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Prometheus (With Digital Copy) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron & Idris Elba

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (48 reviews)"

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  Best Ridley film for years

| | See all stevenpompey's reviews (10)

ok, lets get one thing straight from the off - this is not alien, aliens, blade runner or any other film that Mr Scott has done before - Set in the same universe as alien but thats as far as you go - what you have here is a fantastic movie, superb looking, awsome sounding and a great story line that grabs you from start to finish - dont expect aliens running around being shot at every 2 seconds as this has been done to death and you would all be moaning its just a Aliens remake if it were - Unsure what you wants from a film if you dont like this as this is fantastic - ok i agree some of the ships staff get a less than small mention and are killed off but who cares ( why do you all want great in depth background stories on everyone anyway ? ) take a chance , have a go and if you dont like it , well its your loss x

  Better 2nd time round.

| | See all lwepenn's reviews (2)

I saw this in the cinema originally and I didn't like it. I couldn't quite put my finger on why - there was so many hidden meanings I doubt my brain could comprehend everything. Although there are some scenes that you have to roll your eyes at for the sheer stupidity - for the most part it is an enthralling film. It isn't a sequel or prequel, it's more of a spin-off (you will see why when you watch it) it's not big on scares, there's a few jumpy moments.

Michael Fassbender is the best thing about it. Watch this film with an open minded I loved it the 2nd time and 3rd time round - I always seem to notice more and more with each viewing.

It looks beautiful on blu ray however my only qualm with the blu ray release is if you want all the special features you need to buy the 3D version (I don't have a 3D TV) so you'll have to pay the extra 5-6 pound but the special features are amazing so in depth. Everything you could want to know is there.

I will re watch this film with the commentary on. And I'll watch it several more times. I love it, but its not for you if you want spoon fed every bit of information. Do a little thinking for yourself.

  Alien fan? this aint for you

| | See all Aarondog's reviews (7)

Possibly the most overhyped film ive seen, at no point do we get to know any of the characters, the film always seems to be building up to something exciting that never comes. The only decent bit of the film is one of the characters looks like voldermort on steroids, honestly the only bit i liked. about 1% of the film relates in any way to the alien films. this goes in my top 10 worst films ive ever seen. about 2 minutes of good violence in the whole film! (good violence meaning only violence), this is nothing like alien films, this is a worse film than "lost in space" if that was possible. Ridleys makes his worst film to date.

  Truly awful

| | See all KreemKrackered's reviews (9)

I don't know who picked the cast for this movie - maybe they were trying to distract the audience away from the boring storyline with the laughably bad acting by some of the characters. The worst offenders being a scottish woman and some ginger cockney guy.

The visuals are stunning however - Ridley Scott did a great job directing (as usual) but the storyline and everything else pretty much sucks.


| | See all wilkey123's reviews (10)

for what it was it was ok, i just think they could of got a hell of a lot more out of the film, for all the hype surrounding the making of this movie. worth a watch but be warned its not a shoot um up alien slug fest.

  Shame Shame Shame..............

| | See all aldencop26's reviews (1)

One of the most over-rated, underwhelming films i have ever seen. I agree with people that Scott has produced some great films but this is not one of them. Pointless scenes, irrelevant characters and massive plot holes. Too many scenes had no bearing on the plot and every suspensefull moment could be seen coming 20minutes before hand. The only shining light is Michael Fassbenders charcter. An amazing actor and a truley great piece of acting, the only character with any purpose to the story. This is the only reason it would get a star! without him it would get nothing.......sorry guys but if u look deep down you will see it is a very poor film! Do not let Scott's previous masterpieces cloud your judgement


| | See all Acesand8s's reviews (1)

What a total let down ! What was Ridley Scott thinking ? Very little in common with early film Alien, prequel ?. Believed to much of the hype yet again !

  Poor Blu Ray Transfer

| | See all MICKEYG's reviews (3)

Average movie with no depth to any characters unlike previous Ridley Scott movies but a very poor Blu Ray Tranfer. Looked like DVD quality! A one off watch and for Alien Completists only!

  wanted to love this but full of sci fi cliche's

| | See all dillingeruk's reviews (2)

Rushed,lazy and not very thought provoking. I like all the theories they explain on the discovery channel, but this film was poor.
Within 10mins we are on the planet landing right where they want to be and then taking off helmets!. "lets sleep by all the dead aliens" and loads more cliches. The last 20mins is just missing stallone.


| | See all odkfn123's reviews (14)

I agree with 5421neads review. I watched this with 2 other people, none of us liked it and none of us were enthralled. Honestly the plot was so thinly spread I don't know how it got such good reviews - or rather, I do. If you're looking for a film with pretty good visuals and zero plot then this may be the film for you. Buy or don't buy, but don't say I didn't tell you.

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