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Drive (2011) (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan & Bryan Cranston

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (38 reviews)"

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  Park and sit in silence.....

| | See all adamk69's reviews (119)

I am scraping a 3 for this. The brief sum up of this film is misleading. I think there were a total of 2 car chases and to sum up by saying ' to do what he does best, drive' should really read 'kill'. Now I am not squeamish and there was some interesting scenes but it is better described as a dark, pyschotic uberviolent excuse for a movie vaguely related to a car chase. The opening sequence is great. tense, clever and resourcful but it fairly much stops there and is then a ponderous game of survival of the most violent and brazen. That may appeal and has obviously done so to many. I actually thought his character was mute for the first half hr....

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  Best movie of 2011

| | See all sparkonge's reviews (1)

Winding Refn blends underacting characters with an equisite soundtrack and stylish scenery. The plot is quite straight foreward and the ending is no big surprise, but no other movie of 2011 have kept me on the edge from start to end. Superb!

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  Film Noir for 2012

| | See all Pharce's reviews (1)

Awesome film shot in an updated film noir style. Slick, stylish and very moody. Watch it.


| | See all Heathan's reviews (1)

I don't usually write reviews, but this film deserves a comment at least!!
From start to finish this film keeps you gripped to your seat.. the acting is top notch from all cast members,the photography and filming is beautifully shot and the soundtrack just gels the film together. If your expecting non stop action from start to finish then this film isn't for you.. infact the action is kept minimal, needed when its needed and at times quite violent! but this film is nothing short of perfect. If you want a good, tense romantic thriller with a gripping story, Drive will not dissapoint. This is one movie I will definately be adding to my collection :)

  Best Film of 2011

| | See all MattCavalli's reviews (13)

One of the biggest surprises of 2011, and one I regret not seeing in the cinema so much. Drive is a near perfect movie, with a brilliant story that's got style, well paced, drama and the biggest surprise, A LOT of graphic violence which actually fits well within the film and the story, and it never feels that the violence is there just for the sake of it. Acted perfectly by the whole cast helps to create this very real, gritty world of a stunt-man/part-time getaway driver and brings it to life. As a whole this has to be one of the best (if not THE best) film of 2011, very stylish and a very original take on the Gangster/Thriller film while also including a scent of a love story, which fits perfectly into it as well. If there is any film you must see, then this is it! You'll be mad to miss this!

  Possibly the best film of 2011!

| | See all muhammed's reviews (1)

This film really needs to be watched without making assumptions beforehand. Its a slow building action film but it has all the aspects which make it become something spectactular. Ryan gosling is brilliant in which isone of his first action movies and i hope there will be more from him in this genre.Buy this film, if you want to watch something that you never want to end.

  Cool & stylish.

| | See all fubar65's reviews (6)

This film has a problem, that is that arguably it's best set piece happens right at the start - a brilliant stop-start getaway set to a pulsating electro score. The amazing thing is that the rest of film just about manages to live up to this incredible opening.
Everything about this film oozes style from the photography to the excellent cast and Cliff Martinez 80's tinged music. Ryan Gosling is great as the ice-cool driver, first seeming to be an heroic knight in shining armour before gradually showing he's actually something much darker and dangerous.
If you like the films of Michael Mann, especially Manhunter and Heat, this will be right up your street. Highly recommended.

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  Not to be missed a mesmerising film

| | See all scottywolves's reviews (4)

I got this film on reviews alone thinking it sounded good from what others where saying, wow what a film it's so mesmerising and deep I didnt move from my tv till the end, as others have said it no big action flick but dark deep and very soulful, Ryan gosling is breathtaking he hardly says a full sentence throughout the whole film but you feel everything he does just from his expressions carnt wait to see him grow into a huge film star, not to be missed, the soundtrack is also brilliant very 80s and electro, watch and enjoy


| | See all rbmusicman's reviews (896)

spare time 'stunt-driver' 'mechanic' turned get-away specialist gets involved in a robbery that goes violently wrong, they have chosen the wrong people to steal a million dollars from.
the mob want their money back, the ''driver'' 'ryan gosling' wants to protect 'irene' who's husband perished in the ill-fated raid.
what follows is a blood-bath, can there be a winner ?
the film simmers then bursts into action, with many scenes that should make you cringe ( a bit )
more than well worth a viewing..............enjoy ??

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  "..DRIVE IS... AWESOME!!.."

| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

This movie is one of the years big surprise hits with a brilliant story that is executed with style and paced out so well with plenty of action and drama and explicit violence! The entire cast is brilliant and believable and create very real gritty characters that you can really follow, a very slick and stylish and very original take on a gangster thriller with a hint of a love story, this is probably one of the years best movies so make sure you check it out.

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