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Prometheus (With Digital Copy) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron & Idris Elba

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (48 reviews)"

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  Was it needed?

| | See all zama202's reviews (10)

As a big fan of Alien and Aliens I enjoyed watching this film. The revelation is Fassbender. Very Ian Holm-like (the Android in Alien) but a little less sinister. However, I just can't help but wonder if this film was really necessary. Was an explanation of how the Aliens made it onto LV necessary - I'm not convinced. However,that doesn't detract from an enjoyable film so I guess I'll let you decide!


| | See all lovemycat's reviews (1)

Again, like another reviewer...this will be short. My husband bought this and I actually had no idea whatsoever what I was watching so I started with an open mind. The beginning had me hooked, and special effects are great. However, after a period of time, I caved and had to ask what the story line was, as I didn't have a clue. In my personal opinion, it was a glorified remake of the Alien films, and although a little dated, I think they were better. Yes it has great special effects, but quite frankly I was bored. Maybe if my husband ever put it on again, I might try and do the film justice and give it another chance, but I doubt it. It really does depend on what sort of film you enjoy. Wait until it comes down to something like a fiver then if you have spare time, give it a go. My husband just quoted, it was okay but nothing special. If that helps

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  More to come

| | See all dtweedie's reviews (1)

I cannot understand the negative views on this film. I can only guess that a part of the audience were too dumb to understand that....

A. This is not a Alien Prequel it is a REBOOT yes there are connections with the old franchise but you must forget those films and start anew.

B. Of course there are questions to ask..that is the whole point of the move as it will start a series of films that will come to a conclusion.


B. I find that people in general need to be spoon fed everything, Prometheus requires some "fill in the blanks" when it comes to the plot - again what we can deduct or guess may be totally different to what the actual answer is! (which will come later) A certain amount of faith and patience is required, something some people seem to lack!

The movie has great Special effects and some of the actors are weak but their role is insignificant there are 3 main characters to concentrate on (and they play a sterling part too) the rest of the cast are just superfluous to the plot.

There is a solid plot which asks the age old question, where do we come from.... and why are we here? - Some answers are provided in this installment but the best is yet to come I am sure.

  A good start - but could have been great

| | See all supremecommander's reviews (82)

As a long-standing fan of Alien I really looked forward to this film and having seen it at the cinema and now on Blu Ray overall I would say good but not quite great. The plot line has a few holes and doesn't provide much in the way of answers. Then again why should it? Planned to be the first of three or so I believe there's plenty of time yet. Remember the first Alien film got very mixed reviews before becoming a classic and many of us don't want a return to Aliens - run around and mindlessly shoot everything or the even weaker next two films. No a good start but could have been great. The full Blu Ray edition has lots of extras so get the fully monty version if your a fan and enjoy.

  Pointless Prometheus

| | See all Barry2Bazza's reviews (27)

It took ages to be and cost a fortune to complete and the vewier ends up like the ships crew, completely puzzled and bound to end in doom. I was old enough to see Alien at the cinema way back. It is a classic and the follow ons were just to cash in and in turn each getting weaker as the series progressed. So real Sci Fi fans wanted this movie and infact needed it, but what happens is a trawl through old story lines from so many aged movies and creates more questions than it answers. The actors seem to all be on auto polit or copying the "robot" in their team. This is two dimensional and a real disappointment. If it were not for the Alien connection this film would be straight to dvd in the bargain bin. Too much half stories and too little gory. Watch the deleted scenes and you get the total picture on how the real butchery took place in the editing room. The production team knew the story but hacked out chunk of impostant "news" and veiws that could have helped this rise above a stutter. This leaves them in the know and the vewer in the state of confusion. The undertone is about God and belief and yet all this is papered over. You do not get a chance to meet, greet and understand the characthers and they are just thrown away as the plot slumbers on. This was a missed oportunity to breathe new life into the francise but with a cop out ending I fear another pale episode is just over the next galaxy.

  stunning, epic and gorgeous

| | See all youngie33's reviews (41)

I thoroughly enjoyed this film. I know there have been a lot of negative reviews, but for me it was a fantastic story (sometimes a bit too fantastic), beautifully shot (this is how to do CGI!) and wonderfully acted. Yes there are a few plot holes, especially in the way it relates to Alien, but hey who cares. The film stood out for me and was sublime in portraying a believable alien world and our wonderful human technological advances. The 'Ripley-esque' heroine was great and she was supported equally well by the other cast members. As usual with Sir Ridleys films he emerges us into a completely genuine world of illusion. Enjoyed very much

  Stunning visuals!

| | See all WillWheaton's reviews (2)

As mentioned before the story and characters are nowhere near as in depth as the visuals, and could be improved. This said, it's still a great movie and a must buy for any fan of the Alien series.

  I love the movie, dissapointed by the blu ray

| | See all Fatman88's reviews (46)

I won't talk about the movie, you can make your own mind up about that but I will talk about the blu ray. The picture's pretty nice, but not as stunning as I'd hoped. After the avengers being so eye-popping in full screen HD this looks a little flat.

The extras... dear oh dear. It's like they didn't know they had to put extras on a disk and found any old rubbish. The 'alternate' beginning and end are terrible and the deleted scenes (apart from one with Fifield monster) are horrible. The only question they answer is 'Could Prometheus have been rubbish?' yes, yes it could, apparently very easily. I love the movie but the cut scenes would have ruined it.

There's some other features like an app and viral vids anyone and their mum will have seen.

and finally the Directors commentary. I was looking forward to this but Ridley Scott has decided to do commentary like someones granddad doing audio for the visually impaired 'in this scene we have two people talking to each other in a cave' Whoop dee do, yeah I know because I can see the movie!