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Star Wars: The Complete Saga (9 Discs) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher & Harrison Ford

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  See and hear Star Wars as never before

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This film set must have been one of the most anticipated releases on Blu-ray so far. Im not going to review the films, they are so well known, Im here to tell you about the transfer.

If you choose to watch them in chronological order, as I did, by the time you reach episodes 4 to 6, there is a feeling that something is not right. This is of course the problem with making prequels so many years after the originals. Film techniques, technology and presentation have all moved on so far that the originals look and feel a little out of place. In light of this, the next time I watch them it will be in the order they were released.
The picture and sound quality of the prequels is truly stunning. Sharp crystal clear picture with deep blacks and rich colour depth, I could find no fault in them, not one blemish, but then, they arent that old and this is to be expected. The special effects are flawless and it is clear that a great deal of production time went into making them. The battle at the beginning of Revenge of the Sith is a real masterpiece of visual film making. The Jedi fight between Darth Maul, Obi-wan and Qui Gon in Phantom is an amazing piece of chorography and shows the time and training that the actors went through to do it.

Now, Star Wars, Empire and Jedi. I must give credit to the technicians who restored these 30 plus year old films and finalised the digital transfer to Blu-ray, they have done a great job, and you will certainly see and hear Star Wars as never before. But I have a few gripes, there are a number of visual flaws.

A common problem I spotted between all three original films was matt boxes around some the space craft. In Start Wars, during the escape from the Death Star, hexagon shaped matt boxes can still be seen around the attacking Tie Fighters. In Empire, you see the same thing around the first transport as it escapes from Hoth, and again around some Star Cruisers.

In Star Wars, one of the views from behind Han and Chewbacca shows up the matting effects as the star field outside is a rich dark black while inside the falcon cockpit; the picture contrast is very soft.

In Empire, during the search for Luke and Han, you can still see through Rogue 2s cockpit as the landscape passes below. Admittedly, this is slight, but still noticeable.

In Jedi, one of the biggest giveaways is the Rancor, it is so obviously a puppet and there are still matting flaws here also. The speeder chase does not look as believable as it did in the cinema, the lighting is very wrong. In the Death Star, there is a scene with some weird focus issues. The Emperor is in focus, the frames on the large circular window behind him are a blur yet the star field outside is in focus.

With all the CGI technology film makers have at their disposal today, I would have liked to have seen these corrected for their transfer to Blu-ray.

I am of course being very critical, and while all these things are there, it is easy to let them pass by and still enjoy the beauty of the film.

As for all the extra elements that George Lucas has added in recent years, Im not going to comment too much, I think you either love or loath them. As far as I am concerned, they are mostly improvements.

If you are a fan of these films, then you will love the way they have been restored, and I would say that they are well worth the asking price.

  let the haters hate...

| | See all danieleast's reviews (8)

Star Wars on blu ray i bought for the soul purpose of bonus features...
I knew lucas would change and add some things in some of the films albeit episodes... as much as i would love the original cinematic versions to be released on Blu ray in the glory they truly deserve.

however i constantly remind myself - this is George Lucas story and this is how he wants to tell it... and i must admit - some of the changes keep it fresh, and gives something to the fans to talk about, and i should know this, for i am a star wars fanboy!!!

Episode one is my least favourite - though over the years its begun to grow on me, and i appreciate it for what it is; yes maybe vaders transformation should have begun in episode 2 opposed to episode 3 - but once again, it's Lucas story!

TEmpire Strikes Back will all ways be the best... heck the Original Trilogy as a whole is the best!!!
but you know; the series as a whole is tied up wonderfully together... for years fans have waited... for ALL 6 films to be bundled together...

And finally now... we have that along with some AWESOME documentaries, Awesome and interesting deleted scenes and superb art work all bundled in to a 9 disk box set...

if your a star wars fan this is a must...


| | See all weejackig's reviews (1)

Got this as a christmas present and it is like being at the cinema all over again. was very impressed and they are a brilliant purchase

  Great gets Greater!

| | See all MrElve's reviews (10)

The star wars saga (double trilogy) has to be one of, if not THE best trilogy that has ever come in film history, also one of the most successful and one of the most popular, even among children, and adults. Being able to now see this in 1080P Full HD is truly amazing! The effects are better than ever before, the audio is more crisp than ever before, you can truly immerse yourself in a brand new universe! 10/10!

