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Super 8: Double Play (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Joel Courtney, Elle Fanning & Riley Griffiths

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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  Great film But

| | See all jumperlagi's reviews (21)

Watched this on Sky Movies and loved it except for one thing the kids to be honest i didn't understand a word they said ,i find unless kids are trained actors they don't have maturity in the voice and to me they speak as if there just talking to each other,but thats my opinion and don't be put off i have watched it twice already and still enjoy it

  Super Meh

| | See all RJNeb2's reviews (703)

This tribute geekgasm to Spielberg from J.J. Abrams is so uncannily similar to the output from his hero in the 70s, it all feels a bit unsettling. The ease with child actors, the sentimentality, the clever integration of special effects: all those Spielberg characteristics are nailed (with added lens flare) in this tale of smalltown kids in the 70s witnessing a train crash that frees some alien beast. The difference is that Spielberg would have homed in on which story he wanted to tell and stuck with it: the coming of age tale or the monster movie? Abrams tries to get the best of both worlds and ends up with a movie that seems remarkably uncertain for all its technical competence. Stay for the closing credits though when you get to see the zombie movie that the kids were making with their Super 8 camera. Now that looks like a film I would very much like to see.

  So Poor.

| | See all johnhomer's reviews (2)

I have seen worse but not many, big director and that was it. I read reviews and thought this will be good. Thin story line the super 8 or kids do nothing and in the end the alien helps himself to get home. the kids dooo nothing, nothing happened, train crash, alien is free, town shut down alien flies off.


| | See all Fraziel's reviews (4)

I was hugely disappointed in this film. Expecting something like the Goonies or ET i was bored by this film. It was very slow going with nowhere near enough scenes with the Alien than there should have been. Watched once and straight into the charity bag.


| | See all Fraziel66's reviews (4)

I was hugely disappointed in this film. Expecting something like the Goonies or ET i was bored by this film. It was very slow going with nowhere near enough scenes with the Alien than there should have been. Watched once and straight into the charity bag.

  Super 8 will be remembered for years to come

| | See all zlatan10's reviews (1)

This film is one of the best science fiction films of all time and rivals the likes of E.T. The film was a blind buy by me and i loved it so dont sop their pick it up from play.com and add it to your collection.

  An ode to Spielberg

| | See all j3ffer50n's reviews (15)

I absolutely loved this movie when I saw it at the cinema and couldn't wait to get it on blu-ray as it took me back to my childhood in the 1980's when I'd watch movies like The Goonies, Close Encounters and E.T.

Super 8 is a film which unashamedly pays tribute to films such as these but is a future classic in it's own right, you can tell that Abrams used Spielberg as his inspiration for Super 8 but it doesn't suffer for that.

I really can't tell people too much without spoiling it for them but it centres around a group of teenagers who during the school summer holiday use their spare time to create their own film, whilst shooting a scene on location at a railway crossing an event occurs which throws the gang into an adventure they never expected.

All the kids are great in their roles, none of them come across as an annoying child actor which you can sometimes get when they overact every scene.

Special mention must go to Joel Courtney and Elle Fanning who excel in their roles as Joe and Alice who both must overcome emotional problems as the film progresses.

I also really liked the score by Michael Giacchino which reminded me of the work of John Williams as it worked well on both terms of emotion and excitement.

If you love the films of Spielberg then you'll love Super 8.

  Perfect blu-ray

| | See all stuarty75's reviews (73)

5 stars for the picture and audio rather than for the film itself which I thought was ok but it does look really good and sounds even better,arguably the best i've come across,the train wreck sequence is earth shattering,I doubt my neighbour enjoyed it as much!!


| | See all rbmusicman's reviews (896)

steven spielberg has been involved with some magical 'family-type' movies down the years, his influence has been missing in recent times however, joining up with 'j.j. abrahams' to produce this spectacle, well, i can confirm 'he's back and ''on form''
the story tells of a group of kids from a small town teaming up to make a movie, whilst filming by a rail-track they witness and film a spectacular train-crash..............something was on that train that the authorities had kept quiet about for years, but now---it has escaped.
it brings terror and destruction in it's wake, people vanish, the town will never be the same again.
the train crash alone is worth buying the film for, the 'special-effects' are spectacular, the film is an adventure and well worth watching, perhaps a little ''dark'' at times for younger viewers.

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  J.J. Abrams and Spielberg at there best

| | See all MonkeyBoy2283's reviews (7)

I would highly recommend it, its a cross between E.T, The Goonies and Jurassic Park.