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The Three Musketeers 3D (2 Discs) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Logan Lerman, Milla Jovovich & Orlando Bloom

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  Great entertainment don't miss it

| | See all Marc1a123's reviews (2)

This is the best film version of the story I have ever seen. Tongue in cheek, beautifully done. Orlando Bloom is a revelation as Buckingham I loved the scenes where he messes with the French King's head. The "Airships" were fantastic an added extra dimension. I laughed out loud. All the cast were brilliant , well worth watching please buy this film.


| | See all EliseG's reviews (20)

This is probably the worst film I've seen in 5 years. Yes.
This a violation against Alexandre Dumas himself and thank God he's not here to see it.
This is not meant to be an effects film, this is a timeless story that requires only that - the story, for it to work. However, the director here had not gotten the point at all and made it a action film for teenagers. Although this wonderful story shouldn't have anything to so with age (I became a fan of The Three Musketeers as a 6 year old), the director has made it so.
NOTHING from the original storyline, which is the most brilliant of all classics, were kept. Nothing. This is not The Three Musketeers.

See Richard Lesters The Three Musketeers. THAT'S the film.

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  Superb 3D

| | See all Sixbells's reviews (1)

The three musketeers is a 3D gem. Clearly designed for the 3D market, the film is visually impressive. This does not mean that the film has too much special effects (there isn't much) but rather it is vibrant in its colour and well designed sets .
The characters are interesting and the acting is good. D'artagnan looks a bit feminine though. He looks very much like Jennifer Aniston.
The 3 musketeers is one of my favourite books so was a bit uncertain what to expect. There are some similarities to the book but there are a lot of new elements. (I don't know what Dumas would think of them). If you are wanting to see a film that sticks strictly to the book, then this is not for you. However, if you are prepared to view it as a film on its own, then you won't be disappointed.

  A real surprise hit!!

| | See all Newmski's reviews (21)

I have to say straight off that I love all the Three Musketteers films...with the Michael York versions being my particular faves which included a fine performance from Oliver Reed!!
But I didn't bother seeing this version at the cinema as every review I read of it absolutely slaughtered it.
But browsing through Play.com ended in an unplanned purchase of this on Blu-Ray on the off-chance that it might at least be remotely watchable.
And, I have to say...I really enjoyed it!
It's the sort of film where you really have to leave the brain at the door and just simply enjoy the film for what it is - a funny action film very loosely based on the original novels. Ridiculous gadgets and traps that couldn't possibly work and clearly weren't around at the time, ridiculous high octane action, 4 men fighting off 40 etc etc and over the top and in some cases very camp acting...but it's just a damn good viewing!
James Corden got panned for his part in it, but I even thought he was funny - the scene when he's asleep on the balcony had me laughing out loud.
Yes it's clearly wrong and yes there are a multitude of flaws in it...and you know what's going to happen long before it does...but it's a great film to watch and a great (if slightly odd) take on the Three Musketeers story. Not the best film I've seen this year but possibly the most enjoyable!!

  Orlando Bloom steals the show

| | See all jellybeancat's reviews (8)

Didn't know what to expect when I watched this film and have to say I was a little disappointed with the film. The film had some great moments in it but, I really wanted to see more of the musketeers. The film mainly showed Athos, which I expected from seeing the 1993 film, but the actors playing the other musketeers were great choices and I feel they could have been used more in the film. Hopefully, if they are to make a second film they will be given more screen time. Orlando Bloom made this film for me. I expected he would play a musketeer but, I'm glad that they made him the baddie as he played it well.

  Wow what a suprise

| | See all Stevethesubie's reviews (8)

I wasn't sure about this movie, especially after the Disney edition that was released last. It was however one of the best adaptations I have ever watched and have had to watch it a few more times just to ensure it really was that good. Great, British cast plus the others, brilliant setting can't believe it is overlooked!

  Very Entertaining Brilliant 3D

| | See all Chrisdb's reviews (47)

A film that will bring a smile to your face and the 3d will wow you, the airships are a bit random but never the less its a very good film.

  not really very entertaining

| | See all balmoraljames's reviews (228)

The main trouble with this film is you are always aware that you are watching a film, the film always seems like it is in a studio and some of the effects are quite laughable. The story is good enough although the attempts at humour are sometimes tiresome. An ok film for a week day evening but not the saturday night main event I was hoping for.

  not too bad

| | See all aragorn7's reviews (76)

This film was ripped by the critics,but it was better than i expected. The production values are tremendous,with some lavish sets,costumes and decor in the palaces. I f you dont care that hot air balloons were not invented at the time(but feature in the film) and dont care about impossible action scenes(like someone throwing a knife at another,whilst submerged in water)then you should enjoy it.The picture and 3d are excellent. BTW someone on here says its the best picture and sound they have seen,and has pre ordered it,a bit impossible really! gotta love these over zealous fans

  "One for all and awful-one!"

| | See all SECTION8's reviews (1336)

For anybody who thought the one thing missing from Alexandre Dumas classic story of swashbuckling derring do was giant anachronistic airships, Paul WS Anderson's silly action based adaptation will be the answer to their prayers. Everyone else will be praying for this preposterous folly released, inevitably, in eye gouging 3D to stop committing the sort of artistic vandalism the 1993 Brat Pack version could only dream of!
Musketeers gets so many things wrong it's difficult to know where to start. With Logan Lerman's D'Artagnan maybe, an American accented stripling with the hair of a Springer Spaniel? Orlando Bloom's bouffanted bad guy, a smirking fop with more mince than a meat pie? Or perhaps Milla Jovovich's Milady, a vamping minx whose dresses prove no bar to her scrapping and somersaulting as if she's in The Matrix?
Given all that nonsense, it is hardly surprising the titular trio get lost in the crush. Then again, that might well be down to their dull contributions, the combination of Matthew Macfadyen's funereal delivery as Athos, Ray Stevenson's hackneyed Oliver Reed impression as Porthos and Luke Evans' monkish earnestness as Aramis making them three of the most mundane heroes in recent memory. With Christoph Waltz as a scheming Cardinal Richelieu and Mads Mikkelsen as his one eyed muscle Rochefort, Anderson's picture does not want for recognisable faces.
What it lacks in abundance, alas, is panache or joie de vivre. Instead, a series of over cooked set pieces (an opening raid on a Venice vault, a dirigible face off above Notre Dame) turn what might have been a zesty frolic into one huge, lumbering mess.
Who cares if the Musketeers retrieve the diamond necklace on which the marriage and security of France's callow young king (Freddie Fox) depends? Not me, and not Anderson either, the Resident Evil director seeming more concerned with giving wife Jovovich extra scenes and setting up a sequel few will hanker for.
Anderson movies always get slated, but to be honest I never had a problem with them, I even liked AVP but he's really living up to his reputation with this offering. It's not as bad as some say, the visuals are striking and in places it's very funny but All for one maybe, but one for all? Not quite. Although starry, lavish and superficially spectacular, this version of the perennial old favourite isn't likely to endure.
See if you like........
The Three Musketeers (1993)
The Musketeers.
The Man In The Iron Mask (1997)
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.
Pirates of the Caribbean Series.
The Matrix.

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