  Great box-set, but still slightly disappointed

| | See all QuantumCat's reviews (21)

If you know George Lucas, you know the sound quality and the picture quality are perfect, if not beyond perfection.

The extras are very cool and I am glad they chose not to use the same extras as on the other star wars box-sets.
I am even happy that they include a couple of late 70 and early 80's making of documentaries I now -30 years later- finally get to see.

Even though knew this beforehand, I am slightly disappointed: this is George Lucas Final Cut. And that's it!
And though there is noting wrong with that (purists might disagree), I do miss The Original Theatrical Releases and the 1997 Special Editions in this box set (all in HD, fully restored).
Oh well, I can only hope that one day, we'll can see those in HD.

That's minus 1 star per unreleased version.

Pray I don't alter it any further!

E.g. minus one star per unreleased film

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  How could it be any less than 5*

| | See all magoosey's reviews (83)

A lot has been said already about it being the enhanced version not the original, i have to agree that some of the added bits are silly like the creature walking acros the famous " these aren't the droids you are looking for scene " but that aside the box set is amazing and great value too when you think its only 11 quid a film.

i won't comment on which ones are the best transfers as mine isnt the greatest 1080i tv but they are all excellent and far outshine the dvd versions. The sound quality is awesome ( especially through bose headphones)

Superb and well worth the wait. shame you don't get a " cut out jaja binks " option, would have paid extra for that !!

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  Tinker, Trooper, Jedi Knight!

| | See all Fromourcollection's reviews (8)

Got the blu ray set a couple of days ago, impressive picture and sound quality. Discs tale a little long to load but can live with that, Case is good and sturdy despite the naff image on it.

But for all the good there is with this set there is also the bad and most of them come in the form of the Tinker mans many changes.

Episode I - A new CGI yoda replaces the puppet in the original version, looks good and fits in nice with episodes II & III

Episode II & III - not noticed any changes in these yet.

Episode IV - Additional rocks added to hide R2 from the Sand People, the big question is Why and was it really needed. New dragon cry from Obi Wan when he first appears again Why? and Just to please the fans Han shoots first not Greedo.

Episode V - Missing Diaglogue when Leia says "I'd rather kiss a wookie" Han replied "I can arrange that, he could use a good kiss" well now you can scrub that last part.

Episode Vi - New door to Jabba's palace along with battle marks, added tie fighters as well as tie interceptors in the Death Star battle and Blinking Ewoks. Okay we can live with them however Darth Vader shouting NOOOOOO as he picks up the Emperor just sounds awful.

As with the DVD releases I am sure that Lucas in 2 years time will announce the Original Theatrical Versions available for a Limited Time Only (which for the DVDs that limited time was about 5 years)

Thats me done with star wars now, I brought The Original Trilogy on VHS, the Special Editions on VHS, The Phantom Menace on VHS, The Star Wars Trilogy (4 disc set) on DVD, all the prequels separetly on DVD, The so call Limited Editions of the Original Theatrical Versions on DVD and now the Blu-Ray Complete Saga.

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  Disappointing Extras

| | See all Moonsith's reviews (8)

10/10 for the sound and picture of these movies.
3/10 for the extras.
Very disappointed with all three bonus discs, NO trailers to any of the 6 movies, NO music videos which was on the DVDs NO deleted scenes which was on the DVDs and as for the documentaries What happened to the documentary 'From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga cos thats NOT on there ether!!
The 3 bonus discs really let this boxset down
If all the bonus stuff was on the extras discs this boxset would of been amazing!! but sadly it isn't!
Saying that its still worth the money to get all 6 movies in great HD

  "Impressive. Most impressive..."

| | See all 83Dave83's reviews (26)

I'm a huge Star Wars fan, I saw the originals on TV when I was a kid. Yes, Lucas has tinkered with them again. We didn't expect him not to as he's done it with every release. Though once the moment has passed you may or may not move past it. I think I managed to as I was gazed at what was happening on screen next. Perfect picture quality, stunning. My hat's off to them for making the originals look this good. They amped the sound up to 6.1 DTS-HD-MA and 5.1 Dolby Digital. If you have a great external sound setup with a beefy subwoofer it's the perfect way to enjoy this saga. Some might not be able to swallow what Lucas has done to the fans. I myself haven't, it still gets caught going down, but Star Wars has never looked and sounded this amazing. It will blow you away.

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