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Prometheus (With Digital Copy) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron & Idris Elba

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (48 reviews)"

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  To All The Haters

| | See all shaolinmonks's reviews (3)

First of all if you haven't seen this film its awesome and if you have seen Alien you should defiantly watch this. Also to all the dumb haters who posted bad reviews that claim this film does not fully explain the link between this film and Alien. That is because Ridley Scott will be making 1 or 2 more films in sequel to Prometheus and wanted to leave the audience open to interpretation.

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  Prometheus? Are You Seeing This.

| | See all Edduk5's reviews (86)

So what is Prometheus ? An Alien Prequel, A Spin off or Something a bit more ? Well I think it is all 3 of those and it is all the better for it.
The story of this film centres on a group of Scientists and Explorers traveing to a small moon called LV233 (not to be confussed with LV426) to find an Alien group who might have set life on earth into montion. Once there the crew of the Prometheus find that far from finding their dreams, the moon holds nightmares. All this set up for a terrifying battle to save the future of mankind and the planet Earth.
Im not going to say this is like Alien and Aliens and it is not Alien 5 but what it is, is a side step into the same universe and with the next Prometheus film all ready on the cards to be made and set to be out by 2014, im going to enjoy my journey into the darkest corners of the universe by watching Prometheus and the Alien Saga again and again.

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  Better the 2nd time around!

| | See all bellydancer's reviews (20)

warning: do not be fooled by the inclusion of 'alternate beginning and ending' on the bluray version. they are not!!!!! they are only extended scenes and do not offer any more insight into the story at all..... anyway, on the plus side. excellent transfer, stunning picture and sound. this it def the way to show off your home cinema and much better in 2d IMO. the film falls a little short of the mark as far as the story goes but still a must have bluray!

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  Sci Fi Classic

| | See all replicant12's reviews (2)

This is the best science fiction blockbuster of the past twenty-five years, Prometheus is a visual puzzle of a movie that only begins to come together after multiple viewings, subtle hints in this move are reminiscent of bladerunner... a movie that also divided opinion when it was released. The visual storytelling that has become a Ridley Scott hallmark is ever present making Prometheus more than just another blockbuster. Prometheus is a movie for harcore science fiction fans and people who like to ponder the bigger questions about life and our place in the universe. It may not be a direct lead in to Alien but this film is certainly a prequel, but only the first part of it. Ignore the silly negative nitpicking and you are sure do enjoy this movie which is without a doubt a future sci fi classic.

  one of the best sci fi films ever

| | See all davemason's reviews (4)

to all these people giving this film 1 star you must be out of your tiny minds.it has excellent story excellent acting great visuals.there is not a bad word to say about it .for me its up there with 2001, silent running, and blade runner .bring on part 2 ridley.

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  great film, poor extras.

| | See all emperor10's reviews (272)

the film and sound are excellent. great story, nothing to fault. however, the extras? the amount is very poor. all you have, is a couple of commentaries, the 'weyland files' which to be honest, are boring, and alternative/deleted scenes. couple are good, but majority are just extended scenes. no 'making of', which for me, lets this package down.

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  Visually - OK / The rest - forgetable...

| | See all nomatter's reviews (23)

OK so it is a nice movie to watch from cinematography point of view... turn off the dialog and it's bearable to watch... but the screenplay - the horror, the horror... it's seems it's been made by some kid when he got bored at school... there's more plot holes than meat in lady gaga's dress... don't get me wrong it's not the worst piece of film to watch but still HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT.

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  Still reliving it in my mind

| | See all Jonny1098's reviews (5)

The pioneer of the genre has breathed new life into it once again. Yes this is a prequel to the original Alien films, no it does not matter if you liked those films or not. This film pays homage to those classics while being spectacular and original in its own right. The dedication and sheer attention to detail in this picture is astounding. Visual ascetics and stylisation aside, the sophisticated performances from all the cast involved sucks you in and doesnt let you go until the closing credits. With so many great large scale pictures being released this year it has been hard to make an impact against the seemingly endless cinematic releases. Thank you Sir Ridley Scott this one will not be forgotten in a hurry.

  I loved it, make up your own mind!

| | See all manetee's reviews (2)

I loved it! Went to see it twice at the IMAX. Here's what I have to say but watch it and make up your own mind:

The thing is that people complain about poor money making sequels (such as Indiana Jones 4) and unoriginal story lines, but when Prometheus was made so different from the original Alien people complained that it's not a sequel and continue to compare them, I just don't get it. Most of the so called "plot holes" can be explained if you have half a brain and you don't want to be baby fed every little piece of the storyline. Visually it is nothing short of breathtaking, although I doubt this will have the same effect sitting in your living room.

I cannot wait for the sequel!

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| | See all defiantcylon's reviews (10)

The only reason that people are giving this film a thumbs down is that it's not got aliens running all over the place killing people !
It's not just about aliens it's the build up to that, I enjoyed it