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Prometheus (With Digital Copy) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron & Idris Elba

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (48 reviews)"

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  Amazing SE, film not bad either

| | See all Wizbit10's reviews (1)

Saw this in IMAX and it blew me away! The best 3D an use of 3D I've EVER seen! Special effects aside, the stories great and any fan of science fiction will love this. No, it's not a gun vs alien action fest, but it is a great intelligent film that helps lay the foundations for the Alien films. I really enjoyed it, not saying everyone will, but worth buying a 3D tv for, which is not something I've been able to say with other 3D offerings other than Avatar.


| | See all MartinsBluRay's reviews (46)

No, this is not as good as the original Alien film, but how many films have been? This is however an absolute 5 star film in its own right, this was billed as a sci-fi actioner and thats exactly what it is... The nods to the original film are throughout but in the most part subtley done, casting is almost perfect, effects and 3d are great and the story holds up throughout. A thoroughly enjoyable movie and a rare decent prequel..

  A wasted opportunity...

| | See all gamoverman's reviews (1)

The problem with this sci fi film is there is a lot of fiction and not too much science. The fact of evolution is thrown away in one, of too many, vacuous lines. There's suspension of disbelief and there is nonsense and this film falls into the latter.

Add into that a host of forgettable crew members on the flight to wear red jumpers and die (about which you will barely notice or care). Question after question being raised with no answers and this doesn't make it clever or thoughtful, just lazy film making by the egocentric Scott.


| | See all awesomecity's reviews (987)

One of the worst films I've ever seen. This pretentious and nonsensical rubbish is not only a disgraceful sequel to a superb film but it's poor even by Ridley Scott's standards. A huge disappointment and one to avoid.

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| | See all Predator99's reviews (2)

The man who brought us the fantastic Alien, And the amazing Gladiator Ridley Scott.... what have u done. A terrible film full of unanswered questions a forgetable cast that u didnt give a toss about. A terrible boring story, and laughable scenes. I love Alien, Aliens, And Alien 3 was good, the forth was average at best. I was looking forward to this so much, i know its more of a stand alone film than a direct prequel to Alien. But i couldnt belive how poor it was, i went with 10 other mates aged between 16 and 65 and they thought the same as me, just a expensive messy awful film. With a sequel in the works please make a film that is interesting with good character develoment. a good score would be nice rather than the rubbish that was in this. Im a huge Alien fan and it would be nice 20th Century Fox to make up for this huge disapointment of a film.

  A good film - but nothing more...

| | See all NextUK's reviews (27)

I cannot say how much I was looking forward to this film - from when it was actually going to be full Alien prequel, to the stand-alone version we have now. Ridley Scott is an amazing director, who pays so much attention to the detail, which then stands out.

I liked Prometheus, but that's it. It is a good film, and worth watching. But it did not live up to the hype in my eyes - nothing jumps out which makes me think that this film is something special. The story is good, the direction is good. But not in the same league as Alien, Blade Runner, etc...

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  Better break out the weapons . . .

| | See all Marcus36's reviews (1)

'Prometheus' is indeed a strange animal. It is a film that has to be able to be watched by a new generation of fans perhaps not fully aware of the impact the original two films had (a revamped 'Alien' for the 21st century if you like) and at the same time cater to the huge numbers of fans of Scott and Cameron's career defining efforts. We're not just talking about a couple of sci-fi movies here, but masterpieces. What Ridley Scott and his team have achieved, is not on that level and if watching this you are expecting a horror roller coaster you'll be disappointed. Enjoy it for what it is, an excellently designed and visually stunning film that tries to also make us think, all too rare these days in mainstream cinema alas. Michael Fassbender's (surely the next Bond if he wants it) role as David the android is a highlight, as is Noomi Rapace's performance but at times so much is going on in the latter stages of the film that you might end up scratching your head wondering what exactly is all going on. Character development has at times been restricted because of the sheer size and ambitions of the film which has a great deal to pack into a 2 hour movie. Apparently Ridley has said recently that he will give us an extra 20 minute extended version on blu ray - which might help connect some of the holes in the plot. Roll on the sequel . . and god bless Tony Scott.

  Ignore bitter Aliens fans

| | See all sdh963's reviews (164)

This film was made openly with it having a marginal reference to the Aliens universe, and clearly stated by Ridley Scott that it was in no way a prequel or remake. I enjoyed the film and will look forward to the sequels.

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  100% let down

| | See all SyntheticMan's reviews (1)

from a huge fan of Alien, Blade Runner etc... this was my most waited movie of the year, and it totally failed and destroyed the expectation, I was almost shocked about the nonsense of the story. Everybody is asking if this is a prequel or not, nobody knows the truth just because this movie is entirely messed up! There is a clear connection with Alien universe, you must be blind no to see it... and many scenes actually look like a remake from the original Alien! Instead of exploring and studying the huge world of Alien, and giving the thousands of fans a great story, this movie is only about the special effects, not to mention the crappy idea of this new human-alien species introduced from nowhere.. Of course this is just the starting point, as it is clear that the intent is now to go on and make another 3, 4 movies based on these two species fighting between them.. you don't need to be that clever to predict it. Just watch it out of curiosity, then you don't even need to put effort to forget about it, it's an automatic removal process... Cheers!

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| | See all XenoDude's reviews (1)

In a recent interview after critisism of Prometheus, Ridley Scott said there was a lot of missing footage. Given this movie certificate and running time, I'm assuming it's not included? Think I'll hang on for a few months until the "Special Edition", is released.