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The Dead (2010) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Rob Freeman, Prince David Oseia & Elizabeth Akingbade

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  i love zombie films but not this one...

| | See all cartman101's reviews (3)

realy not a good film, i would avoid watching as it just didnt go anywhere :-/

  Dead rubbish

| | See all DuncanEdwards's reviews (153)

Truly awful. bad acting, bad story, bad zombies. They look more like confused tramps. Not exciting and very very dull. A very low budget mess of a movie. I like zombie movies. i dont like this.

  Better than most newer zombie flix!

| | See all bellydancer's reviews (20)

This is good zombie movie. not the best but certianly not the worst. nice locations. acting is a little poor in places, mainly from the main character (minus one star for that). however I never got bored even when the pace slowed down in the middle. If your a zombie fan you should give this a whirl. I love how they went for the slow, lumbering type zombie.. the way it should be!

  really enjoyed it

| | See all aragorn7's reviews (76)

I am zombies mad,but lately they have been terrible,badly acted,made cheaply in European countries ect,but although was also made cheaply,it is a great zombie movie,things transpire that you dont expect( i dont want to spoil anything)and there is some great gore for fans of such,and if you are reading this,that is you.Picture qty is good,but not the best blu ray out there.

  Will be a zombie classic.

| | See all Viking11's reviews (41)

At last a zombie movie i actually enjoyed,very well directed and decent acting and a great setting,make this film one to watch over and over again,recommended.

  GREAT movie, AWFUL Blu-ray transfer

| | See all xbox360lordkable's reviews (12)

Movie is fantastic, very resident evil 5 like!
The movie I'd give 4 stars, but the blu-ray transfer is awful. It is so grainy, some parts are hard to watch. I'm amazed nobody else on here has noticed. If you are thinking about buying this, go ahead, but I'd advise the DVD unless you only go or blu-rays.

  Zombie films go back to the brilliant basics

| | See all ChrisIW's reviews (3)

I don't know what DavidWaters was watching but his review couldn't be more inaccurate and this film couldn't be more different from a silly Resident Evil type movie. This is a really good zombie film that has a feel of older Romero type flicks. What I like about it is that it has a realistic feel to it, with not too much over the top Holywood style macho dialogue or excuses for extreme gore every other second. The zombies are the slow moving kind, so much of the horror and scares are about seeing groups of shambling undead eerily heading towards the characters. Every time they are forced to stop and rest or repair their vehicle it is a tense race against time to escape before the zombies can shuffle up and attack them. This is a really good & beautifully shot film and fans of the genre will not be disappointed.

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  Zombie Flesh Eaters in Africa .....Jonny T

| | See all jonnymaxt's reviews (1)

Quick review from me on this one, put simply a fantastic movie for lovers of the true Zombie genre IE I don't expect the MTV audience brought up on fast moving "infected" undead and cheap CGI to like this at all.If festering slow moving death that you can almost smell shuffling about and rotting before your eyes is your thing then GET THIS NOW! ....take it from me

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| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

What a brilliant and unique horror film, this is certainly one of the greatest zombie movies since the 80s, set in beautiful parts of Africa a stranded American air force engineer must find his way to safety if such thing now exists with the help of an African soldier who is searching for his son. The cast is great the story is very original you will never have seen a zombie film quite like this, beautifully shot locations and some fantastically real gore and violence! These are classic slow walking dead like the good old days of zombie movies, there is so much realism to this film and you get sucked in straight away, a gem of a horror film, a must see at any cost for zombie fans, no zombie film in a long, long time has been this awesome, a for a low budget straight to DVD/bluray film its money well spent, Hollywood should take note.

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