this helps..

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  worth the wait.

| | See all emperor10's reviews (272)

I'm not going to reveiw the films - we have all seen them and love them. The blu ray transfer - especially on the much older first 3 films - is fantastic. Sharp, crisp, the colours are brilliant. The sound is also excellent, great surround sound, a very well done transfer. If i had one critisism, it would be about the packaging. It comes in a fairly sturdy box, but wrapped around this box, seemed to be a poorly glued card, which i have just found out is one of those pointless things that informd what the contents are,and isnt actually part of the box, so can be removed. Also, the cardbox file insertr,which contains the discs isn't very sturdy - in fact,after taking it out for the first time,there is now a crease down the spine. Other than this, it is a great buy!

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  Yes, Temple of Doom is fully uncut!!!

| | See all Leonhart's reviews (30)

I think everybody already needs to know everything there is is about these fantastic films, so I won't bother reviewing the movies themselves.
Firstly, yes, for the first time ever in the UK, Temple of Doom has been reclassified with a 12 certificate and is released fully uncut. The movie now features the complete uncensored sacrificial and Shortround getting tortured scenes as well as several other bits that were previously edited. The uncut version has been available worldwide since the film's initial release except for, you guessed it, in the UK where bits were edited in order for it to secure a PG rating, but thankfully no longer.
Picture and sound are amazing. I have worn these films out on VHS and DVD with the amount of times I have seen them, but the Bluray experience was like watching them for the first time. The colours are vivid, and the picture so clear that there is detail I have never seen before. The only downside is that some of the matt painting and effects shots now look very obvious, but this is how the films were originally made, and thankfully they have not added any out of place CG to hide the fact like Lucas has with the original Star Wars Trilogy. Crystal Skull was obviously going to look the best, but in all honesty the original trilogy looks like it was made yesterday, and can compete with any modern day digital CGI fest.
The set comes on five discs all housed in a nice compact and rigid cardboard slip case, that opens out to display what looks like some new beautifully commissioned artwork and photo stills for each movie. It's a pity the same design choice wasn't applied to the discs, which are oddly just plain white with the film's title on them, but this is a minor detail. As well as the four movies, there is a fifth disc which contains over 7 hours of bonus documentaries and such, so there is plenty to keep you entertained here.
There is a more expensive set also available which contains various collectable prop replicas, but I cannot comment on whether it is worth the extra money as this is the only one I have seen. At the end of the day, if you just want a definitive, no frills collection of the Indy films, then this is it, and definitely worth the upgrade from DVD. Recommended.

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  Finally !!!!

| | See all dvdmad2005's reviews (1)

At last, probably the greatest action adventure movies of all time on Bluray. Based on the info available and the amount of restoraton involved with getting this set together and for it to look and sound as it should do, this should be priceless...here's to hoping it is and was worth waiting for....

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