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Rock Of Ages (Blu-ray)

Featuring: Tom Cruise, Bryan Cranston & Malin Akerman

Format: Blu-ray | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Shock and Roll

| | See all JayWraithy's reviews (8)

It is a great musical with great choices of songs, but it isnt all rock and roll. To make it better there should have been a real bands or real rock and roll legends music.

None the less IT IS A FANTASTIC story line and would definitely recommend this to musical fans. It has some Glee aspects to it but overall its worth a watch.


| | See all rbmusicman's reviews (896)

the film will allmost certainly 'rock' yer sock's off, within minutes of the start of the film you'll be tapping yer' feet with a huge smile on yer' face.............if not, well ?
the film tells the tale of two youngster's 'sherrie' and 'drew' trying to follow their dreams of stardom in hollywood.
both work in the 'bourbon club' which is fronted by 'dennis' and 'lonny'
the club owners think their ship has come in when 'aging' rock-icon 'stacee jaxx' and his group agree to do a gig at the club.
the introduction of the 'rock' star into the lives of 'sherrie' and 'drew' causes friction between the two love-birds due to a misunderstanding.
the movie at times put me in mind of a rock version of 'greese' but for me a whole lot more fun.
with some enjoyable versions of one or two 'rock-ballad' classics along with some really good new material written for the movie, the film is indeed hugely enjoyable ( think i'll invest in the 'CD' also )
'tom cruise' as 'stacee jaxx' is quite brilliant, great performances also from 'alec baldwin' 'russell brand' with 'jullianne hough' who plays 'sherrie' ( she, i believe has a great future ahead )
all in all, if you like 'rock'n'roll' the film is hugely enjoyable......a must see

  Not Rock and Roll, but good nonetheless

| | See all Tomp1210's reviews (10)

If you care about the actual tone of Rock and Roll, then like me, you may be a bit annoyed by the whole Glee brigade smacking out the hits without much tribute, but Tom Cruise was a great addition, and carries the movie beyond the teen romance factor. Favorite scene - 2 crowds song duel, 'we're not going to take it' vs 'we built this city' featuring actual rock talent in the audience.

  Brought back great memories of seeing the show in London :-)

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

Tom Cruise puts in his best performance since Collateral as Stacee Jaxx, who is a burnt out rock star and his best friend is a monkey. I love the 80's rock music in this film from such legends as Bon Jovi, David Lee Roth, Guns N' Roses, Whitesnake, Def Lappard and much, much more. The surround sound on this blu-ray with all the music is amazing and really shows the difference between dvd and blu-ray in that area. Catherine Zeta-Jones was wonderful in the film Chicago and it's good to see her back on the big screen again as the Mayor's wife plotting against everything rock n' roll and blaming it for society problems. I must also point out that Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin are very funny in their roles as well.
The main story of Rack Of Ages is a love story between Drew and Sherrie and how they both come to Hollywood for fame and fortune. There is a lot of humour within the story which will have you laughing and when the film finishes, I can guarantee you will be getting out those old 1980's cds and playing them loud and proud!

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  i wanna rock (and the blu ray really does)

| | See all jeweller35's reviews (8)

i must admit, i was in 2 minds on whether to get this on blu ray or dvd, as could it really be much better on blu ray, asapart from the sound, you aint really getting a title that will blow you away in hi def (dark club settings, lots of greasy hair etc) well i'm glad i went for the blu ray, picture is so realistic with fantastic flash scenes of full blown colour (the lights, the mad clothes we used to wear, forgot how colourful some of them were, and some of the mad and amazing hair colours), but what really blew me away was just how god damn brilliant the music sounded, if you have a cinema system, this truly is like being in a crowded room full of noisy people with an unbelievable loud noise coming from the band, with the depth of them drums, which always pierced your rib cage with vibration, this blu ray captures it so realisticley its frightning, the film is a great ride down memory lane to, even if the songs have been changed, bottom line, if you remember what them days were like, this is a must have, and blows the dvd away in every department (except the extras, which are a little thin) but a great real life documentry thrown in as well even if a little short, is still great to watch and have a laugh to yourself about, finally, its great to see mr cruise taking such a role on, and hamming it up to his best, he surprised me anyway, this is a great nights in entertainment....long live rock n roll

  Wanted.......... Dead or Alive

| | See all Truebluepizzaboy's reviews (11)

This a Wanted item, seen it twice at the flicks, amazing hammed up performances from Mr Cruise as the classic Stacee (lost my way) Jaxx, Baldwin and Brand are comically brilliant, everyone does their own singing, the songs are great and Zeta Jones, levels the playing fields for the girls, knockout and laugh out loud moments, whilst some head bangin aisle thumping, 00's dumping heeeaavvyyy rock!!!
A good pace, and doesn't outlive it's welcome or have an overlong running time, the 2 leads are knockout!!! buy this, your air guitar won't forgive you if you don't..............


| | See all dvdman42's reviews (2)

This musical is fantastic and i am not a fan of musicals, if you love rock you will love this film.

  Hit Me With Your Best Shot

| | See all Intersect's reviews (2)

A big name/big screen adaptation of the the stage musical and it delivers on so many level. For those who lived the 80's the music is a blast from the past, those who didn't a vibrant reminder that 80's music was good !

The cast is fantastic, with many top names in the business singing their hearts out , Tom Cruise in particular plays Stacee Jaxx with ease you could be forgiven for thinking it was a real rock star !

  Rock N Roll

| | See all DarklordGrantham's reviews (20)

What a great film with some great names. The soundtrack is awesome. Everyone is loves rock go and see this amazing film

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  a must see..

| | See all heldon2theroses's reviews (2)

this is a must see for anyone who loves music from that wonderful decade of the 80s. even if you are not a fan of musicals you will enjoy this films, some great one liners in this to.

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